How do you keep people in your city or town? Tell me your secrets

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This is for the fun of it, I just want to hear your thoughts.

I have been wanting to know how you town/city owners keep people in your settlement (people that have moved in to your settlement) for longer than a week.

In the city I live in it seems that every time we get someone to move in they stop playing in about a week, and there was that one person that moved out after a week, 1out of 20 actually stay.

It’s easier to get people to move in that actual keeping them around.

How do you guys do it, tell me your secrets.

I think places that have players that are in-game as much as possible are the ones that keep the most people. Ones that run hunts, use discord, etc.

I’ve noticed that when I’m able to be in-game and play more, more players stay around. Anytime that work or IRL keeps me away from the game or discord…players go elsewhere.

As the game adds more interactivity and grows their playerbase, I’ll assume players will spread out to more cities across the universe.


Last time most of us where on (around 5 of us) and got this returning duskmoor player, didn’t last a week.:sob:

But yea I have noticed that more active groups on discord and ingame mostly get the players that are more active. That’s why I have been pushing for our discord to be used more.

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:cookie: s are the answers to all


Do the player stop playing? Or simply move on to another location ?

I would say that around 95% stop playing, probably because there pretty new to the game.

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There’s not much to do. We have a couple players that joined our town a while ago and they are still there with us, even if they moved a bit, while still staying part of the town.
If the players are new, I would suggest having access to portals is a big thing. Make it convenient for them while not giving them everything easy. Some players like to do their own thing and learn stuff by themselves. You can always tell them to come see you if they need help.
There will always be players that don’t stick around, nothing to do about that

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I’ve noticed a few things:

  1. There are some that just aren’t into this type of game. You just have to let them go lol.

  2. If you help set them up and give them things (machines, gear, money, etc) - a large majority of them get frustrated or bored and quit.

  3. If you spend a little bit of time with them, there is a higher chance they’ll enjoy the game and stick around: take them on a quick low level meteor hunt on Merika, show them how to reach a major portal network from their base, show them where to collect beans/leaves and show them places with request baskets so they can earn decent coin on their own.


We do all that, I think we are cursed

Sadly this is true :frowning: I had like 5 friends start playing when the humble bundle deal came out and they’ve all since stopped playing, it only took a couple days and I’m just not sure why they lost interest. I mostly chalked it up to “not their cup of tea” because I’m seriously just addicted and don’t understand how they quit so easily :grimacing:


It’s an old story , people come to my town,I go out of my way to help, they have fun and then one day their build is gone, at this point hit your Repeat button. The moral is that each time I also have fun and fine tune my approach to new neighbors to make the next new neighbor the one that stays .I should add that a couple of x neighbors are still playing and a couple are even a Viceroy.


One thing I have noticed is that people stay around when my guild leader Digby becomes friends with them in the first few days, if that doesn’t happen they stop playing. But this doesn’t work 100% of the time.


I think a lot of people run into this. I remember my brother always wanted me to play Mortal Kombat & I always wanted to play Mega Man or something else. I loved playing Mortal Kombat, but I got tired of always playing it. We would make deals: ie… I’ll play MK if you’ll play MM lol

My husband and I used to play Minecraft together, but he prefers FPS and stopped playing MC. I also lost interest in MC since I started playing Boundless lol

People get endorphin/neurotransmitter hits from different things. That’s why some people like certain games.


The first day I played Boundless was also the last day I played Minecraft and I loved Minecraft lol.


I used to make personal texture packs and lightly some behavior packs in Minecraft, and build and all kinds of stuff.
But as soon as I played Boundless I got hooked I can’t go back lol


Never went back.


Put them inside a cage


Tryed that, they keep escaping somehow, we are using titanium cages surrounded by a lava lake.


i swing by often
i check what type off player they are and let them meet like minded people
that i think they would get along with
i drop some gifts
we keep portals around town leading to the center
so getting somewhere is easy
i tell some crazy story that happend ingame
ow and def tell them to dont waste time with starter stuff and just give them stuff to bypass the early stage also tell them to do the tutorial and give them the stuff to do it fast like flint leaves wood an bunch off gleam to get over the first prestige limit counter
and invite them to a discord wich i can go on with my phone so if they have question can always reply fast
stuff like that
also noticed people either fall in love our just leave fast there not many inbetweenz


Try to hold events
Have 5-6 really good portals in your hub