How to live on high level effect (corrosion, blast, etc) worlds

Hey everyone, since I plan to live on Berservona (or something like that) and it’s a blast world, if I understood correctly with blast protection you just extend the time you can be on planet and not completely free yourself from effect? So, you need to eat anti-blast food all the time? Or there is other way?

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I’m very intrigued to know the answer to this question!

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5th level of protection gives you infinite immunity


You will need to have 5 skillpoints in corresponding atmospheric protection skill and you will never run out of air


first! :wink::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::star_struck:


Aha, cool, I must have messed up something than, at some point I tried 5lvl corrosion protection and it still had timer, maybe because I was already lost some before upgrading to 5lvl

You could always set up a portal to a non-atmospheric world and step through it every now and then to restart your protection timer, but that would be the less efficient fix.

Maybe they’ll bring out planets with two atmospheric effects, or even all 3 and your lowest resistance becomes the limit :exploding_head:

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Idk when you did that but prior patch it was doign that. Now it just update your atmospheric buff when you add skill point while beeing on the planet. So if you go from 1 to 5 and have already lost some meter, it will update it to the right amount of time.


I also thought about moving to a mid to high level world.
But i want to build something that everyone can visit, a safe haven.

I still hope this here becomes a thing after release:


wow that would be soooo awesome!!!

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I agree we are settled on Alnitans and there are two things that make me have some regrets. One is the protections limiting visitors, and the second is high block armor makes it a pain to adjust a build. Perhaps make the totem pick up blocks in 1 hit when under a beacon? As it is we are going to be making a second base in Biitula so we can actually sell things without people suffocating.

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