How should mounts summoning work?

There are a ton of discussion on mount types, feeding mounts, i have one on petarmor to allow your mounts and pets to fight or carry more items.

but what about summoning the mount? would it be static meaning always in the world or would i disappear when you jump off, i can think of 2 general methods

  1. classic mount summoning:

You either have an item or a skill that summons you on top of the mount, when you get attacked the mount just vanishes and you can call it back whenever you want

  1. Stable method:

This is something i havent seen much of, but i think it might work well in my eyes, you can build a stable block that you can place, clicking on that and selecting your mount will summon it, you can then ride around on it, when you jump off the mount stays in the area where i can be attacked, if it dies it will be put back in the stable station and you would have to pay a small bit to revive it.

this would mean that you could only summon from the stable, so if you stand in the middle of nowhere you cant just summon your mount, and it would also kinda make you think and care about your mount, like placing it in an area where it wont get killed by wild creatures, instead of just charging everywhere.

what are peoples thoughts on mount summoning? i dont think it has been discussed before.


I would go with the second option. It sounds more realsonable and would lead to a more careful style of gameplay :wink:

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well there might be alternatives. like zelda style where you have to pick up a piece of grass from the ground and play a melodi to summon your mount xD

also something that could be considered might be some sort of impact if insta summon is done, like if you ride around on some sort of underground creature you would see it coming up through the ground and leaving a small hole. but i dunno, that might be a bit too fancy, and also a bit abuseable as an easy way to dig up an area.

It kind of depends on what a mount means to the player.

• If mounts give you a real advantage somehow (travel, battle, etc), they’ll mean a lot more to the player.
• If mounts are more decorative, then the meaning changes.

If the first, I’d love to see always-persistent mounts – think Skyrim or Shadow of the Colossus. It isn’t just your car, it’s your companion, and you’ll feel all the more devastated if something happens to it. You can give it two commands when not riding: Follow or Stay.

If the second, then sure, maybe it lives in a Pokeball or only appears when called.

I would prefer the first. I want a creature that I feel obligated to make accommodations for, to care for, to enjoy and to mourn.

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In Minecraft, your horses roamed like any other animal, so you build stables, pens, and rope to tie them to one place. This style was neat because it made the horse into a wild, captureable, breedable animal that you had to care for and protect. I’m not much for the WoW style of summoning a beast that appears from a magic cloud.

Mounts should be freely shown in the game so players can build stables, race tracks, and fun things for them. And for protection, so griefers don’t just slaughter your animals, mounts should be linked to you like a beacon and untouchable by anyone except you and those you give permission to.

And yes, there could be a semi-summon method like in Zelda where the mount would come running to you if called, but also like in Zelda, it would not disappear upon dismounting.

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Wait, have you ever seen a game where mounts doesnt make a difference in speed?

The thing im kinda worried about using the persistent, what happens if your mount is killed? do you just need to get a new one? that is a thing i personally would like avoiding, which is why i think it is epic if they can get killed, but they should be resurectable somewhere, if not then im afraid people are not really going to feel like their mount matters, or is theirs in some way, like Dark wrote, you should kinda have it feel like a companion.

what happens in MC? do they just stay dead or? and could you actually level mounts, or were they just kinda there?

In MC, a dead animal is a dead animal, it drops meat and leather and disappears. What I was mentioning in my post is that mounts could be bound to you like the way a beacon works, so no player can kill it. But I suppose the question of “can it die by NPC or in the wild,” is still debatable.

i think it would be odd if it couldnt be killled by npc’s.

i personally hope mounts are just very well trained pets, meaning that they can participate in combat with you. kinda ‘‘Dragons prophet’’ style, i cant even remember what happens in that game when your pet dies.

but yeah, i think mounts should be ‘‘weak’’ so to say at first, and then get stronger as you level it up, feed it, etc… but that wouldnt really be possible if there was permadeath for the animal, which is again why i suggested a stable where you can spawn it from and you actually have to pay if it dies, so there would be a penalty, just not a permanent one.

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Let me change the question a little - assuming mounts are killable, how would you protect them?

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kill the thing faster than it kills your mount? xD

I’ve already covered the inability for a player to kill them, but for NPCs, I think it should be like Skyrim. If your mount gets into danger, then it has a real possibility of getting killed.

i dont think players should be able to kill the mount either, just simply let it count as a player, and there is no problem.

i still dont think you should allow pets or mounts to be permadeath, you cant really connect with them if you do. and it would be a massive pain if you have used hours upon hours of time and a ton of money on making it a good full grown pet.

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I do agree with that.

If we think of mounts as pets. for this purpose. what usually happens when a pet dies in mmos?

i know in wow you have a skill called revive. never really player range in GW2, so not sure about that one.

i have played multiple games but in everyone you could revive it, however there is a game called ‘‘the repopulation’’ where you have taming (pets) and you have genesplicing where you take the DNA and makes the creature, difference being that if your pet dies with taming then you can revive it, but if it is a genespliced pet you cant,

also some mounts might be mechanical, magical, would you be able to refuel its essence with an item when it dies? repair the mount? i think it would be kinda neat having difffernt forms of revival for different pet/mount types, but i dunno.

it would be a massive pain if you have used hours upon hours of time and a ton of money

I think that’s kind of the point. Lydia, typically the first companion you get in Skyrim, became meaningful to players because although she was kind of annoying at times, she was very helpful to have around, and a nice companion for the bleak, snowy world. The first time you accidentally get her killed is a memorable event for many players, and many of them will reset the system and lose their progress just to give her a second chance.

However, in a global MMO, you don’t get the option to reset the system. Some ideas:

• Matching the mount to the player level (it levels up with you)
• Mount levels up independent (can make it stronger than you)
• Mounts can be equipped with armor
• Mounts can be told to Avoid Combat (run away from monsters when player is not riding)
• Mounts can have their souls bound to an item or decoration, so if they die, they can be resurrected (though I’d prefer not to have a 48-hour-window to do so)
• Rather than die, mounts are simply KO’d and must be healed before they can be used again

• Mount levels up independent (can make it stronger than you)
• Mounts can be equipped with armor
• Rather than die, mounts are simply KO’d and must be healed before they can be used again

i’d be good with these, i have talked about pet armor, is kinda neat. also i think you should be able to level up your pet or mount independantly, meaning that you cant just catch a new one and instantly have it your level, which in turn would make your already aquired pet feel more valuable.

• Mounts can have their souls bound to an item or decoration, so if they die, they can be resurrected (though I’d prefer not to have a 48-hour-window to do so)

this would basically just be the stable thing i mentioned earlier. reviving your pet there.


Interesting point, but here’s the next question. When a mount is downed, does it’s body remain in place until healed or does it get returned to your stables or some other safe point. Because honestly there have been a few places I’ve died that are difficult to get back to, so if my mount dies there, how do I return to heal it?

i think it could be a mix of both, you have 5 mins to heal it, if you heal it on the spot it you will only get half cost penalty, if it goes back you have to pay full penalty.

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When you guys think mount does an image of a horse instantly come to mind for you? I think mounts should just be called pets, and some pets can be mounted. With that said, the wildlife in Oort probably doesn’t teleport to where they need to be, otherwise you probably couldn’t have caught it in the first place. Thus I think pets should stay consistent in the world, and yes, killable. If you want it to come to you, maybe there is Ancient Oort technology that lets you “call” the pet and they can traverse the world to find you (appear in a location just at the edge of your vision range).

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