Removing / Decreasing Weather

There has been a number of complains lately that weather effect X is too (insert complaint here)

So here are two files to address some of these issues for those on PC and for those that don’t mind modding the game.

The first file aims to remove any effect that would block “clear vision” but leaves many of the effects alone…
so it will still rain/snow/floating-alien-creatures :scream: BUT there will be no: Fog, Mist, Dust, Rock, Sand Storms, Snow Ground Cover etclet me know if there is something else you feel should be added

The second file simply Removes ALL Weather Effects

Both of these files are a crude heavy handed approach and will likely drastically alter the way some planets look (including how they look when you do not have environmental protection - so be careful). I would recommend backing up the original and using one of these options only as needed for building or what not.

if you do not backup the original you can always right-click boundless in your steam library and “verify integrity of game files” under local files to remove the mod.

Thanks to the helpful feedback from @HABABAS , we worked together to re-enable the planets atmospheric haze to give back some of their natural look and personality. :grin:

Elemental Haze vs no Haze

To install navigate to your boundless archetypes folder
something like
C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\archetypes

Make a copy of the original file (either " weather.json " or " weathereffects.json ")

Paste in the new version (optionally you can make a copy of this as well as a backup)

Remove the " - Better Visibility " or " - No Effects " from the file name

And you’re done! launch the game…
Side note: there is no problem with installing both files… however it’s rather redundant >.>

Edit: on second thought, the No Effects file might not remove the snow ground cover on its own… keep me posted!


No weather here I come!
Wish I could do this on PS4. I may become full time PC master race permanently for this.




Jiivita saved the day!
As always!


+1 for the Chappelle gif
-10 for the orange weather effect in your gif


@Jiivita i love you :heart::star_struck:

THANK YOU REALY MUCH !!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

You are my hero !!!


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I guess you got the problem sorted @PendragonTheNinja ?

Yeah I totally missed your line about removing ( - Better Visibility) from the file, which I should have known to do in the first place. :sweat_smile:

ah i see… i wouldn’t think that would be enough to effect the game… oh did you remove the original? That would do it hehe

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Yup, removed original to try out the updated one but didn’t think to remove the extraneous text. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Jiivita thanks buddy to take your time and help us :slight_smile: I tweaked my files yesterday and really improved a lot but I’ll check yours anyway cause they will probably be even better.

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I got some rocks on teh way of my gems… can you remove those :crazy_face:


Sure we likely can also make those invisible by replacing the right textures :smile:

Installation for X-ray vision:

  1. Consume strarberry pie
  2. Consume megafast Brew
  3. Equip speed hammer with affect all adjacent
  4. Tape down mouse button of preference
  5. Move character and adjust camera angle as needed…

I will definitely try these! They sound like a good temporary solution while the devs possibly work-out better effects or some kind of weather-machine (I still hope).

Thanks Jiivita!


Great job, Jiivita, as always! :hugs:

Does anyone already have screenshots with examples? In general, i really like the weather effects, except the terrible fog on the high tier planets, which prevents you from doing anything.

Almost every planet has its own atmosphere color, can i change/remove it using these files?

hmmm it seems that the files located here are responsible for the atmosphere “assets\archetypes\lighting”

i’ll get some side by sides… though finding bad weather when you want it can be tricky

here’s a good example how it can really change the elemental worlds… might want to isolate the setting to put the elemental haze back…


Yes, already tried these files. Really miss the haze in the background.
Is it possible to find something in between, remove the fog near the player, but leave the effects in the background landscape?

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should be possible

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I’m trying to figure out what affects the fog near the player
Is it “foreground” parameters?
What means heavy and light ground?
Is it possible that this annoying fog near the player is affected by a “dust_wind_fog” parameter?

ADD: I only replaced the “weather” file, but fog is already gone and “weathereffects” still have many parameters with fog… This is very difficult for me!!)