I keep coming back but

…I keep leaving and I know why. Boundless was amazing fun for a long time as I explored the planets, learned about all the things you can craft and resources you can gather, and put together a few massive builds but after doing all that and have 1000+ hours in-game not even including the 500-1000+ I put into EA, I can’t keep myself logged in. It goes like this:

  1. Nice, a new update is out. Let me check it out.
  2. Oh cool. New blocks, new chiseling options, etc, etc.
  3. Gets temporarily excited to build again
  4. Thinks of an idea and gets excited
  5. Realizes that the resources needed and the crafting time required to even begin said build will be weeks if not months.
  6. Logs off game.

Are there any plans for a creative mode in this game? Or, as a minimum, can we remove crafting times in the current mode? I’ve read through the arguments against removing crafting times and, quite frankly, they don’t make any sense to me. I think, if there were no (or dramatically reduced) crafting times, I could bring myself to do all the gathering required (which isn’t fun but I guess is a means to an end) because I’d at least know that, once I have all the stuff gathered, actually building isn’t far off.


I personally would be against removing crafting times. I’m sure many others agree. If anything, I think all recipes should have a crafting recipe, even if it’s a short timer like 30 sec.

However, I think we should at least have an offline creative mode - and in my opinion, we should also have an online creative mode.


Hey there, well i dont have the amount of hours as you do and i didnt play from ea, but i get your frustration, but also you got to look at it from the MMO aspect which a lot of people forget about…
Imagine if everyone could make everything instantly, first of all coils would be useless, all the money people spent on it (and crafting) would go away… no one would interact with eachother, and every aspect of the MMO would be lost…

I know, i like the building more than anything else here, but if i had everything available for me that easy, it would lose the magic… i feel awesome when i achive something great where i put a lot of effort in getting that stuff the blocks and all…
I know you lost that because of the hours you played…

I get your frustration man, but i wouldnt like for that magic to be taken away from me…


I have done a lot of grinding in this game. Just to pass the time or whatever. But it creates a key difference when i actually, suddenly want to do something.

I usually have what I need.

I was having a conversation about stockpiling with another player once while we were stripping the infiniplexx and he told me “I just gather things when i need them” and I thought to myself then, that this would create and endless state of never having what you needed to do the things you want to do. There’s always an obstacle between you and any new goal.

This might be a worthy reason to log in occasionally when you have time and “nothing new/exciting is going on”. Kill a little time and put some materials away so that when it seems urgent, you might have some.


Pls no, hope people get their private worlds soon.


This is a great post. However, the problem still remains that, gathering the items is not enough. Even after gathering all the necessary resources, you are still facing hours/days/weeks worth of crating times before you are ready.

I stockpile resources when I don’t have a project, that way I’m prepared when I do have one. In fact, I’m currently in the middle of a new project! I do all my crafting during work days, queue them up then go to work/bed or play another game.

To be fair, I’ve spent plenty of time away from the game but I do always come back. Maintaining my shop and my connection to our guild has always kept me around.


I feel ya. I’ve actively tried to quit to play other games but I’m sucked in for the same reasons. I think an OFFLINE creative would be great however with no crafting times or even limited ones I’d have no reason to visit a shop

Yeah i see how this can be huge if you’re wanting to do something huge.

I’ve just completed a new factory and I’ve honestly been wondering about making my old workshop available for public use. I mean, i think i might be able to beacon it so that I can share it without sharing the shop stands and storage on the roof, though I’m not 100% sure yet.

It just seems like something to do but I end up telling myself it would be silly or nobody would use it. But maybe I’ll follow through. It doesn’t seem like they’re they’re interested in dropping crafting times. Despite giving an odd reason for them to exist they’re an MMO staple and most people don’t seem to mind them overall.

Anyways do you think it would be helpful to know that a workshop with some higher capacity could be available when you hit that moment? It sounds like you’re basically solo and if you haven’t built out any infrastructure or have guild-type resources available I can see how that would add to the burden.

In the end it is what it is, what you produce is definitely a sign of one sort of effort or another being invested here so if you’re not interested in building the infrastructure during the quiet times I think overall the situation will always exist.


I’ve been playing off and on since we were cubes too. I’m into the game for around $60, and that includes buying it again today so my 9 year old can play.

The last game I payed $60 for I played for about 2 weeks.

Just saying.

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I can understand what you mean, but for this reason alone I do have a huge workshop with so many machines with coils it’s silly.

If I need lots of building mats I can make them in a short time…

Need 6k concrete in a colour that is only available as a stone colour (needs 2 extra crafting steps)?
Check back in 40 minutes and I have it done!

Instead of doing 30 masscrafts on one machine I divide them over several of them. If I need a lot I do 30 on a bunch anyway and start building once the first few are done.

Say marble, takes like 15-18 minutes once you have the refined rocks, so for 50, divide over 10 machines and you have a start after 20 minutes of 500, build with those, then 20 min later 500 more are done, etc.

So perhaps your first step could be to expand your workshop so you can do this sorta thing???

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Which recipes take days/weeks to craft? I don’t know any!

So it has to be the amount you make!

I wouldn’t need 100 mixers with coils, instead I can do with a handful or perhaps even just one, so yes, I would buy them less often…

9 times out of 10 when I buy something it’s because I’m lazy and don’t wanna wait, remove the crafting times and I will buy soooo much less it’s silly!

On how many machines? and seriously, how big would your new build be?

Not sure which game you have been playing…

I would not.

I do tho…

If any building project takes weeks/months for you to craft the materials the ‘factory’ can’t be that big tho…

I simply do not get why it would take so long

Care to elaborate on how big your latest idea was and what blocks you wanted to use for them? And how many, roughly?

Let’s agree to disagree, without crafting times too much will be way to easy, economy would tank and I don’t think I would keep my massive workshop anymore… I won’t precraft compact clay, essences, bonding agents, etc. nah I just do it when I need them, instantly done anyway!

Buy them? Nah have the raw mats in storage, I make it myself, thanks tho

For instance coils, I have bought so many past 8 months it’s crazy, but I have ALL the materials to make them myself, I don’t since yes it takes very long and it would bog down my tool production too much if I divide it over too many machines so I just buy them. Won’t be an issue when instantly done.

Also wouldn’t need so many in the first place…


Was eating but i would answer somewhat similar so you have a one up from me :slight_smile:

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Have you stopped over at the Portal Seekers base on Grovidias Te? Have you seen some of the builds we do? If you stopped by for a second and looked, you’d see we do some MASSIVE builds and that, quite frankly, the only reason I play these games: to build. Go find my current build next to Cakengrad’s massive tower with the Portal Seekers writing on all sides of it from mantle to skybox. I’m the mostly iron build next to him and do some quick napkin math on how much iron ore I’ve gathered and spent literally WEEKS crafting into bars, and then compacting and then refining (and then for a subset machining it). Out of 1500 hours I’ve put into the game, I’d estimate that 500-600 of it was just idling waiting for crafts to finish.

I don’t enjoy gathering, I don’t enjoy crafting, I don’t enjoy shopping or “playing the market” and outside of the first, say, month or two in the game, I don’t enjoy exploring. I enjoy building and I enjoy building really cool things that are really big. That’s it. Seems like Boundless isn’t for me me anymore.


Crafting times are currently the only thing that ‘stops’ me from playing boundless. As in, while playing when I queue up my items and they are going to be cooking for a while, I stop playing and go do something else.

Crafting Mass crafts of Shop Stands = Days of crafting. Mass Crafts of Ancient Vital from Large Fossils = Days of Crafting.

I know we all aren’t super open to change…but even James said he was looking at crafting times/crafting system. Feedback is helpful.


Hmm, ok, well, how much coin do you have? Can you buy building mats? Can you make more coin easily? Perhaps by building for others? Plenty of people who want stuff done and willing to pay so you can buy the mats you need without ever having to craft.

Just an idea tho…


To me crafting time reduction with coils does make me want to use those and keep having more machines. If everything is crafted at once then there would be no need to have much workshops which I personally like that game can lead if player likes crafting. To me building workshops is much about end game :smiley:

I also disagree with that crafting times wouldn’t have impact on economy, I am sometimes buying half refined items just that there is certain time already done. Now there is more chances to sell items that are half made, without crafting times it would be just raw or complete and middle components wouldn’t sell.


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That is where the community and teamwork should step in… but no one wants to listen to someone who started playing a month ago…

But also no one counts what other games i played before… tons of MMOs r destroyed because the community is not working together in game…

also you seem to have skipped the part where i said the game is MMO Sandbox, its not just a sandbox, its not just an MMO its a mix of two… and idk if you expected to be able to only build buddy you missed the game from the start of it, sorry if it sounds insulting or offensive, i dont have any intents, but this is an MMO Sandbox… dont expect it to be like Mc or whatever you expected it to be… its a real mix of those two and in that aspect its done perfectly

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