Huge lag on EU server (fixed in update 190.1)

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I’ve got like a huge lag and drops in connectivity. I don’t think it’s from me because other games work ok. Will try to add a screenshot.

This is what I get.

I’m connected from Romania.

I’m just curious if you guys see anything in the server logs.

Not much to add - just wanted to note that my connection has been going a little nuts tonight with constant lag spikes as well.


Might be worth taking a look at this.

with the hunt today it seemed that Andooweem crashed. It wasnt o nly for me but for all the hunters. It took some mins to recover and go futher. Plus i heared more complains that THerka was unstable ofther the update?

Did the game displays the message saying that the game server connection was lost?

Yesterday i had no compass lag trade crashes froze alot and storage bugged out in solum the guy i was giving tour had exact same issue also big delays on our chat

I’ve been unable to go on community hunts since the previous major update due to crashes, connection problems and rubberbanding … For me the problems seem to start with groups of players and portals and then when all the bombs etc are flying about. I’ve had to stop going on them :disappointed:

It said Unplayable for a few mins

I’m sorry to hear ! hope the game or your connection improve soon so you can join :slight_smile: its always a lot of fun

Yes they where and I do miss going on them. Hopefully when some of the kinks are ironed out by the developers things will improve :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you list the worlds and the approximate times the lag occurred? We can then use the information to check the data on our end.

It was on Andooweem. But i am not sure about the time. But it was between 20:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC (when the hunt was)

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Mine was at same time on solum

There is a bug causing occasional stalls on the servers. We are looking in to it.


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well… from Romania is like this…

No packages dropped so far.
Haven’t got in game yet, if I still get issues there will reply here.

I’m getting this as well. Occasional spikes, as shown. Maybe the same thing.

In this case it was Therka, but I’ve had it on different networks on various planets.

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I’ve also been getting situations where there is a sudden freeze in the game for a few seconds, and when it comes back it warns me of unplayable ping, then goes back down to normal levels. I’ve gotten this effect on Nasharil too, so not just EU.

Soo… seems that after the latest update, seems to be stable!