Small UI mods

Here are small UI mods that I’ve found to be useful at least for myself.

Please backup all the files that you are planning to modify. Even a single misplaced comma can make your game crash during the startup. Luckily this can be fixed easily with the backups.

Change log
2019-03-22: Added modified english.json files to help with editing issues.
2019-03-22: Fixed a dublicate name-structure from “Cistom character notes”.

Higher compass cardinal points

Instructions and code

-Replace the "compassCoords" object in: \assets\gui\layouts\common\compass.json

	    "zznote01": "gunitTransY 3 -> 20",
	    "zznote02": "Raises the compass cardinal points a little higher.",
            "name": "compassCoords",
            "parent": "compass",
            "scope": {
                "gunitTransY": 20
            "expressions": [

Longer chat message visibility

Instructions and code

-Replace the "chatLog" object in: \assets\archetypes\guilogwindows.json

	"zznote01": "showTime 10 -> 300 (5min)",
	"zznote02": "Keeps all chat messages visible that are newer than the showTime.",
        "lineOffset": 23,
        "textOffset": 0.5,
        "showTime": 300.0,
        "fadeTime": 2.0,
        "scrollSpeed": 10.0,
        "wobbleAddAmplitude": 0.1,
        "wobbleUpdateAmplitude": 0.01

World protection and best weapon remainders
E.g. (v E>sa) = needs volatile protection, best weapon Emerald and no change for sapphire or amethyst

Instructions and code

-Replace the corresponding lines in: \assets\archetypes\strings\english.json (or the language file you are using)

-Notice that that the last line doesn’t have comma, because it’s the last line of the file.

If you have problems with english.json see this post or use this already modified file:

    "ZZ_WORLD_TYPE_NOTE01": "World protection and best weapon remainders. You can see these from the current/tracked worlds screen or when looking at a portal. Tried to make them as minimal and informative as possible? E.g. (v E>sa) = needs volatile protection, best weapon Emerald and no change for sapphire or amethyst.",
    "WORLD_TYPE_BLAST": "Blast (v E>sa)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_BLINK": "Blink",
    "WORLD_TYPE_BURN": "Burn (v S>te)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_CHILL": "Chill (p R>ad)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_COAL": "Coal (v)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_CORROSIVE": "Corrosive (c T>ds)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_LUSH": "Lush (c)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_METAL": "Metal (p)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_RIFT": "Rift",
    "WORLD_TYPE_SHOCK": "Shock (p A>er)",
    "WORLD_TYPE_SPECIAL": "Special",
    "WORLD_TYPE_TOXIC": "Toxic (c D>rt)"

Tooltip tint colour codes

Instructions and code

-Replace the corresponding lines in: \assets\archetypes\strings\english.json (or the language file you are using)

If you have problems with english.json see this post or use this already modified file:

    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_1": "Black 1",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_10": "Strong Magenta 10",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_100": "Light Orange 100",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_101": "Pale Sepia 101",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_102": "Ashen Taupe 102",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_103": "Ashen Yellow 103",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_104": "Pale Tan 104",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_105": "Light Mustard 105",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_106": "Light Tan 106",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_107": "Light Yellow 107",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_108": "Pale Moss 108",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_109": "Ashen Mint 109",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_11": "Strong Fuchsia 11",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_110": "Ashen Turquoise 110",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_111": "Ashen Grey 111",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_112": "Rust Slate 112",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_113": "Stale Turquoise 113",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_114": "Rust Lime 114",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_115": "Rust Taupe 115",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_116": "Rust Fuchsia 116",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_117": "Rust Violet 117",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_118": "Stale Berry 118",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_119": "Warm Violet 119",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_12": "Strong Cherry 12",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_120": "Stale Lilac 120",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_121": "Warm Blue 121",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_122": "Blue 122",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_123": "Lavender 123",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_124": "Lilac 124",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_125": "Violet 125",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_126": "Vivid Violet 126",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_127": "Vivid Lilac 127",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_128": "Vivid Lavender 128",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_129": "Vivid Blue 129",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_13": "Dark Red 13",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_130": "Light Blue 130",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_131": "Pale Lilac 131",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_132": "Light Lilac 132",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_133": "Pale Berry 133",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_134": "Ashen Berry 134",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_135": "Ashen Red 135",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_136": "Cool Red 136",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_137": "Stark Orange 137",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_138": "Bright Orange 138",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_139": "Bright Sepia 139",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_14": "Dark Orange 14",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_140": "Bright Taupe 140",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_141": "Bright Mustard 141",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_142": "Bright Tan 142",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_143": "Bright Yellow 143",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_144": "Bright Lime 144",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_145": "Bright Moss 145",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_146": "Bright Green 146",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_147": "Stark Green 147",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_148": "Bright Viridian 148",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_149": "Stark Viridian 149",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_15": "Dark Rose 15",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_150": "Cool Mint 150",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_151": "Cool Teal 151",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_152": "Stark Turquoise 152",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_153": "Bright Turquoise 153",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_154": "Bright Slate 154",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_155": "Bright Azure 155",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_156": "Stark Azure 156",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_157": "Bright Cerulean 157",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_158": "Bright Blue 158",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_159": "Stark Lavender 159",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_16": "Dark Fuchsia 16",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_160": "Cool Blue 160",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_161": "Weary Violet 161",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_162": "Cool Violet 162",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_163": "Bright Lilac 163",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_164": "Bright Magenta 164",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_165": "Bright Violet 165",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_166": "Light Berry 166",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_167": "Vivid Fuchsia  167",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_168": "Light Fuchsia 168",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_169": "Light Red 169",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_17": "Shadow Fuchsia 17",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_170": "Vivid Cherry 170",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_171": "Vivid Red 171",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_172": "Bright Red 172",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_173": "Bright Fuchsia 173",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_174": "Luminous Violet 174",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_175": "Cold Berry 175",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_176": "Luminous Blue 176",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_177": "Luminous Azure 177",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_178": "Cold Slate 178",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_179": "Luminous Slate 179",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_18": "Night Berry 18",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_180": "Cool Slate 180",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_181": "Weary Teal 181",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_182": "Cool Grey 182",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_183": "Weary Mustard 183",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_184": "Cool Taupe 184",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_185": "Stark Mustard 185",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_186": "Cool Tan 186",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_187": "Weary Yellow 187",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_188": "Cool Lime 188",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_189": "Stark Lime 189",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_19": "Night Fuchsia 19",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_190": "Stark Yellow 190",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_191": "Crisp Yellow 191",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_192": "Crisp Lime 192",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_193": "Luminous Moss 193",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_194": "Luminous Green 194",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_195": "Crisp Green 195",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_196": "Cold Lime 196",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_197": "Cold Viridian 197",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_198": "Cold Teal 198",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_199": "Crisp Teal 199",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_2": "Night Azure 2",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_20": "Night Orange 20",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_200": "Luminous Viridian 200",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_201": "Luminous Turquoise 201",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_202": "Vivid Turquoise 202",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_203": "Light Turquoise 203",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_204": "Vivid Slate 204",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_205": "Vivid Azure 205",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_206": "Light Azure 206",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_207": "Pale Cerulean 207",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_208": "Vivid Cobalt 208",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_209": "Vivid Cerulean 209",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_21": "Shadow Orange 21",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_210": "Cerulean 210",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_211": "Azure 211",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_212": "Slate 212",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_213": "Turquoise 213",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_214": "Vivid Teal 214",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_215": "Light Viridian 215",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_216": "Vivid Viridian 216",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_217": "Vivid Mint 217",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_218": "Vivid Green 218",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_219": "Vivid Moss 219",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_22": "Shadow Red 22",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_220": "Vivid Lime 220",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_221": "Vivid Yellow 221",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_222": "Vivid Mustard 222",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_223": "Luminous Tan 223",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_224": "Crisp Tan 224",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_225": "Cold Tan 225",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_226": "Luminous Taupe 226",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_227": "Luminous Red 227",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_228": "White 228",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_229": "Cool Azure 229",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_23": "Strong Red 23",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_230": "Ashen Blue 230",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_231": "Rust Blue 231",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_232": "Stale Cerulean 232",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_233": "Cobalt 233",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_234": "Deep Cobalt 234",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_235": "Deep Blue 235",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_236": "Strong Blue 236",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_237": "Strong Cobalt 237",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_238": "Strong Cerulean 238",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_239": "Strong Azure 239",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_24": "Deep Red 24",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_240": "Strong Slate 240",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_241": "Strong Turquoise 241",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_242": "Strong Viridian 242",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_243": "Shadow Green 243",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_244": "Deep Viridian 244",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_245": "Silk Turquoise 245",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_246": "Dark Blue 246",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_247": "Night Blue 247",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_248": "Shadow Blue 248",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_249": "Strong Lavender 249",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_25": "Hot Cherry 25",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_250": "Shadow Violet 250",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_251": "Night Lilac 251",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_252": "Strong Orange 252",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_253": "Deep Orange 253",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_254": "Hot Orange 254",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_255": "Luminous Yellow 255",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_26": "Silk Cherry 26",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_27": "Oxide Rose 27",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_28": "Silk Orange 28",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_29": "Silk Mustard 29",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_3": "Shadow Cerulean 3",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_30": "Hot Sepia 30",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_31": "Deep Mustard 31",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_32": "Hot Tan 32",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_33": "Silk Yellow 33",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_34": "Deep Yellow 34",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_35": "Hot Moss 35",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_36": "Deep Green 36",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_37": "Strong Green 37",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_38": "Dark Green 38",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_39": "Dark Yellow 39",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_4": "Dark Cerulean 4",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_40": "Strong Yellow 40",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_41": "Strong Mustard 41",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_42": "Dark Mustard 42",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_43": "Shadow Mustard 43",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_44": "Shadow Yellow 44",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_45": "Night Green 45",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_46": "Shadow Turquoise 46",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_47": "Dark Turquoise 47",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_48": "Dark Grey 48",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_49": "Oxide Azure 49",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_5": "Dark Cobalt 5",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_50": "Oxide Grey 50",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_51": "Oxide Yellow 51",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_52": "Oxide Green 52",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_53": "Silk Mint 53",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_54": "Silk Teal 54",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_55": "Deep Turquoise 55",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_56": "Deep Slate 56",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_57": "Deep Azure 57",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_58": "Deep Cerulean 58",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_59": "Silk Cobalt 59",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_6": "Dark Berry 6",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_60": "Silk Cerulean 60",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_61": "Oxide Blue 61",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_62": "Oxide Violet 62",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_63": "Silk Berry 63",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_64": "Silk Lilac 64",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_65": "Silk Lavender 65",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_66": "Deep Lavender 66",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_67": "Deep Lilac 67",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_68": "Deep Violet 68",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_69": "Hot Magenta 69",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_7": "Dark Violet 7",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_70": "Silk Magenta 70",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_71": "Deep Fuchsia 71",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_72": "Warm Fuchsia 72",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_73": "Warm Magenta 73",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_74": "Fuchsia 74",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_75": "Rose 75",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_76": "Warm Cherry 76",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_77": "Cherry 77",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_78": "Red 78",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_79": "Warm Red 79",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_8": "Dark Lilac 8",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_80": "Stale Red 80",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_81": "Warm Orange 81",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_82": "Stale Sepia 82",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_83": "Warm Mustard 83",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_84": "Stale Tan 84",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_85": "Warm Yellow 85",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_86": "Stale Moss 86",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_87": "Warm Viridian 87",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_88": "Teal 88",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_89": "Viridian 89",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_9": "Strong Violet 9",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_90": "Mint 90",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_91": "Green 91",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_92": "Warm Moss 92",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_93": "Yellow 93",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_94": "Tan 94",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_95": "Mustard 95",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_96": "Sepia 96",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_97": "Orange 97",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_98": "Vivid Orange 98",
    "GUI_PALETTECOLOR_99": "Light Sepia 99",

This is already modified file including both world protections and tooltip codes:

Custom character notes

Instructions and code - step 1

-First replace the "scrollCharacterTpl" object (first name-field is scrollItemBox) in: \assets\gui\layouts\characterselect.json

-The replacement also includes an object (zzRowTextTpl) just before that “scrollCharacterTpl”.

	"zzRowTextTpl": [
            "name": "text",
	    "zznote01": "Used to add a custom text field for all players characters.",
            "objectType": "Text",
            "scope": {
                    "gunitTransX": 120,
                    "gunitTransY": 17.5,
                    "gunitLineHeight": 13,
		    "font": "brother1816-medium",
                "color": [255, 255, 255, 1]
            "expressions": [
        "scrollCharacterTpl": [
                "name": "scrollItemBox",
                "template": "scrollItemCommonBoxTpl"
                "name": "iconBox",
                "parent": "scrollItemBox_itemTextBox",
                "template": "glyphBarVisualsTpl",
                "scope": {
                    "gunitWidth": 32,
                    "textureFull": "gui/sprites/distance_maps_rgba/ui_elements/gui_panel_grid_square_occupied.png",
                    "textureFullHighlight": "gui/sprites/distance_maps_rgba/ui_elements/gui_panel_grid_square_occupied_over.png"
                "expressions": [
		"zznote01": "Used to add a custom text field for all players characters.",
		"zznote02": "Each character gets unique field, by hiding all the other ones.",
		"zznote03": "In first step we start hiding rows from 10 to 1. Visibility is inherited to lower levels.",
		"zznote04": "In second step we hide all rows below target row. When scrollIndex is divided all less than 1 values are floored to 0 therefore hidden.",
		"zznote05": "Row content can be written using translation variables that are assigned to the them.",

		"name": "zzRow10",
		"scope": {"visible": true}
		"name": "zzRow09",
		"parent": "zzRow10",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-10"}
		"name": "zzRow08",
		"parent": "zzRow09",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-9"}
		"name": "zzRow07",
		"parent": "zzRow08",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-8"}
		"name": "zzRow06",
		"parent": "zzRow07",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-7"}
		"name": "zzRow05",
		"parent": "zzRow06",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-6"}
		"name": "zzRow04",
		"parent": "zzRow05",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-5"}
		"name": "zzRow03",
		"parent": "zzRow04",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-4"}
		"name": "zzRow02",
		"parent": "zzRow03",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-3"}
		"name": "zzRow01",
		"parent": "zzRow02",
		"scope": {"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}-2"}
		"name": "zzRowText10",
		"parent": "zzRow10",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE10",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/10"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText09",
		"parent": "zzRow09",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE09",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/9"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText08",
		"parent": "zzRow08",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE08",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/8"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText07",
		"parent": "zzRow07",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE07",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/7"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText06",
		"parent": "zzRow06",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE06",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/6"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText05",
		"parent": "zzRow05",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE05",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/5"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText04",
		"parent": "zzRow04",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE04",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/4"}
		},			{
		"name": "zzRowText03",
		"parent": "zzRow03",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE03",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/3"}
		"name": "zzRowText02",
		"parent": "zzRow02",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE02",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/2"}
		"name": "zzRowText01",
		"parent": "zzRow01",
		"template": "zzRowTextTpl",	    
		"scope": {
			"text": "ZZ_CHARACTER_NOTE01",
			"visible": "{{scrollIndex}}/1"}
                "name": "status",
                "parent": "scrollItemBox_itemTextBox",
                "template": "iconOnlyWithBgTpl",
                "scope": {
                    "visible": "{{activeCharacter}}",
                    "gunitTransX": 284,
                    "gunitTransY": 8,
                    "gunitHeight": 16,
                    "iconTexture": "gui/sprites/distance_maps_bw/icons/entity_information/icon_private.png"
                "expressions": [
Instructions and code - step 2

-Second add these lines to: \assets\archetypes\strings\english.json (or the language file you are using)

-Notice that the last line has comma. It’s meant to be added anywhere, but NOT as the files last line.

-Now you can edit the values of these lines to change the character notes.

