I wanna write this and let people know about mining contracts

I’ve had a few people think there being ripped off with a 50/50 split on ore gems lucent u keep the rest. Im supplying hammers brew food and complete atlases for the exos. But still have people complaining its not fair. Im sry people feel this way but ur actually getting more since im not asking for coal or anything else. Let’s get your opinions. Tell me what u think. Btw I have 3 open spot if anyone is interested


it might be worth it for a new player to get their foot in the door if they can’t afford a hammer, but anyone who can afford their own gear - it’s not a good deal.

example, the hammer and gear you are giving them is worth 15k rrp max. If they know to mine hotspots, they should be raking in upto 100k of resources per hammer. Therefore you are gaining 50k of resources for an outlay of 15k (much less if forging yourself).

A fair deal would be to agree on an amount of lucents or ores per hammer / bundle that equal the selling price of the bundle.


Honestly, as long as they know the deal up front, I am not sure what they have to complain about. If they don’t like the deal, then its not like you are forcing them to do it.

I started out mining with TNT / @Mayumichi 's mining contracts a long time ago and felt it was fine, I took none of the financial risk so I was only using my time and I got a reward… was worth it to me.


It can be helpful for new players, I mean for Xp easy way to lvl up quickly , it’s a fair deal I do that at the start with TNT mining contract thx @Mayumichi . For me I don’t see any problem to make 50/50 with hammer plus pies. But if a player buy a hammer keep all the ores and coal then sell half after that buy a hammer and repeat He don’t care about mining contract you know what I mean?

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Hammers are 15k? Are u kidding me there t7 hammers and mega str brew persisting pies fully explored atlas worth more than that litterly its just there time

ur right soju I did start the same mining contracts and it was my time there supplies so 50/50 split was good but people now a days want it all

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Can you break down your prices for me then if 15k isn’t accurate?


it is what it is I geuss im offering a great deal just for a little time. Ty for the replies still offering 50/50 hammers pies and brews plus atlases just for lucents gems and ores if u wanna go to exos hmu

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Yep I started with @Mayumichi contract too, and it was great!

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Been playing for a while and haven’t heard of mining contracts. In addition to the supplies, what does this entail? You give them stuff then they go mine and give you half or you go with them or…?

I set up a cubby like the pic ill show I supply hammers brews pies and atlases u go mine. Split lucent ore gems 50/50 u keep rest like coal or whatever thow half in cubby then next time it be there for u again.

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Time is your most valuable asset in this game though. Doesn’t look like you will post your breakdown, so here’s some market research:

T7 Max speed hammer 12k currently in stock at Dub T
Persisting Pie 100c each (in stock at many shops at this price)
Mega Strength Brew 140c x 3 = 420c (in stock at many shops at this price)
Completed atlas’s can be picked up usually for 100c to 500c

Well under the 15k that I estimated.

You asked why people think they are getting ripped off, I’m just providing the hard facts. Contracts are great to get players started in the mining industry, other than that they are not a great return on your time investment.


Does it involve coins too or it’s supplies for lucents?

The deal is square. Id stick with it. No matter what, you will find people to complain about it. Fairness shouldnt be the question because its value is completely different for people at different levels and skills. Two fully spec’d level 50 characters may still take different amounts of time to mine the same number of target resource. That alone causes a difference of value. I was around when these contracts started and thought they were legit back then, and i still do.

If some people dont like the compensation, then they are not your target audience. Find those that need a little help, and will accept a package of goods in order to start a gem collection, even if they get half as much for their time. Thats 100% more than they could gather on their own.

Not to mention the increase in speed and ability with your package of goods. Tbh, they probably cant match their profits, given the same amount of time, with their own stuff.

Its probably just hard to let all that stuff go when it comes time to pay up…


Not to derail, but what is Dub T? Sounds like I need to start buying hammers!

tbh always kinda wanted one of these contracts just because of those FREE HAMMERS! (its tough getting my forger to forge me up the stuff)


Don’t even ASK me to forge these for you! I’d throw extra mud in yours

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im storming your way right now mud man! i want to dig whether i get dirty or not!

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It seems fair to me. I’m assuming no coins are involved, based on the answer, and it’s an easy way to get supplies to mine with no effort. I make my stuff, which takes a lot of time. Even buying the stuff takes time to run to various shops to buy

Dub T is found on Lutrion. He has some T7 sapphire hammers with +45 speed (I believe that’s speed cap on sapphire hammers) for 12k each and a few others at 35 or 40 speed too.

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