I can relate

Today was relatively good for social interaction, but many days it feels like this comic:

I’ve even had ppl sanctum out when I get near! Have been tempted to stay put for when they get back just to chat their ear off even though I’d rather do something else.

I’m just a little passive aggressive and mischievous. :grin:

Anyone else had some awkward social exchanges or avoidances?


I’m not avoiding people, but they are certainly avoiding me here on Kol Huroo! :frowning:

Oh, and I hear there is a Scottish hermit on Alcyon too. :thinking:


Must be something like anti-magnetism.

Quite a few lone wolves here.

This amuses me greatly. :grin: Great place to hermit it up I imagine!

I have the tendency to spend an hour or so every now and then chatting with some player. Never disappoints.


I LOvE getting to know my fellow Oortians, and I’m in voice chat (PSN) 90% of the time. :nerd_face: That being said, I have adhd and when I’m invoice chat, I end up running around in circles (literally my Footfall co-op inspiration)… sometimes when I’m just doing my thing, I get soooo much more done.


I don’t intentionally ignore people but I can zone out when I am looking at something or for something in my inventory, or someone here at home distracts me.
I’ve also had strangers walk up and ask me to trade and when I ask them what do they want to trade they just keep sending the request or even the friend one. I tell them I don’t have anything to trade and they just turn and walk away.

The friend one, I feel so rude if I ignore it, so friend them and then when I get to another planet unfriend them. Why do they want to friend someone they will never see again? Do they gain something by having a lot of friends?


Haha, I’m the opposite. If I’m too busy typing stuff out, I get zilch done. If I’m in voice chat I have no problem running my mouth while running around in game.
But I’m also really used to voice chats and gaming. Everything goes so much smoother, especially group efforts, like for this game, meteors and such.

Lmao!! XD this made my night. Hahaha.
I can just see this happy little guy with that spongebob smile walking away thinking they made a friend, meanwhile you’re on another planet unfriending them.
Priceless. :joy:

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I know, but they are a total stranger, how can you be friends with a total stranger? You haven’t chatted with them, having traded, stood and had a conversation either in game or even in the forum so how can you know you want to be friends with them?

If they were in the guild I am part of I would keep them as friends, but I’m not even friends with a lot of them, just a few.

I just feel it is so rude to say go away. One person who was a new player wanted to be a friend so I said okay and said if you have questions or need help feel free to ask and his response was " Go away, don’t bother me", then he walked away and went to the sanctum. Why did he want to friend me then? Didn’t then and doesn’t now make sense why players want to do that.

Wow, I would have unfriended them on the spot. Prob would have told them to work on their manners too.

Normally I don’t have a problem friending someone after a small chat.
Heck, I’ll even friend someone who just throws that out, but if they don’t say anything within the following week I’ll unfriend.

Reeeally wish there was a “last logged on ----” feature by the “last seen on ----” one.
I understand it’ll be added for guild leaders for their guild, but that should be standard for every player. :expressionless:

Totally agree with you. Friended a new players and she hadn’t figured out how to get plots so only had the one from her beacon. So I placed two for her, gave her a couple machines and told her to build her own, she would need them for the objectives anyhow, and other stuff and gave her permission. Told her that in two months she should have enough plots to easy put them down and that I wanted mine back.

It has been three months, can’t get ahold of her, no answers to PMs, had someone ask on discord and no response. So, am going to take the machines I gave her and put them and anything that is on them in storage for her and take my plots back.

So, a last logged on feature would be great for those who are listed as your friend so you know if they are still playing. Of course, we don’t know if they have a good reason for not being on, but still, it would help.


I like to eat cooked earthyams while hanging around people busy with building.

I just stand there for a moment to watch before I wave and run off and let them be lol

I do chat with those that initiate convo - helped a few players out that were new to the game, but I had to do some ‘social engineering’ with the convo to see if they’re really new haha

Saw james(dev) at the Aquatopia Embassy and he was doing some investigating on a connection to a planet. I saw him and ran over to stand behind him while eating a cooked earthyam.

Since August 2018, I’ve been mostly a hermit on a lonely island on Beckon, but now I have a few portal links to run to and from while eating cooked earthyams looking over people’s shoulder


Come hang out with us at Duskmoor! We’re always a busy social group of friends!


Ehm, I waved to you yesterday but was tired and not in mood for talking, so I ran off like a gazelle :joy:

Sorry 'bout that!

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You guys were just sick of me and ghandy talking your ears of, am sure of it! :smiley:

How strange that I found you today after you’d posted this! Love your place


This is a tough one… I really want to help newcomers out in particular, and I have been FAR less an introvert in Boundless than I am in other games, but there are times still where I run away. The big one is if I’ve got a phone call (and I’ve got a ton lately due to family stuff) - I can talk on the phone and play on the PS4, but not also chat using the controller. I know I need a keypad, chatting on the controller is tricky as it is.

I feel guilty if I think I’ve given any offense at all, so the easiest thing is to just disappear very quickly.

I’m stealing that, Janna. :rofl:

This is another tricky one though - if they’re anywhere near my settlement when this happens, I’ll accept, but completely random ones without any chat first while I’m out elsewhere, I’ve mostly ignored. Just in general online - PS, Xbox, FB - too many issues have come from accepting random FRs. I put on my accounts now that people need to send me a message somewhere first if sending a FR.

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I dunno about gazelles, but I live in a place infested by deer. They like to just freeze up and try to disappear into the scenery using their leet camo skillz, and then panic and bolt flashing their lily-white tails.

That’s me in-game, too.

If I wanted a social life where I interact with people, I’d get one in real life. I haven’t, so I’m not going to start by doing it in a game.

If you ever come across me (unlikely) and I’m not responding, just assume it’s because I’m panicking trying to remember how to use the chat and maybe how to interact with people.


Hardly! You are always too busy to talk. :joy: :wink:

Indeed, was going to make a comment here about that! :slight_smile:

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