Messages in game take several minutes to arrive

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Often when talking to a new person that I meet nearby, I’ll talk to them in world chat and they’ll take the conversation into PMs for some reason. Not a problem except every time this has happened, I’ve noticed that often at some point in the conversation, they do something like walk away and I’m left confused for about 6 minutes, and then suddenly 3 messages have arrived dated 6 minutes ago of them saying they have to go and saying goodnight. This can be even more frustrating mid-conversation when you’re both staring at each other for multiple minutes when the other person already sent their message ages ago.


Use yellow messages for PM that are on same planet for instant messaging.

I would, but every new person I’ve met always uses the purple PMs. Can’t even get them to switch out of PMs. I’m curious if there’s a reason for this strange massive delay in PMs. Haven’t noticed delays like that in other games.

I’ve had this problem too with purple PMs. Takes forever to receive (sometimes I don’t get them until I log out and back in again).

I usually just whisper


Yeah… chat is much better since they overhauled it a bit but it’s still kinda really bad :pensive:

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How do you whisper. I’ve tried multiple times. I’ve had people whisper me and it won’t even let me respond in whisper form.

Chat needs an overhaul for sure it’s confusing at times for sure

Still wanting chat to not require it to be polled from the server(s) instead of automatically pushed to clients by the server(s). The polling method in use here is terrible for a chat system.

When in the “All Channel”, the 10 most out-of-date channels will be polled for messages every 30 seconds.

Can we move from polling messages to pushing them?

e: If the reason for polling for messages is performance, that’s a red herring as services like Twitter and Facebook which use an extremely large amount of push notifications can handle them just fine.


Agree. Or if the devs won’t do this, give us a force-refresh button or something that will force-refresh PMs.

For now I have to remember to select the Private Messages tab occasionally to pseudo-convince it to refresh. It seems to do something but I’m not sure how much.

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Sometimes when I get a whisper, I cannot reply with a whisper. I believe whispers only work if the person is on the same planet as you are. Sometimes it still seems iffy.

I personally don’t like using PMs either because I don’t know when they’ll show up lol. Shout & say work the best for me. If someone wants to PM me, I usually ask them to PM me here on the forums, since I get a phone notification fairly quickly.


All PMs are diverted to the Viceroy of the planet you’re on for approval. Sometimes you’ll get an edited version of the PM if any subversiveness was detected in the message.


The game generally defaults you to PM, even if the person is on planet

The only time it does whisper seems to be if you reply to a whisper

Whisper is usually the 1st thing I open up bc it shows you a list of every player that’s currently on the planet. I prefer to use say & shout to communicate w other players though.

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I shout everywhere I go :crazy_face:


Same here!!


I’ve been playing for almost 3 years and finally realized that the npc’s I’ve been seeing is all of you guys! I thought the delayed responses were the system trying to develop a response to my nonsense. I may never leave my beacon again. I can’t deal with social situations!


Try Minecraft
Is safe

Except it makes me motion sick and I throw up everywhere and end up with a really bad migraine.

Edit: Its the horrible FoV and the unrealistic and jerky movement.

Never try it in VR then :face_vomiting:


Just set it to shout and have at it. Like constant shouting.

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