I have one single unsprayable topaz seam - RESOLVED

It’s at Eresho -1437N -1176E alt66
All my other seams are sprayable, but not this one. I left it as is rather than collecting it and placing it again in case this helps the devs.


This one?

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Yup! That one

Feel free to spray it or whatever if you need to test, I don’t mind.

It is on ice/glacier. AFAIK you can’t spray that block.

It’s on white rock :slight_smile:
You can’t get topaz seams on glacier. I wish you could though!

From screenshot texture really looks like glacier. And it would match with Houchus I enviroment.

I had about 10 just like it by the way, all the rest I could spray paint just fine @vdragon

Is it even normal to find resources in ice/glacier? I did find some recently on one of the exos but I thought that was strange to see. I don’t recall ever seeing it before

I think glacier has had always chance to have mineable resources. I did collect glacier seams from some exos just because those would be more hard to find as it wouldn’t be possible to paint it.


I find gems time to time in Glacier, I believe it is Topaz, Sapphire or Umbris, as these are only gems gathered in higher elevations.

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If someone could collect one of these for me I’d love to make it into a floor so everyone can admire it :blush:

I want one

That looks like a piece of glacier. Nice find!!! I’ve never seen that before.
If you’re using a PC, you can use the debug menu to see what type of block it is

I find copper and ancient tech most often in glacier.

I got some of that halloween blue glacier with resources in it (copper, iron, coal, tech and fossil)

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You can also whack it :slight_smile:
I do wish it were glacier.

Really? Had no idea this was possible. I want a few :blush:

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I often use the fact that they do to my advantage. Got a ton of *edit: umbris etc from exo ice and glacier because everyone stops hitting the blocks when they see it.

Works a treat (well until i posted this anyway)

Not sure if its a T7 specific or if it works on other exos/normal worlds

Rift spawns that high up?