Hunting Party (Today, 19:30 UTC, Mobius Plaza)

A small group of us going hunting this evening at 19:30, meet at Mobius Plaza if you want to join :slight_smile:


if you like hunting so mutch :slight_smile: we are doing Private guild hunts (even tonight). this is for training and groupfeeling purpose! feel free to join the team.

Posted on the discord…

if you prefer to go through with the smaller hunt today, count me in
I find 4-8 people hunts quite interesting

Cool, see you then :slight_smile:

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well the guild hunts are indeed smaller :black_circle:. but you need to be part of the guild xd
so i am not sure if Samski is still hosting his own, or joining th eguildhunt

I think he has organized a few people himself and was looking for some more. We are not members of the guild so that can be our spontaneous event.

Still planning this hunt with some friends, different time-zones so should be ok :slight_smile:

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yeah the guild is doing like 3am london time

I’ll be there as Peter-Spitter

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


thanks for having me - timing was perfect with my day off :sunglasses:

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