:boundless: I want to see your build, your home, your boat, your bridge

I’d like coordinates to your build, for a video. Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post it here.

I’m looking for: your home, your yacht or pirate ship, your museum, your cool Iron man pixel art, your stairway to heaven, your bridge…

Mainly looking for homes and landmark type builds.

No markets or hubs please. Thank you


No mazes then? :pleading_face:


I’ll def take a maze :+1:

Umm. The tower of power has some cool stuff.
Go through the north cross at the ps hub Gyosha.


Perrin’s Discount is located on Beckon. You can access it via the Biitula PS hub West side Second floor. There is a stair case/ramp that leads up to 4 floors of mazes. If you get stuck or lost just return to sanctum. If(which I don’t think you will) you need a light there are brews next to the stairs. Prize stands may be empty at this time. Forgery is on Vacation :smiley:
It doesn’t look like this anymore, but the coordinates are there in the second screenshot.


My build is in creation as we talk. Itll be named Pandemic.

But I am a week out before its kinda built.


Come check out Starlight City, home of the Starlight Guardians. We got all kinds of neat builds by our guild members. We host the TNT Megahub portal for Sorissi, and also accessible through Phoenix Rising, and Aquatopia.

Though I am refreshing some of the builds right now, but we have some cool structures up and some of the nearby settlements have some really cool builds as well. One of our members is opening up a Modular Museum here soon as well, located right off the Starlight Highway Bridge.

Also I need to reopen the portal to our underground city section this evening (EST) if you want to check it out then as well.


come check my base being builded.
its elven style house that ive been working on at PS Flan gate outskirts


Pyrrhocoris Estate finally got it’s dome roof built! but I don’t like the roof and will change it soon, so for a limited time only we proudly present: The roof that was supposed to be kinda different

portal at TNT megahub, top row


If you can wait a little after the update hits I would love for you to visit my ship.

The inside needs to be done first.


You can use my planetarium on alnitans. Right outside the PS hub. Dont know coords right off hand, but you can see it from the portal landing.

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Nothing crazy on my end but since you mentioned museum here is my basic one…
Focuses on just the three rocks, trees, dirts and sand ash and gravel… not much but I’ve built up a small fan base :blush:
I put up exo samples and tokens as well to help my fellow boundless family members get to hot spots to collect the good stuff :slight_smile:


I also have a portal at the TNT hub on alnitans, puts you directly in front of my planetarium

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It will probably take me a bit to get around to all of the builds. I already have a few in mind and I started looking for more yesterday. I’m working on two videos. The type of build will determine which video it will go into.

If the update happens soon, I’ll wait a little bit or re-visit everyone’s builds. I can’t wait for the new blocks…I’m def going to use them too :+1:


The doors at Chateau Excelsior are always open , -1127N , 1556E Planet Maryx ,City/State Bastion . Portal access at “Bastion Market” Bitula PS Hub


Yes definitely, the moment I can start building on the compartments it will take a week tops.

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I still have a lot to do and will be renovating some stuff with the new blocks, but if my settlement in Gyosha can be of any use I’m happy if it can help!! :smiley: Portal access through TNT, Gyosha Mall, Ultima Gyosha Hub and PS Hub. :slight_smile:



You are welcome to visit my dungeon (and a few towers as well :wink: )
It is located on Sochlaltin I, you can take a portal from DK’s Ultima tree, Glitch World or Melissa Majoria (Portal’s name “Treasure hunt”)


Gyosha Ma, ohhh, ok, nevermind!

How about workshops?? You’ve seen some pics I believe…

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BTW, go to HSE, some builds there are done by Dutch(Sorrissi) and they are utterly fantastic!