How can I lose prestige?

This was my prestige.

I have done nothing for a while and I thought I check progress on settlement and now shows this.

Anything I missed?
I know it’s not a lot but stil it’s something that’s lost and would like to know what has happened.

It cant be a permissions problem that someone removed it.
It cannot be my beacon that run out because I got 3 years on it.
No prestige boosters
No farms
Like i said I’ve done nothing

Any idea?

They did do prestige reworks to help with the prestige bombing about a year ago

I know that. I’m talking about a day last night it was a 43 and this morning as wel and I just checked after dinner it went to 42

Hmm… Idk what could’ve caused that

Do you have a farm going? I am not 100% sure but I think the state changes of plants growing might change prestige.

No farms no prestige boosters
Also if it was a farm to lose 50k on farm that’s a lot lol

it changed about xmas… realized too that people’s on lamblis have the same issue like u have… cosmic lost prestige too, while she was in holliday…
i cant say anything about my prestige cause it changed every day.
but i realized it too…

That I noticed to but I knew that but this is in 12 hrs time like i mentioned before i was checking the settlement last night it was at 43 then this morning as wel 43 and I went have dinner and after and I’ve done nothing it went down…so before the check and after was only a time gap of 1 hr

couldn’t it be because when you build the individual block prestige is added to the total instantly, then the prestige is recalculated with the modifiers for local variety, air to block ratio and all that? it would make sense for it to happen less often. I noticed this a long time ago. the prestige is a bit different after some time passes compared to right after I build something


What @Apt just said. I’ve noticed this too. There’s an instant calculation and some calculations seem to be delayed. The only part that’s throwing me is the amount of Prestige lost. That’s quite a lot.

Have you built anything excessive lately? Dumped a lot of Prestige down in one go?

This is what I thought as wel but would it take over 12 hrs to be recalculated ? Maybe @james knows in how many hours a total recalculation of the prestige gets done?

Nope not really besides working on my machine room but nothing major that I think would have effect on it

The obvious answer is that something has changed in the beacons.

Anyone else have permissions on them?

Only 1 person but hes not on and had done nothing most certainly and I do have plots going on and wel I think a 10 blocks got placed on it by someone I noticed but this is not the amount that’s lost and even when I remove anything that has changed it would just get less or stays the same , so no nothing that anyone has done

As James is suggesting beacons was a first question that came to mind. I’m wondering if you by chance lost or removed a plot or a chunk of plots somewhere in the build and things are resetting so the prestige gained in those chunks are rolling back? I had a plot loss this morning one outside plot and I was sure I placed one there yesterday when building… notice any changes in your build?

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If u check the images the plots are the same I’ve only added 25 plots in height on a plot of 5x5 that’s all I did so I removed that to see if that was the problem and no It was not

Hmm, interesting. Has any area inside plots anywhere been removed and revamped at all to change a layout somewhere? May be asking a silly question to you but block placement is the biggest thing is see with my numbers moving around.

I removed 4 smart stacks of copper and replaced that with 4 smart stacks of golden filigree but that was before I was doing some chisel work and chisel work should add towards not reduce?

Yeah I doubt it would reduce prestige the block info is still there, just changing shape. I meant more so like removing full plots of blocks like rearranging an old build, and then placing different blocks in the area but less was placed back sort of thing. I’m guessing that didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooh no that did not happen haha :crazy_face: