How do I forge

I want to forge some of my items but I dont know how. Although Im sure tons of other people do know. So if you know how to forge items please let me know. (I know that you use a Centraforge Im asking what do I craft)

For starters there are two recent threads about it you should read, they answer a lot of the questions.

And then there’s two spreadsheets that help immensly.

After you’ve gone over those and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

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there is an awesome thread just for this. there is all the info you need right here:

oh, and here:

^that’s where you’ll find all the info for each boon.
an excellent place to start is at the top of the second thread, there’s an expanding arrow that says “Traits per tool type”, that shows you all the boons you can put on any item that can be forged.

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lol. @Mayumichi

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Ugh, forgot the Jiivita’s tutorial videos as well, they helped me get familiar with the UI.