I too must say adieu!

I totally understand where you are coming from here. I thought of it too, but to give my side on why at this point (I would never have posted this say, three months back) the intent at least is not disrespect -

I believe all of us in this are so because we believe in the vision and the dream that is Boundless. This game has been a lifesaver for me, I echo many of the sentiments of @DragonTamer’s first paragraph. The developers have created something incredible, innovative, amazing… I think they know too, there is so much more that the seeds of this dream could grow into.

But they can’t. Yes, some speculation here at this point, but what we know for sure: from James’ post, they’re struggling even finding time to get this update out. From Phil, that they’re on the clock with how long the public servers will be supported. And that there is no sign of anything that will provide that additional income flow. From snooping around with Larian, that BG3 has a lot of work to go still. I say 100% that I am truly happy that the Turbulenz team got the Larian deal. There are some incredible people on that team. If they hadn’t gotten that… well, can’t say for sure, but now at least they’ve got some security, at least through 2023 you’d think.

Basically, there is no getting around that it looks extremely grim for Boundless. And that dream should NOT end here. While this new game will be different of course, I like to think it will allow the spirit and the community to carry on, and grow.

I do apologize to the dev team here though. I can only say to them that I’m being completely honest here, I’m doing this because I believe in your dream still.

Also, I should clarify that with the funding, it is merely as the first backer/donor, not as an investor. Anything I do for this game, I’ll never accept a penny back on it or anything aside from things they might decide eventually to for backers. I do it because I believe in the vision.


Respect is a two way street though. What would you think of me if I said I had 900 AOE durability diamond hammers and 100 million coin that I would give you then turn around and ignore your tells on when we could trade? You wouldn’t be happy.

Sir G and his team put together rewards for a building competition by themselves to benefit the community. Despite the good intentions behind the idea…the developers back out without saying a word. Yet, Sir G reached out to the developers to see if they wanted to be involved. This was a great marketing opportunity for the game. This lead the community to providing the promised rewards as advertised unlike the early backer rewards :wink: Heck, most of which was paid out of Sir G and the team (Not James and the Developers) pocket for the ingame rewards, along with me providing a game key and 1 million+ coin.

In all fairness, the team has had plenty of opportunities to turn things around. The community shouldn’t be doing the heavy lifting, especially with player support. This appears abandoned. No new content, updates, PTR server is down, lacking support, Dev’s won’t respond to questions, and so on.


I’ll gladly discuss it more in private if anyone wants to talk about it more. I am sorry to see @DragonTamer leave at all but I know he is busy and has bigger plans for other things.


You’re a good egg, DT! Hope the new venture goes well!

Also, I think it’s fine to mention another game here - we mention Sko Nan’s My (or whatever that amazing intergalactic adventure game’s called…) all the time here :wink:

May The Dragon That Is Twisted live on in our souls forevermore… or… something


Going to miss all of you. I know Larky loves hosting gleambow hunts there. So I went ahead and put 60-days worth of time on your planet.

I know I myself enjoy using the planet for hunts and enjoy the planet.

We’re going to miss you all!!


I’m also on the future project train with dragon and paka :blush:


As am I, though it’s unlikely much of anyone knew who I was, haha. XD


Taarna was my favorite story from the movie Heavy Metal. :yum:


Mine too! In game, though, I was Kyngyt.

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I want to start by thanking everyone for all the kind words. I knew I had made many friends but I am humbled knowing my impact was larger than what I realized. Which now makes me even more sad that I am leaving :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Everyone has been amazing and never have I felt unwelcome once by anyone, well the couple trolls we had but they are long since gone unless @Host is still trolling these days :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Redlotus I totally get where you are coming from and I have been silent pretty much on this except for hinting at it a couple times now for 4 or 5 months for that very reason, but been staying silent out of respect for wonderstruck. But the silence and lack of clarity from the team coupled with no support and as @ardele said the PTR servers have been down awhile now. Their silence however makes me the most fearful for everyone. That one day everyone will wake up and everyrthing will be shut down with little to no warning and feel like they have no where to go.

