How goes the quest to fix footfall?


Hey man, hang in there.


The issue here being that too much coin simply means prices go up and people spend more because they have more, but then that also means taxes go up. It balances out. Not enough coin means everyone tightens their belts, spending stops because people feel like they can’t afford things. No spending means no economy and the whole world burns down around our ears while the portal hubs grind to a halt because no one wants to donate stones while they’re poor. Lack of transportation means footfall plummets even more because no one can afford to get anywhere, which cascades into a viscous circle of being too poor to generate coin to buy anything you need and eventually everyone quits. /storytime


Well, sure. I’m all for fixing footfall, and unless/until we have alternative coin faucets in place, I certainly am not one of the ones complaining about it.

I’m just amused that some forum members have been very passionate that footfall has been too strong a coin faucet, and have been campaigning for completely removing it, and now we are finding that footfall has been broken and has been far weaker a faucet than originally intended.


These are 2 separate points though.

  1. Footfall, if this is what is designed to be the only input of coin into the economy, needs to “work”

  2. Separately… the way footfall is distributed should be fair.

You can believe in both of these things simultaneously.

*I know there are other methods of adding coin to the economy, but it’s so negligible compared to footfall, I ignore it for brevity.


I could sell everything in my bag back when footfall was working’ish, and not at trash can prices.


Sadly i’ve experienced this issue once before. It’s why I tried to stop this from happening the very moment i noticed something was wrong.


Yeah I hate to sound like a complainer and a lot of people are just like, “Just make everything yourself,” but why should we have to? Why can’t the economy also be an option?

Thanks for helping get the word out that it needed fixed and that coin generation not working leads to bigger problems.


Been trying to preach this for over 2 months when I realized how broken footfall was and who’s hands it was going in. The rebuttal to that at that time was all that money was being used to buy more oort stones. Even with a ‘working’ footfall that wasn’t hanging (if it’s actually doing that even as the devs have noted it’s working the same as it has since release so who knows) the way some hubs are designed it’s an unstainable system if prices on oort goes up and now that certain groups don’t have the money to compete with rising oort costs charity drives are needed.

Well now we see what happens if that system hiccups for even a smallish bit of time.

Edit: I can’t remember who it was but there were two ideas thrown out in that other discussion:

A) a coin printer for x amount of copper/iron/gold

You could cap the amount a player can ‘money print’ daily/weekly/whatever. Economy would seizure for a while until stabilization occurred but I could see this working. It’s why I asked previously if they have an economist on the team. CCP relies heavily on one to fine tune their economic machine.

B) have people earn 1c per block smashed while mining. Not sure how you’d regulate that.

Option a) would also inherently cause the general prices of the ores to go up thereby leading to increased costs in gear and tools. Would be good imo.


I think I might have been the one with the coins per block broken. It would likely have to be low. Like maybe a 5% chance or whatever… I’m sure the developers could figure it out.

I don’t want people to think I’m advocating adding millions. Maybe you just come away with 500 or so coins over an average mining session… like an hour or something.


For all we know the coin generation is fine. Devs know their metrics. All we’re able to do is speculate. If it’s fine I still don’t agree that footfall should be hemmed in to the top crust of the population that run hubs.

If footfall is working fine and coin generation is fine then the oort market will naturally force places to close as they can’t compete and then you have an even smaller portion of the top getting that increased footfall/coin generation traffic.

I honestly don’t know how this was ever perceived as a good system. Perhaps it worked best in a small and enclosed environment? From what I understood hubs were meta that were released near 1.0, is that correct? If that’s the case it’s clear there hasn’t been enough time to see if /what/how sustainable these systems are and maybe we’re just going through the growing pains of awhat the transportation system the players have chosen to attempt to build on cost in terms of materials time and coin involved.

It all makes for good discussion until we know the metrics :nerd_face:


I just want them to fix it now, then dial it up or down later.


@Krollbar I do not share the same opinion on your idea that footfall is “broke”. it was heavily debated on your last thread as to if it is even broken or your opinion, let alone your demand to fix it.

It was explained in great detail that footfall is NOT your income! It never was, it’s not suppose to be, I hope it never will be. If you ever understand what footfall is, then you will quit saying it’s broken. If you want money, you need to make a job. Boundless offers a couple jobs in the wanted adds.

  1. Hunter to gathering animal parts to sell.
  2. Mining, gathering rocks and metals and minerals to sell.
  3. Above ground gathering plant life, wood, leaves,dirt, produce to sell.
  4. Crafting, to sell.
  5. Gather and make all your own stuff, and not worry about money.

This is the META foundation of Boundless. It’s not broke. If players are trying to have their “income” outside of these options, then they are not going to ever reach their expectations. Sorry. This doesn’t mean that the game is 100% balanced perfectly. But you can’t fix “broken” when it’s not broke. If the games cycles because it’s dynamic, then deal with the recessions and wait for it to pick up.

bonus point= If humans can’t fix world economy, and it’s the same humans in this game running this economy, why the hell would you hold the devs up to fix it? They can’t fix world government, why should they fix it in here? It’s full of humans. Basically your really just asking them to fix you or anyone you don’t agree with about ingame economy.


I agree footfall is broken, and its very noticable this week. Theres simlly less money going around. 90% of request baskets are empty. I spent half an hour going from shop to shop last night trying to sell gems and the best i found was literally 1c.

Footfall and journals are the only mechanics to bring coin into the game, and footfall used to bring the vast majority if it.


No, footfall is objectively broken at the moment, this is a fact not an opinion. It is not working as intended.


the economy is chaning anyway currently, gem prices are going down because of the new ressource rates, so if there is a moment to just bomb in the footfall fix then this is now, otherwise the economy will then again get an impact and then it will take even more time to become stable.

also maybe there should be (alot) more money for daily/weekly feats, because that would put out more money to active players of any kinds, not just ppl that own good land somewhere.

cmon 200 / day for both of the daily feats? and then 500 for the end?

it should be something more like exponential increase like:
feat for first day: 100, second day 200, third day 400, 800, 1600 and then stay on 1600 until you miss it one time and then it goes down to 100 again.
so ppl that login daily and play a bit (30 minutes) get 1600 and ppl that also make 10.000 exp get 1600 extra if they do it every day.

or something like that, the daily activity bonus is not worth anything as it is now with 100coins/day and 500/week :frowning:


On the plus side, even though it feels like ive done something shady and wrong, i slashed the prices on my request baskets by about 30% before adding coin and they were all cleaned out in about half an hour. Things i hadnt had anyone selling for weeks at much higher prices all gone almost immediately. Guess if we’re looking for a positive, its a good time to build stock reserves.



It makes sense that if we can find ancient technology while mining we would also find ancient coins etc as well


Points 1 to 4 do nothing to add coins to economy so people HAVE coins to pay for your animal parts, rocks etc so people resort to point 5 instead.

If coins were being fed into the economy at a better rate then there would be coins in request baskets to pay for the professions you listed above.

Without footfall the only coins that come in to the economy are from levelling and the daily feats. There are plenty of ways that coins LEAVE the economy (warping, taxes etc) and that’s where this imbalance comes in.


Yeap my footfall was better there with 30 players than now lol :smiley:


that would be hard to balance out between differend job / gameplay styles

thats why i think the daily reward with exp is the only way, so they only need to balance the exp and since there is a cap on daily reward income no profession could be to “OP” at all.