I need rocks

As the name says. I need rocks in all kinds of colors. List comes below (sorry I can’t use English and use Google Translate) I myself have already collected a few thousand but still need more and so now buy them a 3C each. I can be found on Niia Zed Ka -1.953N 2.046O (no portals, everything is still under construction)

Colors I need:

Sedimentary Rock Stale Tan
Metamorphic Rock Pale Cerulean
Igneous Rock Stale Cerulean
Sedimentary Rock Dark Red
Igneous Rock Silk Orange
Sedimentary Rock Stale Turquoise
Igneous Rock Dark Turquoise
Metamorphic Rock Silk Turquoise
Metamorphic Rock Stale Tan
Metamorphic Rock Silk Mustard
Igneous Rock Stale Tan
Sedimentary Rock Shadow Fuchsia

I thank you for your help.


Just as a side note: Those are resources he’s trying to gather for a build behind the giant cat statues. :slight_smile:

Also “a few thousand” is a bit understated.
Balkinus already collected way more than that but since most of the build will use bricks for variation (blockchanger chisels, yay!), the conversion rate during the crafting process is poop and the build will be pretty large to keep up with the statues… you might be able to do the math.
We’re farming as much and fast as we can but every bit of help is appreciated. (And I think 3c per stone block is a really decent offer :wink: )
Also Paka was kind enough to change some colors so we can farm them on her high tier planets. If you tend to farm there as well be aware you can get some additional profits if you drop spare stones from there at Balkinus’ place.

About how to get there since Balkinus doesn’t have a direct portal to TNT yet:
The easiest portal route seems to be “TNT main hub -> Ultima hub -> Niia Zed Ka -> Argamemnon’s portal (to the right hand of where you enter Niia zed Ka)”


stein einkauf

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I filled up the stale turquoise for you. If you like to contract me to mine out all the rock that is available, I would be more than willing to do so.


I need more :slight_smile:

You can reach me.


Am I paying too few coins for the rock or are the colors too unusual that no one will sell them to me?

anything above 0.5c is a good price for rock in my opinion
some of the colours are unusual. I’ve been collecting materials for a long time (I use similar colours too) and as it turned out I only had 2 of those colours in any quantity.
are all those colours available somewhere ? maybe if you posted directions to where they can be found - that would make it a lot easier for potential sellers.

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It’s a nice price for the rock, as long as it’s available to gather somewhere.

I have a bunch of old exo rocks around and can’t be bothered digging through them right now. They’re mostly spread out in shop stands though. If you want to come look at them, I’ll sell any of them to you for 3c, but the shop stands they are in have higher prices since at the time I harvested many of them were “rare” colors.

Desolation and Hyrule, 2 of Paka’s planets which are connected to Paka’s Palace on Alycon have 3 of the turquoise tones and orange/red tones each.
I’m already farming at those places every now and then while I’m not building. :slight_smile:

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some sovereign owners change their colours to whatever is needed by the community, @Ellyphant for example, maybe she could help.
since sovs came out, people don’t keep track of non-gleam colours as they used to, i think…
the directions are a must

Yep, I am happy to change planet colours, no problem at all. Just let me know what colours you still need.


Maybe @catfud can help?

I’ll have a rummage in the basement and see what I’ve got.