How long can you hold on for Update 249?

This is my question to you all.
How long do you think you’re ready to wait for Update 249 until it’s too late, over, until you’re gone, no more beacon fuel or world fuel, game uninstalled, about to remove the forum from your bookmarks, notifications disabled?
How much time are you ready to give the devs to come back to Boundless and finally add some content to the game once again?

  • I won’t ever need Update 249. This is fine.
  • As long as I’m having fun, I’m there.
  • Let’s be honest, they’re not coming back. Gotta rip that bandaid now.
  • I’m there until Square Enix decides to shut the servers down
  • Until the end of 2022
  • Until the end of 2023
  • I dunno… let’s say 2024? Later maybe? Time is an illusion.
  • Until soon after the release of Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Until a more appealing game comes out (if you can, name one).
  • Until all of my Gleam Club / Beacon Fuel / World Fuel runs out. No more.
  • Until I’m the last one here. I shall drown with this ship!
  • Until my lord Cthulhu rises from the seas to cleanse this world. Basically, I can wait.

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Kinda Hard To say. Atm i dont have anything To do ingame… I mainly just go see some builds.

Im personally not so optimistic about the future of this game… Main reason is obviously lack of communication Or info of any kind about the future.

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As long as I’m having fun I’ll continue to play. :slight_smile: Some parts of Boundless gameplay scratch an itch nothing else does and really relax me; Minecraft probably comes closest right now but isn’t the same of course - I’ve gotten back into it more because of the updates though. However, the extent of my play could very easily be impacted if I latch onto another game addiction, so I added that choice.

Also, what I do and the extent of my play and what I keep going is community dependent. I almost did let everything go but the feedback I got from the community was heartwarming and convinced me to keep going with my rental hub. But if I see via my footfall and overall numbers playing that it is getting much less use, I may still let it go at any point, I’m watching it for that reason… I don’t mind the rental costs, the grind for the Oort more the issue there. Though that grind relaxes me in moderation, I do more than I would otherwise due to the hub.

Edit: Also, something else that would stop my play - if I can’t get what I need from the economy. If Oort runs dry or costs get out of control, and/or forged slingbows and hammers do similar, that could end my play… and might be the most likely.


I think many People can relate To this.
I know few People Who mainly just hoard oort cause they wait For the compact oort To come out… Wich i think hurts the current game.

Sry @Goblinounours For the off topic


Personally, the day I finally decide to uninstall, remove all bookmarks and notifications will be if nothing has moved when Hytale comes out, which is set sometime around 2023. That is the deadline I’ve set years ago.

That is the game, as it has been described to me, which will keep me busy for years to come.
I can see myself making some kind of IKEA showroom on a dedicated server. No beacon fuel, no oortshards, just a server I’ll have to rent, and people will be able to take a portal from some community-server, load into my place and automatically get all the stuff I made without having to download mods one by one, and then I’m guessing they’ll be able to use all of that for themselves on their own worlds. Either way, I know I’ll be able to customize the game as much as I want.
And even if that doesn’t pan out, the game will come out with a story mode, many actual biomes to explore (not just recolors of the same 3 soils/leaves/rocks/grass), other worlds, complex caves with mines and dungeons.

That will be a far cry from making builds in Boundless with a limited set of block-textures, close to no furniture items, and being forced to run meteor hunts to fuel portals.


While i think this is the case… Ive never had to hunt meteors To fuel my portals.
Ive been trading stuff To another. Like a true hobo


Ha ha. Well, to be honest, haven’t been on a meteor run for most of 2021. But I’m thinking of those who have to, those who do it for the community. Someone has to run these hunts. I doubt everybody likes it as much now, either. Hence people asking for better compact-oortfuel, to make it all easier.

There are games where the devs know they can’t do much right now, but they at least know the playerbase isn’t as healthy as it once was, so they throw people a bone by making the chore-like parts of their game less annoying, if they can, by just changing a few numbers here and there.

As an example, Blizzard did this for WoW when people were leaving in masses during Shadowlands, they made the quests which rewarded players with the big currency of the expansion just reward more of it.

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On-topic: For most people I don’t think an update is needed. It’s the fun factor. I am still having a blast after 4100+ hours of playing. I ran into a slight slowdown, then we started a new DK Mall hub which has been enjoyable to help with and see a lot of people make a new shop and or grab a portal. On top of that, I decided to create a goo farm, went on several gleambow hunts, and also several regular hunts. Oort is all over the place and my request baskets still get filled. I didn’t really go on the hunts for Oort as much as just going on a hunt with a bunch of the community.

Off-topic: Hytale will become boring much like any other game. You will bypass the base game get to whatever people consider end game and you will be back in the same place you are now with Boundless. Games like Boundless, Minecraft, and the like require you to make personal goals and you have to continue to make new goals once those goals are reached. Maybe you just want to build massive things, maybe you just want PVP, maybe you want to build a mall, maybe you want to just hunt things … once you stop making goals the game becomes stale. On top of this any game you put thousands of hours in gets boring at times… but if the game draws you back much like Boundless does to me… I’ll continue to play, even if I play Hytale, Ashes of Creation, or any number of thousands of games that I could play.

I don’t think a game will ever replace Boundless as it is the community that I have fallen in love with and as long as that community is there… I’m there.


That is something about which I wouldn’t be so sure, not enough to say “most”. We’re already at a point many have given-up, after all, and those who still write around here are the same few 20-30 people.

That’s where I highly disagree. As I’ve explained, Hytale will provide ways to customize every aspect of the game. In my case, that’s what can make me stick around for a solid decade.
As an example, I was still toying around gleefully with Warcraft 3 in 2010 (there’s still some videos I did on my youtube channel from around that time), when the game came out in 2001 and WoW had already been a thing for around 5 solid years, because it had the World Editor software packaged with it, allowing me to create maps and campaigns, and making custom textures on Photoshop.
Yes, it will get boring, eventually, like all things should, but certainly less so than Boundless (again, in my case), as user-generated-content is always a factor that drastically increases the value of a game.


Honestly, I’m just wondering how you found out that We, Cthulhu Worshippers, have been hiding in the depth of Oortlish space for so long, and will be until the end of times…


Because I’m waiting in the temple next door.
We make mac-n-cheese octopuses.

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I would say I hope it happens soon, but I’m not holding on or waiting for it. I do like it when my games make content/QoL updates. I will generally put them down for awhile, if they don’t. Boundless is one of my base go-to games that I play off and on, in rotation with the others. It’s an amazing game, unlike no other.

There are two games with no solid release dates (TBD) that I’m watching. One sounds like they are largely over-promising, but it will be amazing if they can deliver. They have the hype, the talent (well-known leaders in the gaming industry), the funds, and a working alpha already. The other is a for-sure thing, but no release date or anything yet.

Ok now I’m curious. I request names so I can investigate.
Could one of them be BitCraft?

Hehe, nope. If they reach a point where they open alpha/beta for players, I’ll drop their name. :grinning:


And they’re building games like Boundless? Uh. That’s interesting!
Well, imma hold you on to that!

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Disagree for the same reason @Goblinounours mentioned, although my focus is a bit narrower.

I’m really interested in their plans for allowing players to make and share their own adventures. Character spawns, dialogue, event flags, etc. If I’m able to create my own content like this, even on a fairly basic level, I bet I could go on for a lot longer than I’ve ever felt driven to in Boundless.

Following the “progress” in Boundless has been something of a running joke for me for a long time now, but as soon as Hytale goes into open beta (and I signed up for that ages ago), I’ll probably be so preoccupied that I stop hovering over these forums like a vulture waiting for the body to drop.


Als long as i am having fun. I don’t really care if we get the update or not.

(Yes swords and shields the other stuff… meh ill see it when i see it…)


Palia? <3 :slight_smile:

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Ooooowh right, I forgot about Palia! But I don’t think the devs ever fully clarified what it really was. Doesn’t look like there would be a lot of building beyond picking a pre-made house and decorating it… or at least no block-based building… maybe some kind of voxel mining like “Deep Rock Galactic”?

That game looks great, but not it. Much larger. :slightly_smiling_face: