I heard u like gleambows

Some memories of the autumn event … and a little forum stress-test.

Dies on me twice trying to add more :horse_racing:

there we go giddy up

Oh man excuse me while I get a drink …


So I was sitting outside when I realized …

The forum better let me post this after taking all these uploads!

(It didn’t lol :rofl: )

Almost There!

Maybe @MrNiX will let me enter this in his Ramble Contest!

And Finally …

OK! :sweat_smile:

Well it took splitting into three posts ha!

Hmmm I might have some action shots around here somewhere.

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Lol damn I missed a few it seems.


:frowning: This makes me unconfident for the new one. so many dormants

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EDIT: I don’t have the action shots pulled out of the screenshot directory like I did for SO MANY DORMANTS. It looks like there might be a couple duplicates here I’ll try and clean a couple out in a bit.

EDIT2: I got rid of a couple duplicates. I think the rest of these are separate meteors.


You Gotta Catch’em All!

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Like you heard that generally through the grapevine, or did you hear sounds scrolling through the post?

Awww, who’s flaghappy? I ain’t hurt.

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Fer what it’s worth, I enjoyed the dormant gallery… :woman_shrugging:t2::sunglasses:


That is an impressive collection of screenshots. I admit, I skipped to the end about a third of the way through.

The screenshots have me excited! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I absolutely looovvveee a successful gleambow chase!

I was pretty active through the whole event. I tried to snap every dormant I came across, starting just a couple hours into the first day.

Snapshots of live meteors or ones i actually got to were more spotty, cause yeah. When the chase is on, ain’t nobody got time for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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So the gleambow meters are not always gleam?

There’s about 20 types in the RNG.

20 types of block and then any color?


The meteor will be mostly 1 type of block, with always 1 or 2 pieces of gleam. The blocks in the meteor can be every color.

If you fail, or nobody attempts it, the meteor will become dormant and all of the blocks will turn to the natural color of that type of block for the world it’s on.

Sometimes it’s still good because the type of block doesn’t spawn on that world, so it’s still a rare color.


Hey now! I’ve never lieked a gleambow in my life! ha ha

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Not one to follow the herd?