I need rocks please

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So I made a place for people to claim a house and get XP and I would supply rock. Well it was booming more then I thought and kinda need more rock lol. I hope this dose not come off as begging. I was told it would not hurt to ask in the forums and to be honest I hate asking because I don’t know how people would react. Again no one really has to but I thought I would ask the worst case that would happen no one does and that is fine. :heart::blush:

I have request baskets at second floor of TNT hub called Phantom of the Opera. soon as you come out of the portal and out of the hub.

turn right then go down the hill to the donation station.

   Thank you for reading 💖

This is a nice idea, I used to do something similar when I was mining heavily. I would let people use a workshop I built to refine them for XP and then sell the refined rock in my shop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

GL with donations if I find myself about to mint a bunch of rock I might bring it over.


Thank you. Yeah I made 25 individual houses for people and there’s 18 left and I ran out faster then I thought I would hahahaha


Filled some baskets for you, have fun with the building.


Are you online? If you want to come over with a campfire and a stack of chests I can drop 100 to maybe 200k rocks from reclaim.

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Just curious how this thing actually works?

You make a house.
Customer(Or whoever) plots it after you deplot it?

Also Maybe @catfud has some leftovers?

I’m cleaning up reclaims anyways. I actually pulled 800k (ish) unprocessed rocks in colors I don’t need. There’s a lot of colors here some of them may still be “rare” I have no idea. All stock from a shop that no longer exists.

22 chests and a partial. Let me know when you’re around I can pass them over.


One of my plots can provide you with free rock, it’s arie at plot name ‘Bank’ just bring a spanner and you’ll have free rock

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haven’t finalised colours on my sovereign which is great for keeping my inventory clear while excavating new place but not so good for good supply of surplus rock, but I’m sure I’ll find a few stacks to give in the basement :+1:

Thank you so much

Sure let me know when your on and I can pop over

So how this works is I made 25 houses they all have there own becon so if someone wants XP I give them perms to there very own house. And I told people I would supply the rock. It became more booming then I thought and hard for me to keep up :joy:
But I give rock
They make things with it in there hut
And get they get XP
It’s something I wanted to do to help the community of boundless. If you want on just let me know I have 18 left


I am getting on right now and don’t have to leave till a hour from now and then be back later so anytime is almost fine with me

So… Im not getting this…
You made a houses For people.
Like a rental type of thing? Without. Playing the rent Or… Im so Lost…

We do something very similar for grinding levels quickly-- it helps quite a bit. Jumped from level 150~ ish to 320~ ish in a few days of processing rocks with teaching pies. But it also takes a LOT of mining. So good on you making a public leveling farm! <3


I am lost too now :joy:
It’s just a place to use rock turn it into thing so you can level. That’s it no money is required. If that’s what you mean?

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Thank you I wanted to help the boundless community some how. And this is what I came up with :heart:


Ye… Ok… So basically you just dumb the rocks For the People so they dont have to get the rocks
… Ok… What is wrong with you, :joy:. Why dont you just use them yourself

Now I don’t understand. Is it so wrong to want to do soothing nice for others?


You don’t have to like the idea. But maybe just keep your thoughts to yourself instead of being mean because you don’t approve of it.