How often does chat refresh for you?

Mine seems to refresh once an hour.
I’ll get nothing for 50 minutes or so, then it will refresh & I get a huge # of messages (PMs & universal).
When it refreshes, it seems I can answer Qs for 5-10 minutes, then it stops sending/receiving for 50 minutes again. This is a bit frustrating when I’m trying to help new players & answering their questions. :thinking:

PMs are still delayed too much for normal usage too.

Is it possible to shorten the refresh rate on PMs and universal messages or would it cause server issues?

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It’s also very odd to get messages from the universal chat that were sent hours ago while I was not online.

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I tend to check the chat every 5 minutes to see if there are new messages or PM’s. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. And sometimes, it’s an hour later and the person has already gone offline.

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For me it seems to refresh every15 to 30 minutes , it seems to take a 30 secs to refresh every time I open chat. Every day I get on I make sure to scroll down the 300 messages.

seem to remember a dev mentioning somewhere that the way the chat system was implemented would result it never being up to the task of reliable instant messaging.

always missing chats or having to scroll down to keep up with a convo.
hopefully they can tweak it (more) because it is pants and not the good kind
or actually stick in a whole new communication system in (easy! :wink: )

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I’m pretty new. Was technically an early backer for the game but just started playing this week for the first time ever. I’m absolutely addicted already as it is BUT the chat has been one of the biggest turn offs for me ever in a game so far. If they fixed the chat and added some redstone like mechanisms this game would blow anything else out of the water.


My chat takes a good 5-10 minutes after i log on to refresh, and i think going through portals to other planets helps to instigate the refresh. Just my opinion tho… it def still needs some tweaking.


I login daily on PS4. I seem to get chat history that goes back as far as a month for PMs and Notifications and the arrive out of order so I have to wade thru the mess every login before I can see new messages.

Chat imo should be a top priority to get it working correctly.

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I’ve learned a lot in the week I’ve been around, and a lot of the info I’ve learned was very hard to obtain. I try to share in chat and help when I can, but I have a similar issue. I don’t think it’s quite 50min (I haven’t timed it) but the refresh is killer. I wonder why it isn’t real-time.

My chat seems to refresh itself every 5 to 10 minutes. I play on the PS4 so not sure if it makes a difference playing on PS4 or PC.

See this post for some more details on when they upgraded the chat system a while back.

Edit: to add that if I have the chat channel open, like the questions one, I get pretty fast updates but if I ignore it for a while and have it closed then it does take quite a bit longer to show up as new messages are in there… but I know that is working as they intended, at least for now.

That’s some good info. Thanks for the link @Soju-VB!