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I realise that we all have our own bookmarks, however I thought it might be an idea to just collect a list of them here, and a link to the thread that they’re in, or post that they have the detail in. If this has already been done, please just ignore this thread, I’ll use it as my own directory :sweat_smile:

I won’t be SUPER active in updating this, but I will update it, mods can feel free to update it (or delete it, lol) if they wish. That said, I don’t expect, or feel entitled to anyone to actually do anything, including respond.

I may add ‘redirect’ entries if/when folks DM for them, but won’t add more than one per mod. EG. ‘Slower Portal Loader’ would refer you to ‘Portal Load Speed’.

Restrictions / Rules:
  • None - If it’s a mod, it’s listed, and I’ll try to list alphabetically (updating where poss).

  • Chatter - That said, let’s keep the chatter to a minimum if possible, this is kind of intended as a directory. :slight_smile:

  • Format - This is just how I’m sorting things, I’m happy to change it (DM to discuss)

    • Name - filename(s) - Post - Instructions
      ► Instructions

      1. Name - Short, with the affected setting or asset as the first name (Portal, Compass, Draw Distance) as poss from the OG post, or what it affects.
      2. filename(s) - Affected file(s), assume they’re .json, if not, file extension will be included.
      3. Post - Always links to the original post about the mod.
      4. Instructions - If the linked post doesn’t have full / clear instructions make a post below and it will be linked with this.
      5. If the instructions are really simple, they’ll be in a hide.
  • Post has no instructions? If the post has no instructions in it, I’ll link the OG post and try to make a post below with instructions. If you spot similar, feel free to do the same.

Boundless Mods List:


  • Boundlexx API - n/a - Post


  • Chat Remains Open Longer - compass - Post

  • Compass Points Raiser - compass - Post


    Read the main instructions as this is a brief, but find the "compassCoords" object name, and change the value of the "gunitTransY" key from 3 to anything higher, 20 is good.


  • Portal Load Speed - portalsettings - Post


    Increase "selectedDelay" to increase the time it takes for a portal to realise it should load the destination. You could use this if you frequently work on a portal hub to stop it loading every destination.


  • Weather Modification or Removal - weather, weathereffects - Post

    1. Added Boundlexx API

Reserved post

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Regarding the ‘Small UI Fixes’ thread (which informs chat and compass), there are a number of items there, and I wasn’t sure:

  1. whether they were still needed
  2. how to classify them,

… so I’ve left them.

Feel free to help me out, there … if anyone else wants to help with this, I’m happy to let you edit my post, somehow?

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I’m bookmarking this, am in the wrong headspase at the moment for thinking but I so do dig libraries of knowledge

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Oh, complete same … but I promise I’ll update as and when I turn my hyperfocus on it again!

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Added Boundlexx API.