Hunting experience feels off and inconsistent

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Last few days i’ve hunted a lot (like 4 hours straight hunting -> moving to new spot/unlocking new region on atlas -> hunting) on starter not hostile world.
I’m killing lowest tier mob in 3 shots every time. Mob, lots of times, is “alive” long enough for me to hit it at least 4 times. All 4 hits register because finally it drops stuff without additional interactions.
After 3rd and 4th hit, a lot of times it start sprinting/attacking, sprint random few meters and drop dead. Often after 4 hits mob is still able to attack and successfully hit me if I’m close enough/don’t move enough.
Drop is usually on point, but often enough is teleported back few blocks.

Than there are pseudo random stun locks on sling - fortunately those are relatively rare, like once every 2-3 minutes on constant fight/shoot. While i’m shoot close to max rate of fire, at random points my sling locks for few seconds.

I’m on EU server and I’m from EU, ping according to build in tool ~50-60, all time green.

Either way this looks way of and completely inconsistently.

It looked like if game client would approximate server and would run a little ahead of it because of packet lost/lag/whatever. When server finally send update client is trying to fix desynchronised stuff and strange things start to happen to mobs.

For stun locks on weapons it feels like one shot is registered late second on time and suddenly server want to lock my weapon because of too rapid fire or something… Not sure how this supposed to work, there were few theories how this works on the forum.


I’ve got 200ms lag
The best strategy is: avoid everything.
High armor to reduce all kinds of damage.

And “Repid Fire” skill

Thanks :smiley:
To tell the truth dealing with this was not a point of the post. I can deal and I’m easily dealing with it on that world even without any upgrades.

It just feels off.

Not even sure if it is bad feeling as it keeps me on my toes even with this easy fights. It’s just something drastically different from usual mob grind in most of mmos and games in general. Usually games strive for consistency, not chaos.

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But the combat in boundless is chaos…
And always chaos, forever chaos…
Especially when the team hunting, the scene is even more chaos.

You can try to build a shelter before the battle.
Solve the WildStock and Hopper with trench
Avoid projectiles by pillars
Block the Cuttletrunk with roof
Running fast

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Frankly I don’t care that much about chaos during combat as long as basics are consistent. Those basics are for example health = 0 than mob drop dead. Right now I feel that we have health = 0 than mob will drop dead right now or in one or two seconds. This is completely different kind of chaos from undisciplined players just fighting group of mobs.

Again, dealing with it is not so much of a problem. I can and I do deal with it.

Water is faster and easier. They are so slow in water that you need to be afk to take demage.

My problem with hunting is that meat/bones grind feels off from mining/tree chopping because i feel like something is wrong with the game systems, not because I have trouble with it…

When you actually be a hunter, you will find that your bones, tallow and meat are too much to use.

Are you trolling or you actually still not seeing were I’m coming from?!


Oh oh oh, sorry, I ran off the subject.

Since I haven’t entered EU server, I am not very clear about this troubles.
But “Rapid Fire” can solve the weapon lock problem to some extent.

Server problems can go here or Discord complain to developers.
I am in Asia, the “nearest” Australian server also unstable, so I chose the US West server

I have this happen to me too, and it kills me plenty of times because I expect’to be able to output a certain DPS in time, but my slingbow just jams, and I die.

Hunting really needs fixes.

Also on europe and I’m seing the same behaviour. Looks like the client predicts that the monster is stile alive but the server kills it off. Haven’t actually noticed being dealt damage buy a zombie mob though.

Damage is dealt than reverted really quickly. Didn’t notice it earlier.