Hunt Etiquette And Portals For Slow Pokes

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Ello :slight_smile:

I was having a bit of a time understanding the various toos(twos?)-and-fros of hunting earlier, and said that I’d bring it up in the forum, because during a hunt probably wasn’t the best time.

I frequently fall behind, and don’t wish to be a pain, so I just run until I catch up. Oh, yeah, and I do use them, but I don’t want to totally waste the grapples, they don’t grow on trees, like berries.

Now I’ve always been told that portals make a hunt unplayable or something (I can’t actually remember the reason why) that essentially makes them persona (portalona!) non-grata during a hunt. Maybe it gives too much lag or something. Frankly, I only started to get portals very recently, despite a few hundred hours in game.

I always liked HOST’s FUTURE setup where there’s a portal to each region, actually. If anyone ever builds a hunt planet, then doing that could really help newbies and latecomers.

Anyway, yeah … I was told today that I could portal in if it’s to catch up with the group.

But then I was given conflicting information to go back to the sanctum. So I really don’t know what to do. :laughing: :crazy_face:

(to be clear, that’s insulting my own deficient brain :weary: )

But, the thing is I’m almost always lagging behind for some reason, so would it actually not be a very good idea for me to keep doing it?

(also, hehehe, there’s the issue of those that portal’ed directly in to a lava pit today :laughing:)

Anyway … I’m just a bit muddled and looking for pointers regarding hunts, and portals. :slight_smile:

On which Hunt do you was?

I think you were on the 5pm cet hunt , If yes i can Tell yOu the reason of Don t yousing Portals , ITS because only the hunt Leader opens Portals to go to the next Meteor , Region or Plattform !!!
The reason is to Jeep all Players together and Not to have someone who leaves and taking Others Players with him
So everyone who wants to leave Had to Go to sanctum and can Port from there where He wants to Go.

You can do the Same to get to next Meteor If you have a friend who is there and Port to him over sanctum.

Hope i could Help you a Bit.


If you are new or Not so fast let the hunt Leader know they will Help you.


It was the BROWN hunt, actually … but I’ve not enjoyed the euro afternoon hunt for other reasons, to be honest (kind of related) … but I’m not going to go into that. :slight_smile:

This isn’t strictly BROWN related, though … so … thanks for the response. :100: 50096a1020

One thing I didn’t understand:

This doesn’t read like a reason, to me … have I missed something?
(sorry, I can appreciate that English isn’t everyone’s first language, and native speakers -myself!- are often the worst examples! :wink: )

and … again … I need to stress it’s just my dumb brain trying to understand how to play the game and not be a pain for others by portalling around every 5 seconds. :wink:

He meant that sometime ppl open a warp leading to their home and ppl often go trough it, poof 10 players went to someone’s home base instead of next location(platform/meteor/hunt leader)


Right, OK, cheers.

Sorry, just still trying to work out why that’s bad behaviour. (not a challenge, just dumbness)

basically, the hunt leader could often open portals to platforms/meteors to help those who arent that fast and need a bit of a boost to get to the rest of the group.

but as Lesioui said, some people take advantage of that because people think they just need to go through every warp, so some people might open a warp to their beacon to troll and try to pull some footfall

to avoid the confusion however, you can use the sanctum to warp home (or to the hunt leader) to make sure you dont pull other people with you


Communication is key. If you tell the hunt leader you’re opening a warp conduit to them you’re providing a service! Use shout in case they’re out of range. It’s usually not a big deal. The big no-no is a warp conduit to ur home base or somewhere not hunt-related.


OK, but sorry, still not quite understanding, are there types of warps that affect the game more in terms of lag, or punishing the creature amounts or meteor levels?

I guess I was worried that this was a performance thing.

But I completely take the meaning, now, about the beacon warping, cheers for that. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Alwin … I’m often so far behind that people can’t see / hear my shouts on the chat. :wink:

Purely thinking aloud … could I maybe quickly PM / whisper to get nearby coordinates? That’s just 3 sets of digits, and could mean that latecomers / 2nd wave of players don’t land on top of ■■■■ … either confusing everything … or killing the portaled players :laughing:

If portals aren’t a performance issue … I might start posting recent coordinates into a half decent place … so people can catch up if running behind. :slightly_smiling_face:

On Brown hunts, I’ve never had a problem with opening portals to the leader when I’m trailing. Just don’t portal away from the hunt.

If there is nobody near you, or if you aren’t sure it’s okay to portal, it’s not much slower to just use the right sanctum portal to get where you want to be.


pretty sure you need an actual location/warp token to open warps there, or have somebody on the friend list, not just coords.

also, if you’re straggling behind too much, think of putting points into agility for faster running speed, or use the grapple more.

sure, they do have durability, and the price tag can be a bit steep if you don’t earn lots of money, but remember, opening warps cost 100c each. a decent grapple costs something like 6-7k. that’s 60-70 warps for saving 2-5 durability on a 1.5k-2k durability(or even up to near 4k with durability grapples) grapple of the same cost :wink:


The etiquette is to return to sanctum while on hunts and the to use the right portal to go where ever.

Anyone that intentionally opens grief portals should be reported to be honest because every hunt i have been on it is very clear of the rules and most of the time one of them is people are asked not to open portal unless told.

Most hunts have rules announced right before they start, by following the group people are agreeing to those rules of the event.


Maybe I’ve not been entirely concise in our hunt rules as it seems you havent understood. Today was the first time since you’ve joined the hunts that I was made aware that you had an issue. I’ll clarify for you as I dont want you feeling confused or not enjoying the hunt because I have failed to explain something properly.

I do state that portals are not permitted, the portals I specifically refer to are the griefing kind, so when the idiots open portals over lava, or to their bases in the middle of regroup in the hopes that you give them footfall.

You may have read me telling players that it is okay to warp to the front, that is why players announce that they are opening “good” portals. Those are absolutely fine because those portals lead to the front of the pack (me) and do not cause disruption to the hunt or trick other players.

I am sorry to learn that you have not enjoyed the hunts. Hope that my answer clarifys anything you have not previously understood.


Warping to catch up is totally allowed


That was the point.


This is good to do on a hunt anyways:

  • Make friends with the hunt leader or at least a capable hunter on the hunt
  • Track that person, so your HUD tells you where to go

Once you have done that you can also:

  • Return quickly to the sanctum
  • Open a warp to your friend or the hunt leader from your friends list

This gets you into the thick of the action any time you get in trouble or fall behind, and avoids any concerns over warp etiquette entirely.


Also, would like to add that you’ve been a member of our group for quite a while now. You know we give out grapples to those who need them, are worried about breaking them and not being able to replace them etc.

So please, use your grapple, If it breaks we will help you out with a new one. These T3 beginner friendly hunts I run are specifically so that beginners or people who aren’t confident with grappling, navigating the terrain or fighting can practice and get used to it before they go hitting the T6 hunts.


I understand your frustration with the portal but we are here to help. If anyone speaks up and states they have an issue keeping up, staying alive, not doing enough damage, etc; Beth or one of the designated assisters will offer up aid so your experience is as pleasant as possible.

As some of the other folks here have mentioned, griefers have been all kinds of rude and opened portals to their home for for fall or just to ruin the experience. Heck just the other day someone was throwing regen bombs while some were solidifying lava to res another player.

I’m tend to only join in once or twice a week due to RL obligations but I have been hanging back and serving as a shuttle on the brown hunts(all aboard the Kas express :train: toot toot). If I need to be your buddy in order for you to enjoy these hunts, well I guess you just got yourself a new friend.

So to you and anyone else feeling this way, we can only help you if you tell us.


So ironically we had a first speed hunt on our sov planet, we have had other hunts before this one that were traditional land runs where some one is runs to regions to spawn meteors.

I can say that tonight was the first time we experience hunt lag where people decided to leave.

We have hard larger hunts where the planet had 31 players and were pulling 6’s with minimum lag.

Tonight we had like 16 and were pulling down 3-4’s with lag for most of the night coming and going.

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Also, if you’re worried too much about the cost of the grapple that you’re not using them actively, hit me up ingame, i’ll show you how i earned money.

I’ve been playing since two weeks ago, so i’m also fairly new, but i can say i’ve earned over a million coins in that two weeks of playing (tho i only have around half of that at hand, used a fair chunk in investing for future stuff, like coils. and damn those mint coils are expensive, 20k per)

They may be a bit grindy, but you pretty much don’t need to worry about costs once you know you can always earn more money, it does help in enjoying things without having to think too much about the costs of things you use.