Hunting: ideas for improvement

This is a topic derived from the fruits of another topic on oortstone and the supply.

I’m a hunt leader and love running hunts with the community! But, as others have said, monotony does set in relatively fast with the current setup we have for hunting.

What are some ways you believe would either improve the hunting experience, or, improve the community turn out on hunts?

The amazing @Biv had a few great ideas already, a couple were Dodging attacks, and combat abilities!

Your ideas?


I would like to see meteor shower effect. Say you hit a region and a meteor spawns and it is defeated. It then goes towards a tally mark, say there’s 5-7 Tally’s. When you end up hitting 5-7 regions and completing atleast 1 meteor in the regions you hit then you cause a meteor shower event. 5-6 Meteors fall as a reward for hunting.


OMG Yeeeessss!!! Yet another excellent idea!!!

As of the last few times I ran hunts, Everytime I’d say, “okay , the next meteor will be the last meteor for this evening. Don’t forget to join up with Bob on his hunt immediately after this one”…that’s when three meteors all land within a minute of each other around us hahaha!


Try forging battle axes. I solo meteors on T3s with an ax.


Hahaha heck yeah!!!

A few members of Phoenix Rising went out one night and ran a hunt using shovels! I missed that one but heard it was a hilarious blast!

I think hunting is an area that can be hugely improved! I would love to see more advanced roles (tank, healer, dps) more enemies (Titans!!!) more choices of weapons, magic and/or elemental abilities.


I agree on all fronts of your post!

As far as weapons go, would you rather see another long range weapon, or melee weapon be put out first? I’m just curious. Personally, I’d like to see a melee type weapon out first, just for the intensity of having to get close to the enemies without dying. Although, that wouldn’t work very well with cuttles or hoppers…hmm…


I would like to see various eqipable shields, swords, spears (melee and throwing), armor


Battle axes and war hammers too, like dwarves!


New abilities - charge for crossing a distance almost instantly like Wildstock meant for melee hunters, in relation to the before mentioned melee weapons.

Aoe abilities

  1. aura aoe heal, single person heal (space Paladins, lol)

  2. Aoe stomps/stun skill - use this skill to stun nearby monsters.

  3. Aoe shield - magical ability use by totem wielders to shield allies around them

  4. Homing ward AOE – totem wielder can use this ability to confuse cuttle homing attacks

Also some sort of summoner skill class:

Totem wielder only:
Two unique skills:

  1. Can summon 2-3 creatures to fight for them
  2. Can summon 1 elite elemental wildstock to defend them

I would like to see a boon added called “Berserker” basically it could be added to a tool to make them epic melee weapons. The boon would enable massive DMG boost along with the elemental effects of the gem type.


I hope they just copy/paste this thread in the next patch notes. It’d all be so fun.


How you guys feel about meteors corrupting surrounding area after being completed or going dormant?

Like making things randomly colorized, increasing atmosphere toxicity, spawning special mobs, and maybe getting a second loot box with surface resources inside this would make a great activity for explorers, go and find dormant areas.

This could happen several minutes after the meteor being defeated.


I agree with melee because the bow is already ranged… but If we added a magical alternative to ranged, perhaps that’s where the elementalist could shine… think fire “blasts”… or, have a tank have the option to turn to stone… I definitely believe this game could truly dominate if the hunting/fighting became a primary element.

Currently, hunting is a chore I need to do, just to keep going. I would LOVE if I WANTED to hunt for the fun of the challenge. :heartpulse:

What would make it more better for me?

I have always think hunts are some serious cluster banana… sometimes tough they are just too easy cause you can just grapple onto something and hold mouse1

Maybe adding invite to group or raid ?
So you would see everyones hp.


New weapons or traps?.. we have bows and fist but thats about it.

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What about adding a boon to buff tools’ damage toward creatures?

And one more type of consumable or forge-able accessory.

Edit: apostrophe, lol

And maybe make slingbow epic, bomb epic, and vitality all cost double the skill points.

We need a clearly defined boss wave. When I hunted alone I noticed that there always was some kind of harder wave either a few higher level creatures or a bunch of elemental ones.

But an actual defined boss wave would be nice, like a freakin huge wildstock with lots of hp and a change of background music.

It could be any of the creatures we have but bigger and stronger.


Yeah! I wanna grapple up onto a giant cuttletrunk!


Lol imagine a bunch of people hanging from it being dragged across the fight while trying to kill it :joy: