I want to play with my friends

how to together start it???

only portal ?? and another country people dont play together??

i want to best meet method…

plz… i need your help…

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as far as I know steam friends are automatically friends in Boundless - or is it still waiting to be implemented?

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Hi @SungHyeonKim. All the servers are connected so people from other countries can play together.
What planet is your friend on? What planet are you on? Let me know and I will try to help you find your friend.

Steam friends are automatically friends in game. I can confirm that.

thanks for all
i find portal fragment combine totem
i will use it and find my friend


this moved me deeply for some reason


Ill send aquatopia discord tonight got 40 friends ready for ya :slight_smile:

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Well, pretty sure you have to meet each other somewhere at first. Meet yourself at the portalseekers gateways. From there you can basically go anywhere together.

You can meet eachother by warping.

There are multiple Worlds (aka servers) based on different regions.
I have absolutely no idea why this is not a major information found in the game, but with some google-ing.

Click me for Information about regions

The best way is mostlikely building 2 warp conduits and porting to each other.
I have no friends playing Boundless, so I can’t screenshot/record you hot to and for some other reason no one yet made a video about it, but in this one is a little part about it. It’s not really explaining it but quickly shows you how to warp to your friends

Find out how to warp to friends (at 5:40)

wow very thanks
you are so kind !!!
I found out I do not know

when do i receive your discord message??
i want to join your aquatopia

Im @work in 6 to 7hour our go to aqua and ask someone there :slight_smile:

@INubaI ffffgfgggggggg

Sent the discord link via pm.