How much would you sell Gleambow Gleam for?


I’m just curious what the market price might be for Dark Red and Black Gleam given its difficulty in acquiring.

Would anyone who does the event be interested in selling me these blocks, and if so, how much would you sell them for?


Is black gleam confirmed? If I find it I won’t be selling it.


1 stack of specific trunk + cup of coffee


I managed to get all types of colors doing it for a short while today. And i figured a lot wont, but im just curious how high one might need to pay should someone be interested in selling.

I can do the trunk, but the coffee might be a bit harder ahah


Im gunna need all the black gleam…


Yeah so if I get any black gleam i probably wouldn’t sell it however I think that depending on how much I was able to get if I did sell I’d probably price it between 50 and 200c.

Without having a chance to see what the drop rates are yet that is just hypothetical


The way it works, most meteors are made completely out of 1 material - i.e wood, tangle, sponge ect… with 3-4 gleam hidden inside.

I also managed to get 1 meteor made completly out of gleam, where i got all the exotic colors posted above.

My biggest concern about paying too much is if the farming update drops soon-ish than il be able to farm all the colors anyway


I wonder if the gleam will still be accessible even after the events because Id like to have large scale builds with this stuff but I want to have enough…


With the farming update any colour should be possible.


I have black gleam.

one piece.

100k! or best offer :stuck_out_tongue:

this stuff is RARE and VERY sought-after.
( i actually really want it myself too heh)


You found it! I knew I dropped it somewhere…I’ll just take that back now…


Confirmed, I have some…


mostly because I really want to use it myself :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean hold onto it for me?


If you plan on selling, you should do it now. This event is 2 weeks long. There will end up being a decent amount of most floating around.

Edit: 5 meteors worth.


You mean if you plan selling you should on to them hehe.


I aint selling lol. I want the whole collection. But yea if someone wants to make coin you better be after it now.


Paying 2k each for the gleam in the crypt currently! - Shop owner? - The Crypt has expanded!


Favorite gleam found so far!~

Shadow Cerulean


i sell some andf got some i dont like it if ya got 16week beacon fuel we can talkz