How goes the quest to fix footfall?


Any ETA on when footfall will be fixed? Or any ideas on ways to inject coin into the system other than footfall? The economy suiuucks right now :frowning:

I’m doing fine but could be better.


Ok, I gotta ask, when was footfall changed to be broken and how does it affect everyone? 'cos I don’t see much of a difference actually…


Footfall currently only happens once per char per 24 days or per server crash/patch/reset whichever comes first.


It’s been broken since the game release, 24 days instead of hours, but that timer resets if the server is reset for any reason thus it didn’t show much of an effect when the servers were crashing daily. Now they’re stable coin generation is dropping


Footfall is, however, supposed to be every 24 actual hours.


The devs were worried that if they rushed to fix footfall they’d break the economy. So they’re working on it. And the economy broke a little anyway, while they’re working on it… we’ll be back on track at some point.


I find it really hard to believe that it was already broken in the old universe.
I had a few plots in Therka Market, one of the 2 largest cities in old universe and my footfall was totally stable across months. Throughout extended periods of server uptime and a relatively small player base.


Are you saying that you will only get footfall after these 24 days have past? Because I’ve been getting footfall perfectly fine - maybe i don’t understand the problem?


I’m with you, unless there truly was a server crash daily during the first month.


Do you have proof of that statement “every 24 hours” cause ive not been able to find hard evidence of that. I did see the chat with the dev in the one thread. However moving a decimal is super easy. And considering they didnt move it that tells me that the 24 days is how its supposed to be. Either way does it really justify a post about it every day?


Tooltip said 24 hours.


a few posts down he says it’s been like that since footfall was first implemented.


I know, I’ve read it when it went live.
But my in game experince in the old universe can’t reinforce it.


in my exhaustive testing over about a month just before the road detection patch, it appeared that I was getting footfall every 3-4 days. Based on luca’s explaination that would mean the server was crashing/restarting every 3-4 days.


It’s calculated on a per character basis. Lets say I visit your plot every day without fail.

It is supposed to give you footfall once every 24 hours from that. Currently it gives it once every 24 days instead.


Ahhh thanks for clearing that up!


This post is saying it shouldnt be every 24 hours


it sounds like they want to fix it, the question I guess is when?


Yup only question is when, and at that point, how? It’s probably not gonna be X coins every 24 hours with the original values.


I find it darkly amusing that we have recently had a whole slew of “nerf footfall, it gives too much money to the lucky few who have plots near portal hubs” posts in the past weeks, but now we are saying “oh dear, footfall is broken and isn’t giving people enough coin!”

Granted, it is probably different people saying the different things, but . . . this is why developers need to take everything we say in the forums with a huge grain of metaphorical salt.