Chatlag PS4 / PC?

This seems to happen very frequently nowadays, if not the whole day.
but ive been experiencing extreme chatlags, messages sent by other players often take 10-30 mins to deliver on themselves (ps4).
Are people on PC experiencing the same or is it just PS4?
And is there a temp. fix that can be done to avoid the immense chatlags or do we gotta wait for some sort of fix…?

People have had issues with delayed PMs for quite some time.
Shout, talk, and whisper generally seem to work ok. Sometimes universal chat takes 30-340 minutes to refresh too.

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Chat lag is due to the way chat is designed and implemented in this game. Pretty much all channels have a passive “poll for messages” implementation they describe as an asynchronious messaging system akin to mailing in many MMOs where you interact with a postbox or letter box, and then send a message to the intended recipient. However, due to the UI of the messaging system looking far more familiar to that of a standard MMO synchronous messaging system where all messages get pushed out to all connected clients, chat lag is indeed a thing, and its a real, major problem. However, the devs seem to think the performance of this asynchronous chat system is far more beneficial than that of a proper instant-messaging system like IRC where everything is pushed out to clients from the central server.

Just a note, @james @Leahlemoncakes and crew, IRC is infinitely scalable. Replace the current chat system with one powered by IRC, and I’m sure you can infinitely scale a chat system that can PUSH messages instantaneously to clients, eliminating chat lag from the game.

See the release notes here Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++! where the devs go into more technical detail about the system. An overhaul is necessary here.

An excerpt of the details regarding chat channels and PMs.

Every single MMORPG & FPS I play has instant in-game chat & PMs with no delay :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, the chat lag is painful, and there is no real way for new players to know so they send messages and think you are ignoring them but in reality it is just the system.

I also find myself not answering questions in the open chats as much because so often when I have answered, someone else already answered 15 minutes earlier and it just has not pushed to my client yet.

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It causes a lot of frustration & misunderstandings. It’s slower than email.

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The most annoying aspect at this point is the wait when you login to get your old PMs. Sometimes I don’t get PMs for an hour or more after logging in.

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When I opened my chat up a couple of days ago to read the messages, it went blank…then filled up with a ton of universal messages. I couldn’t scroll far enough to read the others and I have no idea where the PMs went :expressionless:

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I seem to have gotten two messages “stuck” in my unread count. I constantly have the “2” showing, which seem to be from messages in the Help channel … but they never appear (or disappear).

I don’t know if it’s related, but sometimes I also have to clear all my world notifications again, as if I never read them for weeks. And sometimes I get a pm notification for a pm that I read weeks ago, too.

This happens to me if I switch to the testing server and back, but I have never had it happen normally.

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I play on PS4, so it might be PS4 specific?

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