How will waterfalls look?

Will waterfalls look like they do in games like minecraft or creativerse or will they look realistic. I would really love to see realistic ones because worlds with waterfalls would look way more beautiful than worlds with piles of water flowing out of mountains :slight_smile:
Any plans for that?
What would you prefer community ?

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I like the water in the game now. It needs fish :smiley: Yeah, I would like to see really nice waterfalls. Having the photographic depth of field, and a realistic looking sky and water brings a really awesome feel to the game.

the water in the game look awesome! I just don’t really like these piles of water :confused: I would prefer realistic waterfalls

the water physics are absolutely messed up and they will change them when they get further.

But will they still be stacked water blocks like they are in many voxel games?

ben said they wanted to make dynamic water rather than having infinite water spawn from blocks, i will try to see if i can find it.

there ya go


I’ve already seen that :slight_smile: But I’m just talking about the look of waterfalls.
will they look like this

or something like this
I don’t think they mentioned anything about that

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Its going to stay in voxels i think, but it would be cool to have real flowing water.

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@ben I summon you! Do you have any plans for how water flowing will look? If yes please enlighten us :slight_smile:

I would imagine a simple texture and particle effect would give a decent rendition of a waterfall. Actual flowing liquids are notoriously processor heavy and would appear out of place in a voxel world.


How about voxel waves … I’m not so sure how to describe in words … even the drawing is not so descriptive, but maybe you understand.

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I don’t really think waves have to be voxel :smiley: I would like normal smooth waves

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=] me to! And spuuuuuuuuume! [=

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Though, I believe a voxelwave could turn out smooth a glittery too ;]

Here again, the simplest solution would fit best, and would look great! I’m not a programmer, but a simple wave animation along the edge of a lake so that it looks like waves are gently laping at the shore would be all it takes. Just some white-wash and ripples.

I remember Rise of Nations (real time strategy hit) which was built in two years, had this type of wave-to-shore animation. Was a detail I really liked.

The particle effects for breaking blocks could be altered and used to make it look like water splashing down.
Water vertically flowing down can have strong white streaks to blend in with the splashing effects. Also, adding mist(can be toggled on/off in settings) to waterfalls that are atleast 5 blocks wide would be nice :smiley:


All thy would need to do to make waterfalls is make water go into a 1/2 block size like a wall slab, and maybe give it a special texture so it looks whispy-er. I would totally like to see this :stuck_out_tongue:

Particle effects and voxel water (I expect). Our art team will make it look awesome, I’m sure :smile: