Hunt Leader Strategies - Question for the next Day

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A question for all Hunt Leaders…

What are some strategies you use to lead hunts? I imagine you want to try to keep the group together, you want to communicate, and you want to be tracked… But what truly makes a good Hunt Master?

Side note, I’m willing to pay/contract hunt leaders to host 1 hunt a day from the Welcome Center…Was thinking of starting at 5k per hunt. terms are negotiable.

If people are falling behind regroup often. If multiple meteors fall at once keep spamming which order to attack them. Make sure it is noticed in chat. Try not to get to upset if some make a meteor go dorm. Its just a game. There will be more meteors.


Do you ever try to coordinate building cuttle attack pillars or trap holes? Or do you prefer to allow people to do what they want? I know bombs can be a hot topic

Also, whats your strategy to navigate the regions?

I always bring with me an atlas so I can keep going to unexplored regions at least on exos, for planets that I already explored a lot the atlas helps me visualise the group and if we need to regroup.

From there I just let everyone do what they want once we hit a meteor, usually I am the one that uses bombs to make holes below the spawners, some times I bring gleam with me for the night since some planets get too dark.

If more than one meteor shows up I try to pick the closest one to the group, some times you get multiple meteors active so I just ask everyone to wait for revive and if we still miss one then we just move on lol.



Is there any other standard equipment a hunt leader might want to bring?

I personally dont seek to build towers or holes. But if people make them I go along with it.

Im more of a ground and pound.

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It’s good to post signs at the meeting place or announce in chat what type of hunt it will be and what is/isn’t allowed. While you’re all waiting for the hunt to start, people will ask who the leader is and they will come close to you, to “track” you. They do this so that if they fall behind, they can see you on their nav bar and catch back up. Sometimes smaller groups within will fracture off and go after a different meteor - this can get confusing. Tracking the hunt leader can help avoid this.

Some hunt groups will toss gleam on the ground so ppl can see during night hunts.

Some will allow bomb holes under the mob portals so the mobs all fall in one area. Some players avoid these hunts bc they fall in the holes & die.

Some build quick towers so players can grapple to them while they shoot. These are also helpful for your hunt healer to use to drop healing bombs down on players without being harmed.

When multiple meteors fall, make sure you say in chat which one you’re going to.

Bring more revives than you think you’ll need (hehe).

Bring dmg bombs to quickly clear out trees in the way of mob portals.

These are just a few tips.

Most of all, lead the hunt in a manner that you are most comfortable with. People will adapt & follow your lead.

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Theres some great tips Thank you!

Ive always wondered if any hunt leader has a “route” they travel to look for meteors? Or do they typically just pick a direction and run, then occasionally turn another direction?

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I’d say the number one thing that makes a hunt master is keeping things moving. Let people loot up quickly then keep it moving.


This and if you can make people drink brews even better. On higher tier planets some times there are only 2 or 3 people still alive while everyone else is dead and reviving everyone is quite challenging in those situations :laughing:

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Sasquatch Hunt Lodge in Alder is amazing. Check out their signs on the floors and walls. All helpful stuff.

I’ve never lead a hunt and hopefully never ever ever will, but huge respect to those who do. I find that I enjoy hunts more if people are having a laugh with it - it’s just a game and I think some people take it too seriously.

Recently there were like 9 or 10 of us on the recent rift exo doing a hunt - we died a LOT, but the leader(s) made it super fun and worth it.


For me it depends on what kind of hunt I’m leading.

For a platform hunt, I bring warp conduits, coin, and the normal things I would bring like a bow, fist, food/brews.

My strategy is to move fast, and go after the biggest meteors. I will wait on the platform for a minute or two, then move to the next. There are 22 platforms on the circuit. We wait for the big meteors, rather than chase small ones… I find jumping prematurely for a small meteor, will often end up with a lvl 6 intercepting on the way there… then the group is split. No fun. So, we wait for the big ones. As a hunt leader I do kill things, but I will aim mostly for Cuttletrunks so I can watch the sky. My role is find and keep track of meteors. I don’t heal much because meteors don’t fall up from the ground. We usually have a few dedicated healers on our hunts.

For a running hunt, I bring an atlas. If I have discovered the entire planet, I will have locations saved so that I can track them. Otherwise, I’ll run from region to region using the compass. I will also bring the same things I bring on a platform hunt. Conduits are a must.

The most challenging part of leading is maintaining locations of multiple meteors on the ground, and keeping the group together. We usually have between 20-45 people on any given day. Trolling happens, but it’s rare. I find that by just keeping a routine and maintaining constant communication (always be in shout mode) with the group is most important.

Last but not least, accept assistance. For me as a PS4 player, I appreciate the help when a PC player can use the mod to spot meteors from further away. I have also found that after getting used to leading, you don’t “see hunts” the same way. We work together as a team and it helps a lot. :blush:.

Thanks @Damagekai, @shortyd856, and @Dubbanz, for leading! You guys all do a great job!


I know it’s usually preferred that people use voice chat for hunts but is it actually required? And is it okay if people only join hunts for short stints rather than the full time? I’ve never been on a group hunt because

  1. I don’t use voice chat
  2. I don’t usually have long time segments to play and therefore only play for many smaller segments of time rather than only a couple large segments. Is it okay to join a hunt at the beginning and drop out after even as short as 30 minutes?

The answer to both of your questions is yes.

It is definitely not required to be in voice chat. I’m not always in voice chat even as leader. The in game chat is the best mode of communication… it’s simple to follow and everyone can see it… but, you MUST pay attention to it, or you could be “that one guy/girl” who finds them self activating the wrong meteors, loosing them for the group.

It’s also ok to leave when ever you need to. At a Naughty Hunt, we would ask you leave via the sanctum. Otherwise you put up a portal and people will just turn into zombie sheep and the group gets split up. That’s a big PIA. Lol


I typically hunt on a lunch break so would only stay 30min and no one has ever said anything. I usually announce in chat I have to run and thank them for the hunt.


Well looks like I might have to start joining some hunts. Buying all my oortshards can get expensive :grimacing:


Head north. There is no other direction. Just keep on ploughing north.


That’s actually the only plan I ever have when hunting lol. And that’s why I was curious if Master Hunters did anything like save region locations to direct their efforts better or if they made due with an atlas.

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As you might have guessed, I’ve only ever been responsible for very small groups. Usually just people picked up when me and my sister hunt on Ceph. Merika. I’m no master, and going north has been our running joke. :grin:

Create shout macros for the four cardinal directions and possibly NW SW NE SE as well. This is especially useful for multiple meteors when you want to make sure the group stays tight.

Have the meteor distance mod on, especially as a leader, so you don’t lose sight of meteors.

Save locations of regions, even if you don’t make platforms or have beacons.

Bring conduits, level 3 healing bombs, and totems with augments are stackable.

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