How much Rift/Blink did we miss?


oof, i could have only assumed that’s what you meant. I can’t envision anything else, other than your last comment, which just really makes no sense unless you want to call it “the WoW effect” with the bunny hopping people everywhere.


Someone tunneled into me when mining on one of the previous worlds, dumping lava on my head… but then said something like, “Watch out lol” - guess that counts as manners? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me, my technique is pick a direction of hotspot, mindlessly break rocks! I do try to keep a little distance from other players though, if I see the name I try to back off usually and change direction a bit.


It’s possible that they have One Jump Ahead quirk on their hammers.


I am not sure that I like you advocating for highly efficient mining techniques. I get most of my rift from people that have bad mining techniques or etiquette.


Yea I suppose so. Tho I don’t know why you would leave all those spots behind still. I’d be walking with one of those hammers if I had to use one.


I enjoy running in to other people. I’ve run in to quite a few newbs who found their way on to exo’s by taking others portals. It was pretty evident they hadn’t mined much on higher tier worlds, or they were fantastic at acting like a newb, They’d mine side by side or right behind me picking up what I would consider scraps but so much gold and fossils for them and the occasional blink/rift I missed.

I’ve had more spontaneous convos running in to others mining on exos than I have in the base game itself. Exo’s have been awesome for me. I’m, not too social but come time to mine an exo, im much more social than usual :smiley:


Yea same here :sweat_smile: I should probably advocate for more poor mining techniques


That is a good way to look at it. :slight_smile: I didn’t really mind the tunneler as that was just plain funny really (and served me right actually as I was distracted messing with my music, haha), but on avoiding others myself, I was worried that they’d get mad at me infringing on their claim. Good to know there are those who would be welcoming. :slight_smile: Seriously, have actually seen IRL arguments between people mining getting mad because someone was getting into “their” spot.


If you are in a spot and I run up on you, I won’t mine there. But I might stare intimidatingly at you for a few moments and watch your technique. Then I’ll wave and disappear.


I would just assume you were on PS4 like me and were trying to type instead of staring intimidatingly.


Haha! :smiley: If someone were to follow me mining, then clap or facepalm when I got myself burned with lava or such, I’d actually laugh pretty hard. Even the insult emote is hilarious, I wouldn’t get mad if I got that because it is just too funny, the little taunt with the mooning.


If I run into a place that has a bunch of floating blocks and doesn’t have an even ground, I’d throw a regen bomb so that I can mine the way I want.



There’s 2, I think the other one is called bouncy feet. IMO the completely random jumping is less annoying than “jump when you try to hit something” but if you’re moving around they can look the same.


I guess I have missed hearing about these. I just laughed out loud pretty good at work and snorted out some Sprite. That is a hillarious quirk. Those are some funny devs.


It is funny, but there is something I would add to that: when in effect, you break rocks you hit above you with your head. Super Mario FTW. :wink:


Haha i am some times late to go to an exo and all i can find are randomly-mined spots with good, untouched chunks floating around. Why not mine in tunnels? Easier and more efficient. On the scavenging trips, i usually aim for these untouched chunks and i get decent gems.


Exactly. I also start at the highest alt where a gem can be found. Mine in snake patterns with double walls in between (for maximum coverage) and then start going down the alt with double floors too. Nothing escapes the mighty hammer this way :joy:


Being generally nice, yeah we say ts “their spot” so we leave it but in fact its yours as much as its theirs. If they get mad, regen the area and knock them to surface :joy:


Well typically I do. Then i find a rift/gem and ooo 7 seams of fossils clumped together and somehow i’ve created 5 new caverns and lost my place :sweat_smile:


Honestly after all our combined hours of mining. This is the only way to mine…