I think mining is in a good place right now, fight me

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This might be a long one, bear with me.

I started boundless about a week, week and a half ago, i’ve got maybe 80-100 hours in it.

I hit a wall after I’d gotten iron tools, and was looking into getting to the next tier, my first goal was reliable and self sustained access to the best mining tools available, so I could source materials easily to build a fancy base wherever I chose, out of whatever I choose, maybe, I dunno yet, it’s still fun for me.

Since gold and silver tools are next to useless I bit the bullet and eventually just bought a few titanium hammers, I bought about 4 hammers, which through strip mining and adequate (although not perfect) hammer skills I was able to acquire around 100 diamonds, something that took me maybe 2-3 hours.

Those diamonds gave me access to my first power coils, sufficient for me to process the titanium I’d found mining and make a bunch of hammers myself.

Taking my new hammers out I went through a few of them to come home with a haul of around 150 diamonds, combined with the leftovers from the last round I’m now awaiting my higher tier power cores.

I also required a large amount of other helpful resources, including more titanium to replace my hammers and a bunch of different coals.

All of this took me around 6-7 hours of gametime, not accounting for crafting times, This, to me, sounds about right, since I now have access to almost the highest tier of crafting, at least on my workbench, which to me is what matters right now.

Compare that to other MMO’s and, that’s actually not too bad! I mean I don’t think you could master a profession in wow in that time…

Going by some of the bomb mining figures I’ve seen, where people claim hauling in 300+ gems in half an hour of bomb mining, I can see why they removed it, because it was ludicrously imbalanced.

My next objective is to get coils for my extractor and centraforge so I can forge hammers and gear to push my collection rates up further so I can reach the final tier, also going to get myself a nice gem grapple.

So despite a bit of a stumbling cluelessly bumbling around trying to figure out how to get into the next tier, which I agree, this game does need some attention on, I feel like the rate of progression is fine.

And to those who are saying that bomb mining was an ‘inventive approach’ and ‘in the spirit of an mmo’ and ‘should be allowed in a sandbox’ and ‘is just more fun for me’: if you’re so bored by it you can’t stick a few hours branch mining, I don’t think mining is the occupation for you.

That being the case you can avoid it altogether, acquire coins and buy the diamonds yourself from people that enjoy or choose to exploit that gamestyle because hey, that’s how economies work.


yeah you wright thats enough diamonds for the spend time
dont forget to make a diamond torch they glow like crazy :smile:

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I still use stone and iron tools for mining on both shed tier and alcyon. Never did felt the need to buy titanium tools for that matter


If you can bear to use stone tools on a T5 there’s nothing in this game you cant overcome my friend


Also, fashion. Only yesterday I noticed you can craft different colored tools when crafting wooden ones :sunglasses:

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for convenience sake, I use the same tools for chopping wood, digging dirt and breaking rocks. saves me inventory space.

Dammit, There’s a bunch of reasonable replies here, I was hoping for an argument.

Not that I try to incite it, I’m just getting tired of reading it on the forums right now.


I got the 180 diamonds with iron hammers and made the first portals for Aqua hubs. All took about the same time of work you did so clearly it’s not impossible like everyone else says it is… You can even decently forge new titanium hammers if you try hard enough and get even more gems… I don’t know why people refuse to mine with a hammer lol. I don’t want to hear people say they don’y have the time to mine that much with a single hit hammer because this is an MMO. MMOs always come with a grind of sorts


Its possible for sure but mind numbing as hell :joy:. But once u see that diamond vein finally peak between the rocks :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


I think you are right. I mined big time way back in EA before bombs were introduced. I LOVED it. Then bombs came. It was so much easier. Too easy. Too OP but it was fun. Then came 1.0 and you could forge topaz bombs and create a super kamahameha sized hole in the earth and net thousands of metals and gems in hours. Now imagine everyone doing that in a month or so when they could have. The trickle-down economics from that would have made an easy-mode MMO with a weak economy and no sustainability. To me, mining is fun again. Its back to how it was designed in the first place. The playing field is level and the economy will be strong. True miners will spend hours in tunnels with hammers and enjoy that grind. Those who left mining after bombs were pulled were not “true” miners, they were trying to run the economy.


Just gotta plan ahead. Everyone saw the nerf coming and if you didn’t feel like making forged hammers with all those resources then it’s on you lol


Not specifically referring to you btw

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Jiivita personel preference is mindlessness mining while watching TV hahaha what a cool game


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Completely agree. I’ve heard multiple players on comms brag about how they earned over 1 million in coins primarily from mining higher end resources. And we’re barely a month into the game being released to the public. It had to be done for the longetivity of the game.


I found it comical reading all of the hate for bomb-mining nerf. All I could think was, “OMG, now you have to actually play this game you paid money for. Now you can’t get 900 power coils in a week and have nothing to work towards and get bored and stop playing after a month.”


No, that wasn’t where the majority of he hate was coming from. The hate for a lot of folks, was aimed at those who did choose to exploit this scenario and are even still reaping those profits. Thousands of resources over the course of a few hours. Many alts spiked in levels due to obscene exp generation. All of that should have been rolled back/ removed / etc. if it wasn’t good for the longevity of the game, then keeping the resources in those persons storage is/was just as bad.

Now those people can slowly leak out those items over time and use their money made to buy up other items made at cheaper values and make sure the market stays jacked up. There are plenty of shops that do this.

So I don’t think the anger was ever at the fact it was taken away, specifically new people who caught on right before the nerf happened. The majority of the irritation has and is still aimed at those who decided to abuse it and then sit on their large storages of goods to slow bleed the market for market control.

These same dynamics happen in all economic sandbox games, eve especially is an educative source to this.

I’m done complaining about the change but acting like people are mad because they couldn’t use it to the same extent is disingenuous and gaslighting. It’s the fact those people didn’t have those resources removed from themselves. If it was truly as game breaking as alluded to, to the need of nerfing the exp and use of them, then those gotten gains should have been equally as tainted and dealt with appropriately.

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I’ve thought about this as well but I just chalk it up to real life economy. Get into something early before the market becomes oversaturated and changes are made. Im just salty I missed the wave :joy:

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If I wanted to play a real life economy game, I’d be day trading :joy::joy:

Very true lol, we can only hope that those that managed to rake in the dough early will pay it forward to newcomers. Not necessarily giving handouts but at least listing items at fair prices instead of price gouging. Even if they do, thats the game and its their choice.