How many individual crafting machines are there?

I’m trying to build a room just for my crafting machines, so I need to know how many individual machines I’ll be able to eventually build.

This way I can layout the floor plan.

I know I’ll need room for the Spark Generators.

I plan on putting 6 genies around each machine.

2 on each side and 2 behind.

Is that enough?


…um…and stuff

Workbenches, Refinery, Compactor, Extractor, Mixer, Centraforge. if you want to include furnances and crafting tables then u have 2 additional. Also if u are guild leader then u need to add Guild Buff machines (4 of them)


Spark cores need to be considered as well as power coils

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You can have up to 24 coils per machine & you need an air block between the coils and the machine.

You can stack crafting tables and put furnaces next to each other…you will probably want several of each.

Six Machines, I have three of each. I leave enough room to get 27 coils around them. (Can only use 24)

You can also just run spark links to every machine from a single set of (up to 4x4, or 16) spark generators, that’s often easier to manage.

But yes, only six machines and as far as I can tell the forge doesn’t use spark at all. (mine is still connected to the grid because symmetry)

Pardon the mess, I’ve been adding way too many temporary machines lately.

Spark cores:

Links to each machine (the glowy blue line thingies):

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You can check out my setup if you like.
Access to the coils is from the basement storage area.


So you have the 16 generators in the floor (in your case) and you run the conduit from there to each machine?

Pretty much. In my case run a long line in the floor under where each machine is, and then pull up a little branch going up to each machine.

And when the generators are grouped like that (mine are 2x3) you don’t have to “open” each one individually to fuel them. They all pop up as a single screen.

Also, and I wish I just had pics for you, on my build all the spark lines are exposed on the workshop floor, so it should be easy to follow.

Just remember I added extras for decoration. :slight_smile: