Hunter's Respite! Buying Heart Rocks 300c! Request basket up with 500k


Hunter’s Respite has moved to a new location in Black Light on Pheminorum!

You can get to Hunter’s Respite via the PS Gyosha Ophin Portal Hub, First Ring, East Side.

All Instant Healing Potions (25c - 175c ea)
Healing Bombs (250c ea)
World Regen Bombs (250c ea)
Block Changing Chisel (250c ea)
Charcoal (1c ea)
Corruption Blocks (2c ea)

While you are there check out the other great stores in Black Light!

How does the Gleam farm on Maryx work?

I went through when Sky was giving me a tour of that market area. Nice shop!


Hey neighbor! I see you picked up the same idea I did, expanding to three plots. Gives lots of room to make something nice, doesn’t it? Btw, I bought all your forged chisels :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol thanks for the heads up! Yea I love the 3 plot thing! I think it is way more fun. I mean, the small little shops all around were fun, but this is awesome too!


Setup my request basket with 500k buying Heart Rocks at 300c!