I will stop forging for

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…the community. So I will no longer accept requests/orders as I am way too busy now keeping up with forging.
I will still forge, but only for my guild and myself. Since my guild is growing I don’t have extra time to do other stuff. I have a hard time keeping my shop stocked as well.
Also crafting (personal requests) I have to stop doing.

I want to play the game and have fun, but it is slowly starting to feel like a fulltime job.
So my time will now go mostly into my guild as that has my highest priority.

Since we have a lot of (new) malls people should be able to find the items that they want to buy.
Also there is no shortage of forgers or forged items you can buy, you just have to invest time and go find the forged items.

I rather be honest then to not inform you and disappoint people when I cannot keep up and have to appologise all the time for not getting things done.

I hope you understand.


How about the warranty items? A lifetime warranty was promised…


Warranty items are warranty items and will always be exchanged as promised.
It would be a terrible thing to break that promise and I keep my promises.

So don’t worry about the warranty items :slight_smile:


Eh, good move probably. The game shouldn’t stress you, and a straightforward announcement is appreciated.


Thank you @Nightstar.

In rare cases I can always still make exceptions if needed.

I hope that when people can no longer rely on a particular forger that it will force other people to start forging themselves too. More forgers, more forged stuff.

Also I want to point out to people that non maxed out forged items are good items too. I get the impression that people got spoiled with maxed out tools and they no longer want anything less.

Things might change in the near future as I am always trying to find solutions for problems.


Maxing out on forges rarely makes sense tbh.
In some cases its a down right waste of materials.
A maxed out T6 speed hammer will do the exact same thing, and exactly as good, as a budget T6 speed hammer. There is literally no difference at all, except the price, cause maxing out is expensive.

Same could be said for other tools really, and even Slingbows.
As long as you have 5 projectiles, it doesnt matter if you have +5 or +10 damage on it, most stuff on a T6 hunt will die from 1 shot anyways.


Forging can be expensive and tedious and I applaud anyone who can do it regularly. I do forge a bit but mostly when I just need a tool or two and don’t find any for sale I want right off.

Understand how you feel, and appreciate all you have done.

Expensive it was not for me as I am a gatherer and will get the ingredients for forging anyway. My forged gem items were sold between 8k and 10k.
It is just too time consuming and I refuse to forge 24/7 as I want to enjoy other parts of Boundless too.

I think each Guild should have a forger (even multiple forgers) that takes care of that Guild. Is that not what a Guild is really for ?


Not sure about this specifically, different things bring different groups together. I’m sort of surprised there isn’t a ‘forger’s guild’ sometimes, as well.

What I do know is people who get a reputation for forging often wash out of the game for two reasons:

  • Inability to say “no”
  • Desire to compete on price

Combining the two is a recipe for Boundless Burnout in a hurry. There’s a lot more to forging than the ingredients cost. It’s not simple to get consistent results and for those who like it or those who hate it from the get, RNG fatigue is real. It will consume your game if you allow it and that’s part of why I chose to comment on your decision.

It’s definitely been an issue even as the forge was once changing, people who get to the point where they’re not doing anything else burn out. Not really enough excitement to overwhelm the fatigue so keeping things under control is what it takes.

I forge most of my low level stuff and specialty items - it’s definitely it’s own sort of grind. I avoid forging higher level stuff it’s a game I don’t enjoy and being someone who has done it and knows that you’ll rarely find me quibbling with a forger who can meet my needs over price. Sure there’s a limit to reason and you can run around and snatch up bargains as I’ve sometimes had to. Still knowing a forger who can take an order for a couple hundred items and turn them over in a reasonable time is great when you need it.

But then ofc that’s how you burn out a forger :rofl:

Considering how RNG dependent it is I’m not sure how they could make it rewarding enough to keep anyone focused on it long term.



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You have a guild associated with your mall?

The guildbook was shortly removed because of the Christmas decorations and lots renovation needs to be done too on the Hub but yes… there’s a “forger” guild… it just never found many people joining as people like to stay in their own ones. I do not have a duty for shop owners to join the guild. People rather join BUILD THE FUTURE guild.

Edit: just check the market itself, it’s guild aligned :smile:

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I’m sure dividing up the tasks helps the burnout, even if the structure isn’t “guild-centric” per se.

Build The Future is a good guild no need to double up on buffs when many players are already sharing that load.

Every guild having a forger even it was just for small things that would be great for sure. My family and I wanted to take on the task. My brother somehow threw that idea to become a forger so I tried to learn it instead. And whenever I asked them, what would you like me to forge, what can I prepare? They always said, oh I’m good for now. And they never told me anything specific they want or need. Which tool, which tier, or what kind of boons they would even like/prefer. And it always ended up like that- I wasn’t prepared whenever they wanted something so they just bought somewhere some tools and were good again for a while. Me saying how time consuming it is to gather everything on your own, they said I can help you I got stuff and offered me peanuts. Told them I’m better off with coin payment for the tools as they could never offer me enough materials for even a batch. I ended up just learning forging for myself really and back in the days I was still very lucky like constant. But it changed after the weather quirks came into the game. I had weeks of unluckiness which demotivated me completely. I basically just live from what I still have and buy here and there sometimes a few things. And sometimes I try motivate myself back to the forge to just forge myself a few batches of tools to even be able to farm on my own planet

@Nightstar, RNG is not an issue as I get what I want to forge.

My biggest problem forging for the community is that you cannot ever satisfy the needs of the community.
It does not matter whether I forge 20 or 250 items and put them in a selling plinth. The items are all gone in 10 minutes, and then they still want more.
I even hate it more that there will always be 1 person who has everything in this game already (including millions of coins) and buys ALL THE ITEMS.

I find that wrong as other people don’t get the chance to get good items too. Then I tried small orders from people so at least we all have an option to have good forged items. But guess what, they always ask more and more. They even offered me more coins to get more items but I refused that for 4 reasons.

  1. I don’t think it is fair to treat people with a lot of coins different than people who don’t have a lot of coins.
  2. Allowing larger orders will always result in even larger orders.
  3. I don’t think my maxed out gem tools need to cost more than 9k / 10k.
  4. I don’t want to see my cheap forged items being sold on by people for personal gain.

Personally I don’t need the coins, coins are easy to get. That is why I forge for myself and my guild only now.


I didn’t realise that all 5 projectiles hit the target, oops :smiley:

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I’m sure not all projectiles hit if you’re far away :smile:

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Saw that now already a few times that @HOST would put freshly forged hammers into the shop, few shopstands even full and they would be gone within 10 minutes. Mostly one person alone bought like 200-300 already so there was not much to go anymore after. And now lately same with another of our forgers. It indeed gets a full time shop. But as you also said, it’s not always the lack of forges that is the problem.



I wonder how many tools used/broken) in a month on average…
On a busy week, I’d break mostly 10 hammers/shovels.


Depends on the amount of farming, for an hour of mining i need like 6 dia speed hammers, so 180 per week could be possible for a dedicated miner