How everyone enjoying the forge nerf?


Yeah, I definitely feel at a disadvantage to those PC players who can experiment without using any real resources on the test server.


For those of you complaining about not being able to have a 3x3 hammer that cannot one shot rock on a tier 6 planet. Take a look at strength brews to make up the difference. You can still use a persisting pie along with the strength brew. It was that way before the changes and is still that way now.


Problem is a lot of people use speed brews and you can only have one potion buff at a time.




I know about the speed brews and don’t like them. But I am an old man and don’t have the hand eye coordination you yungins have. I get all the speed I can handle from attribute skills.


Now to wait for a way to target specific quirks as that’s sorely needed for some of them.


Wonder if that will actually happen… quirks being unexpected behaviour and all, not sure that being able to target them makes them more half-boons than quirks…


Yup you might need to target some attributes and make up for what’s lacking if you don’t happen to be a master forger… weird how now after the balance that phrase actually has meaning doesn’t it…



I just started forging yesterday because I need a tool to activate the LED blocks, (they don’t just light up on their own) and I am finding it a little wasteful. After spending about 6000 coin on finding the ingredients I ended up using up all my ingredients to make no changes to the chisel.

Not sure what my skills need to be like to ensure I don’t waste my ingredients but it seems that I can forge and forge but my tools just keep eating up the limited supplies I do have. To be honest I am discouraged about doing anything with my LED blocks now (oh boo-hoo). I’m not discouraged by the game, I still have plenty to work on. :smiley: Eventually I’ll get the tool to make them go but as it stands now I have to wait it out.


I have change chisel for you, 200 each :yum:


Amazing! Guide me to your location and I’ll pick one up! :smiley: You can PM me if you’d like to.


Did you see this post?


Shhh crete lol. I add dura on my changers so that’s something…


I’ll be home in about an hour, I’ll meet you at the BCON BRGR in ultima, its directly north of the ultima main hub near the clocktower


Pfft, everyone already knows your changers work best. I forge mine then drop them off a cliff… cause they are nonsense junk compared to yours!



I think the forge still works just fine. I simply disagree with the “forge is nerfed so bad I won’t be forging anymore” bandwagon. My forge is still churning out good quality, so sorry for you other guys’ bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:


i want roadrunner trophies


I’ll try that today. I was doing the recipe given in the announcement. I just don’t like wasting things and forging seems to do that. :frowning:


lol, I went RR feather hunting, and the first 3 RR’s i killed dropped feathers! “It’s gonna be a great morning!!”

After 40 mins I found 3 total… =P


You got 3!? You lucky devil!