How everyone enjoying the forge nerf?


Just out of curiosity how’s everyone enjoying weaker and bizarre forged gear? I have a new hammers that no longer hits had enough to take out a t6 block and has a lovely quirk that has me walking and running so slow I can’t get away from the lava when I dare to mine at lava level. Post your bizarre creations for everyone to see. :+1:


I stocked up on hammers etc yesterday when they announced it as coming. Just gonna sit out of the forging game for a bit till more info and techniques come to light, finally get back to building lol.


There’s always a:



Thats uncalled for


i like the deconstruction resin thing


Super nerf city… not really liking the changes yet. May grow on me eventually though


to be accurate: most stuff in the forge is buffed… just draining boon+ vigour catalyst combo got the nerf hammer


tbh it has me actually working towards actually forging. i’ve placed my centraforge and finally crafting bases now. already taking advantage of the new changes. :+1:


I churned out 2 stacks of changing chisels for less than half the cost pre-patch. I made a couple of diamond 3x3 hammers with +20 dmg and +dura between 1200 and 1800. I also made a damage lvl 6 6-shotgun sling with dura (1000) and another that was crit chance, crit dmg and pure dmg.
These compare well with what i was doing previously. I did finish my forges with stability and vigour closer to 0 than before, but total resource cost was on average only 60-70% of what similar forges cost me a week ago.

Maybe your Ipse dixit error in claiming a nerf leads my reults to be irrelevant to your question, but for anyone who cares I’d advise buying / making a few deconstruct resins and jumping into forging. From very limited experimental data I’d say easier forging does seem promising now.


Me, too. I may actually start forging now.


as a new forger I love it. so nice to make a phat stack of boon compounds without the need for hunters loot.


I dunno. It’s a mixed bag.

-You can double the durability of any hammer for less than it costs to buy 2 (silver and above). <New forgers do this!
-World Regen, Block Changers, and Healing Bombs are so cheap and easy to make now.
-A lvl6 1-shot 3x3 hammer can be made almost the same, just with slightly less dura.
-Totems are easier to forge with the increased effectiveness

-The only nerf I see, is it is very difficult/expensive to make rank 400 gear without quirks.

This seems in-line with what they were going for. It’s gonna hurt my business with the Top end stuff being harder to make, but i think its a good balance. We’ll roll with it!


Im certain you’ll be all over it in no time, pumping out them 400 bad boys


When u find an easy way to crank out good stuff… shhhh :wink:


I like the forging buff a lot, much more friendly to new players like me who want to learn how to forge.

Sounds like mid tier gear is more affordable to make now so I’m also happy about that and maybe getting my hands on some.

Don’t care at all about how hard it is to make perfect T6 hammers. As if two hits to break 9 blocks is the end of the world. As far as I’m concerned they closed an exploit


Remember not only does it take more time and energy but you are effectively reducing your tool’s durability in half if it requires two hits and what a lot liked to keep their tools around longer.

I had good titanium hammers that two shot t6 worlds before the patch that I loved but still gem 1 shot tools are so nice at times.


The Forging nerf is great for new players to finally jump in and learn the Centraforge. I’m certainly happy about that aspect of it. :slight_smile:


I am currently spreadsheeting to hopefully illustrate how imbalanced 3x3 tools are/were. One of the areas that often goes unmentioned is that AoE is itself a durability buff (1 durability for a swing that would be 9 durability on an unbooned hammer). This is on top of a possible durability boon and again on top of the natural durability progression, which gives more durability to gems than to alloys than to metals. So that’s three unique sources of durability. I would say that the endgame players are spoiled on durability compared to what most players deal with and a nerf which halves their durability still leaves these tools as outliers on the progression curve.

But that is just my intuition. I want to show that the AOE boon is like having a boon that is both +durability and +action speed. Which everyone would agree is overpowered when compared not only to what the other boons do but also compared to how they scale. As I say, I am digging into the math to illustrate this and I’ll publish my findings either way. I have noticed that higher tier planets rely less on cave mining which makes AOE tools feel more necessary; so there is certainly a more complicated story to mining progression than just durability calculations. But seeing the raw math should be a good place to start from.


There was a group of players unhappy about the “You can’t eat bombs!” nerf. I don’t think anyone mentioned that they could ditch their Persist Pies at any time, to get a Well Fed buff to never lose any Max energy. Sometimes you have to choose between all the good stuff, cause you shouldn’t be able to have it all at once.

Right now, we are getting plenty of good stuff tho. Is it everything, all at once? no. no it’s not. But it is a LOT of things and stuff that we get, lol


Wish as a ps4 player i had access to test servers, to try out the different forge ingredients with this new build. Atm im wasting so many resources to find a better way to do high end crafts.