How everyone enjoying the forge nerf?


Super! I’ll be there. This will be my first interaction (really) with another player in-game. Please bear with me as it might take a few mins for me to calibrate and engage properly. Looking forward to getting my first forged tool as well. :grimacing:



First contct?! I’m honoured lol. I’ll be there in like 5min


I finally forged my first thing. Thanks devs.

Only needed 3 Effect Gum, maybe a dozen and a half Unstable Boon 1, and an Iron Chisel. No maxed attributes (I’m not a forger), I don’t have coils for my extractor so I’m pretty limited in ingredients, but now I have a quirky little Changing Chisel. Disco Dance Floor here I come.

Feels good man.


any chance you might share your forge rack/rotation?


Who doesn’t!? :joy:


They need to swap mining drops from meteors to creature drops, mostly trophies. I can get 1000’s of ancient tech and fossils in an hour. But it takes two days to get enough cores or feathers to do anything.


I was originally turned off to forging cause my friends made it sound like it was kind of ridiculous so I’ve still never forged anything but I think I’d like to try now but I know basically nothing about it. Is there some sort of guide or recipe catalogue or something that could help me? I figured if there was one that it probably wouldnt matter anymore with the update but I dont know


This was shared with me by @Chompman in another thread. Maybe this will help you out?


Oh wow!! These new chisels are “changing” my life!! Thank you again for your prompt and efficient sale!


I personally don’t like the change, but I will go with it. I can still manage to make decent equipment with differing techniques.
(I don’t use/like quirks on equipment)


Im kinda of the same opinion. I just got to a stage on the old system where I could forge most of my needs successfully with still the odd element of RNG rage lol. Im still testing this new system (PS4 so no free testing for me) and I see signs of positivity, but a lot more room to fail. Time will tell I guess, just gotta grin n bear it.


I don’t have a sense of the RNG cuz I’m too new to forging but I think the idea is pretty neat. Most games you just get the ingredients and click the button and you did it. Maybe they have a slot machine or press your luck style gambling system to add buffs. The fact that the centerforge system is not directly those things is a gift in and of itself.

Some players seem to be looking for the one trick that turns centerforge back into the “have mats click button” system but I’m glad there’s gear those players can’t get their hands on. And I’m happy to pay the people who master the centerforge for access to that gear.

If the devs get enough time to really build the system out there could even be forging metas. Some players believe that using aggressive ingredients which get the boons before the defects have a chance to build up is the best way. Others believe in a slower, methodic approach which attempts to contain defect outbreaks before they can grow.

Complaining that the system isn’t 100% repeatable seems counter to what players should want. Let’s say you were able to find the one true way to always make the best hammers in the game the day after patch day. What’s that leave to do? Go dig up Galan for 13 days until the next patch and fill a second junkyard with topaz blocks? Wowee such gameplay. We should be focused on helping the centerforge attain greatness not trying to chain it down like the rest of the crafting system.


Dig up Galan for 13 days certainly isnt on my radar. Being a single parent with a job, sometimes its nice to not waste time on RNG but thats just gaming these days. Theres already a fair amount of grind to this game but thats ok, like i said I gotta grin n bear it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion…


Dang I keep doing that. Good point, thanks


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I’m enjoying the Forge buff.


I’m doing almost exactly what i was before (some trade secrets ofc) for the high tier items, but added quirk removal and vigour pastes in my extra slots, timing and ingredient order however remains paramount.

For lesser items / fewer target boons i have switched to a combination with corrupt compound pathway that i have made safer, as it uses less vigour but i still carry catalyst in case of near misses. This rotation is cheaper material wise for non-max items, but carries a minor risk of defects and uses a completely different compound set (although my pastes and solvents/catalysts stay mostly the same)


Sure it isn’t lol tell yourself that smh


I forge what i need (Some shovel, slings and hammers, often get 3 boons, but happy with 2.(it is better then what i started with.)), make forge ingredient when i got mats for a masscraft.

I use forged titanium mostly, got all gem for my power so far (I do not need more atm.), making food, pots and all tool and weapens i want.

Still it is mostly to get the build material i want.

No hurry, i got rest of my life to spend on this.


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