    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION01": "Hunter",    
    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION02": "Gatherer",    
    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION03": "Forger",    
    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION04": "Crafter-food",    
    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION05": "Crafter-brews",    
    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION06": "Builder",    
    "ZZ_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTION08": "Fisher",    



Ohhh I LOVE the color codes mod concept…will be installing that for sure as it will make storage much better to sort

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These look great. Wish we could get them on the PS4. I’d change the aiming reticle color too when using atlases.

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Aren’t those changes reverted with every official updates the game receives, though?

Not necessarily, just the updates that have changes in those files, if the update doesn’t change them they stay modified.

But this is awesome! This also shows me how to modify some of them, previously I’ve just changed some numbers here and there (forge animations, gleambow trail size).

A thing to note if somebody starts exploring the files is that there’s some stuff that’s not completely client side and modifying it doesn’t really work. For example there’s a cooldown variable for bumping a portal, you can set it to zero locally, the button becomes clickable in your game client, but it doesn’t do anything until the real cooldown on the server has elapsed.

Only if an update needs to change those particular files.

These are pretty neat, some of them should be integrated in the game by default, especially more planet info (at the very least protection needed) and color palette index!

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I don’t think I’d mod the game like that if the devs can revert the mods at any given time, since they update the game every few weeks, but yeah, some of those changes could serve as an indication of what players need and could be easily integrated / fixed.

A well-integrated color-index (that doesn’t require us to click up to 255 times to find what we want) would be great. Like a Photoshop color gradient or something. But having this index idea (maybe a bit smaller and under the color name?) is already a good idea. shrug

The character notes and compass change could also be incredibly easy to integrate for the devs, I think.
I’m sure they’ll look into that soon enough.

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I’m wondering if its possible to have skill pages also labeled with notes similar to the custom character notes? Is that something that can be done?

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There are propably cleaner ways to do these modifications? I tried some, but ended up doing straight file modifications and code replacements. Ideally we could just create our own json-files that would extend/replace the original objects/templates. Even if there were no perfect solutions, it would be nice to hear from devs, or players, some tips about doing these modifications.

As far as I know, you could add notes for all three skill pages, but these would be identical for all characters. I don’t know how to identify which character is currently active. I know how to get the variable, but I don’t have means to compare it to another string. You might be able to do some messy hack with string lenght, but not a solid solution.

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Nicely done, I’ve been wanting my cardinal directions easier to see in a crowded area. so I will have to remember that one for sure. I have been wanting to dive into some light UI mods, but I never seem to have the time to do all the playing I want to do let alone the modding lol.

Awesome mods! I tried applying the color codes one but it kept giving me fatal error back. Something along the line of Fatal Error Line 1 Column 1 blah blah lol. I did eventually verify the files and got the game running again but I wonder did I miss anything anywhere? I even thought maybe I copied some space along the way so I manually added the numbers to some colors and saved on the same file but still got the error.

I am seeing this too

When I had any problems with the mods. it either freezed or crashed during the loading screen. If it got to the logging in part then usually everything was fine. Don’t recall ever getting fatal error messages.

You could go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\ directory and look for log files. [ERROR] and [WARN] lines could help you to pinpoint why this is happening?

No it was in the loading screen before logging in - as soon as i launch the game. Replacing the edited file by the original file solved it.

We are actually getting these into the next update!


Thanks RedY3 for helping to solve this issue.

Problem in this case was that Windows Notepad changed the english.json encoding. Therefore these lines:

AUTH_ERROR_PSN_CONNECTION_ISSUES": "PlayStation™Network connection issues

changed into this:

AUTH_ERROR_PSN_CONNECTION_ISSUES": "PlayStationâ„¢Network connection issues

This resulted for the whole english.json file being unreadable.

To fix this for Notepad

    • When saving use File > Save As…
    • Choose Encoding: UTF-8
    • You might have to go rename the english.json.txt back to english.json

I’ve now also added already modified english.json files to the OP.


Thanks for helping with this. A simple edit like this one helps a lot in-game.

ty kindly!!!

Oh my … this compass thing might actually save my life on occasion, in game! :slight_smile: