How much Rift/Blink did we miss?


I like destroying everything tho. So if you’ve seen areas that are completely hollow from about alt 5-25 more than likely that was me course guess the altitude would depend on the gem as well but it’s usually around that deep of a cavern I leave


Your method is commendable, but my hammer will last 20 percent longer.


It’s 30 minutes before Ropagitta disappears, so I packet sniffed the resource data to see how many seams of rift are left. At the momoent, there are 15,532 seams left. Average drop is 1.5 per seam for zero luck and 2.0 per seam for max luck. So total rift remaining as the planet dies is about 30,000.


This makes me sad. Life got in the way of me getting to this one too lol.