Before that day comes this our way to say DONT WORRY! But now that it seems it is inevitable that boundless is on a slow death roll to the end, we didn’t want our community/family to end and let everyone know we are working on something to continue our wonderful community over into a new game.

I am the one to blame because I told @bucfanpaka was ok with her posting about it. I also feel that if the devs really had any quams with this feed they would have shut it down a long time ago. On top of that how can they be mad really? They aren’t even really taking care of anything in the game anyways?

So staying true to myself and the Dragon everyone knows and saying hey we got ya don’t worry.

@bucfanpaka, @ardele and everyone that has already joined us, thanks for the support and all you do for us, without you we sure wouldn’t be as far along as we are now! Without your community backing we would be dead still in the water without a current to move through! THANK YOU BOTH for believing in us and helping us make this a reality! It is an honor and a pleasure always !


This is playing into my reasoning here as well - more and more worried that this might be the outcome. :frowning:

This too. Actually, if I could bet money on this, I’d feel safe betting their attitude at the worst towards this will be absolute indifference. And that they might even look kindly on our efforts and wish us well. After all, BG3 is a MASSIVELY ambitious project that appears to be in the weeds. That has to be their priority now. They’ve got a ton of job openings too, plus having to coordinate such a complicated project across many studios worldwide. But I can’t help but think there has to be sadness on at least some level for how things went here, even if they’re over it on other levels or if has now become a burden and source of pain. This was clearly a passion project and Aenea had told me just how much this was James’ baby and how much he loved to talk about it to her, his ideas and dreams for it. I see our actions as a compliment to them - that we don’t want to see this vision or this wonderful community they drew together just die with no legacy, the sad fate of many games, and members scattered to the winds of the gaming world. I will forever be grateful for their work, and I want it to have a legacy that will live on and hopefully really flourish.

Thank you, I’m so happy I’ve had an opportunity to help, to try to bring a source of happiness to others! :smiley:

@zakon - That looks like me driving that car. :rofl:


If James or anyone who reads this. @bucfanpaka summed up what my original goal and intent was before it grew into the large group around the project today. I want us to pay homage to Boundless and follow in the foot steps of James which is pushing the boundries of Building/Crafting MMORPGs while making it look beautiful!
James did quite a few things for this genre that others have failed miserably at

  1. He showed us a mine craft game that looked modern and not like it was half baked in NES days with 8, 16 and 32 bit graphics!
  2. He proved that low poly voxel building games don’t have to look ugly! Or be totally boxy! Or boring!
  3. He showed us Building/Crafting games can have MMORPG brought into them.
  4. He provided a positive space for us to flourish and find one another and kept mostly free of toxicity!
    5 and Last but not least James albeit not completely but began to define a new genre while reinventing an existing one, within the genre of Building/Crafting MMORPGs which as a developer myself would say that is by far the largest achievement here!

So let it be known this is not an attempt of an overthrow, rather it is an horing of what James has done a brought to the table for this genre and community and carry that legacy on forward into the future in his honor!

Thank you James truely you have started something that few in our industry have and I hope if you read this that you take it to heart with the sincerity that it was written with!

Remember everyone through being Boundless one becomes Endless!


Sorry to see you go

Can confirm that the test servers are still up and running (I’m on there as I type this) - Havran I, Dalan, Alcor II, Biitula, Kraterradall & Multel at least are up.



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So why not buy the game and continue on? has anyone ever approached him about buying boundless? I know I reached out today. I too love this game and don’t wanna see it go.


too much words. ty devs

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I assume they’d want too much for it, but who knows.

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This. 0 communication from the team for a very very long time…I can only interpret that as a hint that they will at some point announce the close down of the servers, but they are letting it run as long as they are still at least making some money from it (but once that dries up, Im sure they’ll announce a closedown).

Sadly I will not be prolonging my gleamclub when it runs out. Which I really feel is sad :frowning: This was a game I could have imagined subbing for for decades, but it seems the world does not seem to agree with what I like some times. At least we will be able to look back on it later in our lives with the knowledge that we were THERE, we participated and experienced something unique.


I plan to keep refueling my beacons until February 2023. If I don’t see anything forthcoming by then, I’ll let my stuff reclaim.