TNT Hammer Contracts | On hold

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The contracts are on hold until the managing and supply problems are fixed, no eta on it, could be valve soon™

The old post

Miner, looking for work?

is looking for any contractors who have the will, the burn, the NEED to mine! :gem: (even a little bit) :smiley:

Just sign the contract and receive an unlimited(*) quantity of

  • T6 3x3 Diamond Hammer, usually has loot magnet as the 3rd boon
  • Mega Fast Brew
  • Persisting Pie
    (If you want to drink/eat something else, go ahead :slight_smile: )

You’re free to mine whichever resource you want (metals, gems, fossils, coal, tech), just bring us 50% of the loot, keep the rest. Any rocks and soils are yours to keep 100%.

No quotas, no time limits, do what you want at your own pace. If you need something, have questions or anything, just ask, we value our employees and take their wishes seriously!

(*) All new contractors will get a set of 3 hammers, 6 brews and 6 pies. After gaining some trust, the refill limits can be increased to whatever number they feel good about ^^

How to get there

Take the portal from the TNT Megahub, it’s behind the Farm Hub portal, just open the doors to get there :slight_smile: If instructions unclear, video below :smiley: The books is in front of the red lantern.

Join the guild book (contractor faction) and leave a reply here, or PM me. Let me know the character name who signed the book and will be dropping off the loot in the shelves. I’ll give you permissions to a cubby and leave the hammers etc there for you to pick up.

There’s atlases available (T5 / T6) and some sample resources to go in it if you lack your own :slight_smile: I have Alcyon, Alnitans, Besevrona, Flan, Galan and Malurialakrib mapped atm. If you’d like me to prioritise mapping a specific one that’s missing, let me know!


That banner is just amazing.


A hammer with no added durability usually lasts me around 1 pie, YMMV

But brews and pies run a 3/1 ratio.

Sounds like a great offer, I hope you have success with it.

That’s good to know, so 3 pies 9 brews is a better ratio?

Thanks @Ratchel! :smiley:


Yeah, brew is 10 minutes and pie is 30 minutes. Depending on your build you can push that to 15 minutes and 45 minutes but they rely on the same stat and stay 3/1.

EDIT: Also one hammer lasting nearly one pie does depend on durability drain and usually persisting pie. Eat some starberries and you can burn a couple of hammers per pie.


Wonder what the ratio would be for fast brews to teaching pie? If not stop mining that is.

I actually think durability is better than loot…most people have loot sticks with glow on it so not wasting 5 points on glow…plus would mean your return would be alot higher off one hammer…awesome job by the way

@Mayumichi might want to weigh in on this but I suspect the reason for magnet is saving coin and ingredients on the forging process.

Depending on how you get your hammers it may be easier to make 2 with magnet or a random boon than trying to focus on forging a significant amount of durability.


But hey its free and only giving half…still a awesome deal…1 hammer is about 900 diamond or 1800 sapphire or topaz 600 amethyst roughly of coarse so still could sell rest and make a small fortune…excellent deal regardless

Very cool!
You can use pies and brews at the same time?

Just signed up, character name is Make7. Ready to mine!

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Free hammers, free brews and free pies, only to pay with half of the loots, definitely going to apply when i online :smiley:

Definitely…just not two different pies at same time…or brews at same time…but one brew and one pie is perfect

Me! char name is Kamina

Just woke up, I’ll start permissioning people! ^^

@superman101 Nightstar is correct, the price per a point of durability is lower for me on a 2 boon tool than 3 boon tool, in the end this is cheaper :slight_smile:

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Oh nice I should go there now, starting Boundless.

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Done, @Cuetzpalomitl @make7 and the others that I met up in game have a shelf now :slight_smile:

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Grabbed a hammer and went out, small yield this time but Ill be back on in the am to finish :smiley:

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This sounds like a great deal, soon as I’ve finished setting up shop I’m in :+1::grin:

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Did you manage to sign the book? :slight_smile: