How much Rift/Blink did we miss?


I would love to know! We have had several Exo planets expire. Did we pick them clean? Did 80k Rift just explode into the universe never to be collected by anyone??

Is this data the team has? Haha, alright I know it is silly :slight_smile: but I would be interested to know how efficient we are on cleaning these planets out!

Anyone have any guesses?

I think we are pretty efficient. I say we haven’t had an exo planet disappear with more then 2k Rift/Blink on the WHOLE planet!

Ooo this could be like those challenges with the M+M’s or small items in the jar and you have to guess the number. Whoever is closest wins!

“What is the average number of Rift/Blink per exo planet still left on the planet when it expires”

I say 2,000!

Any other guesses?


I’d say more… maybe 10k… ish


Easily more than 2k. I went on some scavenging trip on the older rift planet and got i think 2 mass crafts worth of rift (if my memory isnt failing me). Many people mine in no systematic manner.


I hate the jump miners

Also I didn’t mine much this time round so easily over 2k :sweat_smile::joy:


Well I feel attacked! Lol

I say about 7k blink (not seams)


I would not hazard a guess on an amount but I would say there is probably 20 to 30 percent of seams left when the exo expires.


I bet Milaerega will have a good bit of blink left. Just last night I was happily mining along through a good bit of untouched hotspot. Seems a lot hasn’t been hit there from my mining last few days.


Pretty sure we are missing a lot, there is a lot of scarce seams of single blocks that are hard to find. Plus the Blink planets have seams pretty much all over.

And for a guessing i’d say over minimal 10k seams and i am pretty conservator with this.


I’m going to say we leave about 25-30% of them.


I have a system, it’s just my system is to randomly smash as many blocks as possible in any random direction :slightly_smiling_face:


As long as you’re not one of those jumping miners you’re all good :joy:


Um, I don’t know what that is :man_shrugging::sweat_smile:


Boundmore - 10k
Venom - 7k
Tynker- 20/30%
Gorillastomp - 10k
Vetteq - 25/30%

Ooooo getting some good numbers here :slight_smile:


You know when you see those tunnels going up in down like a wave. Or am I tho only person who runs into those or sees people doing that.


I guess most people don’t use ettiquette whilst mining. I do. Plus I get way better sight coverage by “snake mining” with 2 block thick walls dividing each pass. If you see this, it was likely me. I do wish there was more consideration down below, but I also understand the freedom this game offers to diverse play-styles.


Snake mining is fine. That’s normal. I’m talking up and down not left to right. I have seen people runing and jumping up and down while they mine even tho they are likely passing up gems in those now arcs of blocks. Don’t even go back to see what they missed or anything


This seems pointless. What advantage is there in this method?


That’s what I want to know! I don’t get it.


So here’s why. When mining I generally stick to the mine a row, skip 2 mine a row skip 2, etc etc… however Ill noticed that sometimes my atlas still is hot in an area so I’ll just mine up a few steps ahead each time. generally speaking I find the ‘seam chunk’ and continue on, however it does leave the impression of jump mining :smiley:


Guess you don’t get what I’m talking about with jump mining. I’ll have to do it later and post screenshots.

Also as I said I’ve seen people actively jumping up and down while running forward.