I too must say adieu!

Well gang it is time to read the writing on the wall and say my goodbyes before the inevitable happens. Boundless was a great game while it lasted for me and like so many others got me through a real dark time even if the time the community was super active was short when I first started playing almost 2 years ago. Covid hit, my business failed because of loss of business and life like for everyone got uncertain and very hard. Boundless was not only the escape but positive reinforcement that I needed to get to the other side of that dark tunnel.

I got to experience love struck, gleambow, Halloween and Christmas for their last time it seems on boundless or at least gleambow. I started a guild Twisted Dragon and found 3 of the coolest co guild masters ever @SClayton @Mittekemuis and @11Elvis11 . Together we grew a strong guild while the game was going hot. Expanded to a guild planet, had a building competition and starting building a city. We even began running hunts for a short time until it was clear the community just wasn’t big enough for another hunt. Hopefully we can find another game we can all play together again.

I loved meandering from planet to planet looking at the builds digging and running though caves. Grappling across devastating lava and vast canyons.

Alas to a year later seeing no new update, 0 communication from the team and a heavy decline in routinely active player base. Coupled with the seemingly overwhelming lack of interest from the dev team, I think it is time to just say goodbye to the game rather than invest more time into what could end up being a waste of time…

I have made many friends too many to mention here in boundless that will last a lifetime. Never in my 30 years of gaming have a found a more positive, accepting, low toxicity environment online and it saddens me to see that it looks like it is likely coming to an end. That is what makes this a hard decision. As well as it being very hard as a developer myself seeing such a potentially wonderful game come to an end.

What makes it easier is 4 months ago I pitched to a handful of folks here in our community an idea or a Backup for us all in case boundless shut down and now that idea has begun rolling into a full fledged idea and team dedicated to creating a game that fulfills not only building and crafting in a voxel world but full rpg with lore as well. Frequent updates, community roadmap, questing, crafting, mining, farming and more. Keep in mind we are just starting but committed to creating a game that will harbor a community like boundless and with a much larger player base.

We are open to anyone in our tiny community here who wants to help, we need one or two c++ people, a modeler and a animator. Right now this is a community project but intend to turn it into so much more! Those who interested in helping by getting involved in its development or just want to be part of the community to say you were there when it started all are welcome! Just DM me for discord deets!
I will hang around the forums just in case I am wrong and we do get the updates promised but will be devoting all my spare time working with the team developing this new game!

Remember everyone be boundless and thanks everyone for the fun times, fond memories and all the shenanigans!




not another brotha going,thanks for the post, i can understand you completely
also hoping for your return anytime soon , thanks for everything DragonTamer thanks for your kindness
and friendship, your a real legend.
like i said hope to see you back sooner than later!

ill DM you about discord

stay safe and healthy bro, ill be here to receive you with open arms again, and many others

:fist_right: :fist_left:


Thanks for the kind words bro! Means a lot. I may be back who knows :man_shrugging: but for right now focusing on this game in my spare time is my goal. Myself and those involved really want a place that our Boundless community can migrate too when and if boundless belly flops or if it just even fizzles out. We have all built lasting friendships and it would be nice to have a game the entire crowd and more to get back together in!

Keep it real bro! Oh and don’t troll too much eh?

Much Love @HOST


(Q.Q) :heart: :cookie: waiting for a gimmi gimmi gimmi post memissyou :dragon:-chan if in the future cookie Kingdom be there forever once I hit 1mil prestige I’ll call it the Landmark of Cookie Kingdom so your always have a home in Boundless Boop


Thank you @BabyCookie ill miss your :cookie: shenanigan’s.


I don’t even need to say it anymore. Good luck to you @DragonTamer. Sad to see another great player quit.


Thank you Dhusk! Always a good time with you mate!

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It’s an honor to have you here, and thanks for everything you did for the community

It used to be hard for me to say goodbye in this situation, but now I guess I’m used to see people moving on and I’m happy that you already found your next goal. All my good luck for you on your future adventure! And I can’t wait to play your game!


Well, I suppose this was coming since none of us is really playing the game because of the things you said.

It’s been a ride really, and it was really a lonely game experience since I met you, I’m really glad I did.

For those who want to visit our planet, Dracones Mundi, it has about a week worth fuel and I refueled the portals to TNT and Valhalla. As for me, next Friday I’ll be reclaiming my stuff, I’d like to do one more build before leaving the game, just have to find the place.


I’m gonna go walk around one more time one night this week.


@DragonTamer peace out brother- see you in the next game you bloody legends.


Much luck…



Its sad to see a true leader go but its not surprising. But I will say this: Why do I hear a particular song playing in my head? Time to spread your wings!

BEYOND THE BLACK - Out Of The Ashes ( Hørizøns ) - YouTube

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Thank you @ardele glad to always have you part of my ranks!


See you when the updates come again. :wink:


I am so sorry to see you go, but totally understand, it is just a very sad thing here, the situation. :frowning:

I do want to add for everybody here -

I am one of the ones involved in this. Not in the technical work - enough of you know I’m tech dumb as a rock. :joy: What I’ve been doing is providing funding so that some necessary things can proceed more quickly. And I plan to do more as I can. Trust me, I would NOT be doing this if I did not believe in what I see here. :slight_smile: There is serious talent and heart at work, and a lot of hard work here.

Also, it is possible people might have picked up on me on Twitter following along now with a lot of indie, promotional, development type accounts. I read a lot on the industry out of personal interest, but this is why I’ve stepped that up. I know with the market like it is, word of mouth, being able to get people to see this will be very important, and the one thing I can sort of help on here is that I like to think I’m decent at showing games on social media. So for those who follow me, at some point in the future when things are more public and out there you’ll see me focusing on this project. :smiley:

Edit: Here is the discord link for any who would like to join us! - https://discord.gg/WMwB42g9


Thank you @bucfanpaka! You are the best! I SO GLAD like many others that you are staying around, believe what we are doing and helping us make this a reality for EVERYONE!


Thank you so much, and for all your work as well! :smiley:


Hm certainly looks like this game may be coming to a end but as vision said
“A thing is not beautiful because it lasts” also the great thing about this community is like Asgard it’s the people that make it boundless not the game

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I’ll be here until the end good or bad, pretty or ugly, update or no update. I am very sad to see anyone leave the game, but it is just a game there are others and will always be more.

I also love this community, but I think advertising another game here isn’t too respectful to the devs even when I know the devs may have not made the best of choices in development or communication.

Even though I’ll support any indie game and @DragonTamer knows I would.