I will stop forging for

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Yes I think it happens to many forgers. I see the same with my T5 shop at your mall. Overall the demand is not that high there but then suddenly a whole shop stand is emptied in a day. From personal shopping behaviour I think it is restocking the personal storage when running low.
Personally this is not a problem for me. I actually like to see my forged goods sell. I just forge as much as I am willing to. When demand is too high then I will be sold out at times.

A lot. On ore mining trips I break 4-5 hammers per hour.
The game got over 1000 monthly active users. When each of them breaks 10 a month on average that would be 10k per month.

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It makes sense now

I don’t mine a lot because I’m feeling a sort of motion sickness if I mine or explore too long.

Maybe this is also why I can’t ride a rollercoaster or something similar :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The Forge Market was anyways never meant to satisfy the whole community. One market alone is simply not enough. It shall support the existing forgers and shall help people that have trouble finding forged stuff and give them a place where they can find everything without long searching. Obviously we haven’t achieved that yet. Maybe someday. But even then, the community needs more forgers to cover all needs


I haven’t noticed a lot of this in game, that ain’t right. If you’re not seeing your tools specifically on stands though I would say people are burning through them. I’ve been playing heavily again since mid-december and I’ve burnt out all of my stored stuff except a bulk of high-level diamonds.

Absolutely. I’ve learned that I would much rather have a large collection of tools than a large pile of coins. I prefer orders over clearing out shops but sometimes, well you do what you gotta do.

LOL I also occasionally offer forgers more than they’re asking. This isn’t (on my part) an attempt to force the market. It’s because I want them to keep forging. I won’t pay extra for a uselessly maxed tool though. At least on heavy and balanced tools speed can be maxed and that’s useful, durability of course more is better.

When I see a diamond tool that has maxed damage and less than maxed dura/speed it leaves me scratching my chin. That’s wasted compound.

Can confirm with @May-L04 it matters how close you are. The projectiles spread with distance and I hate shotgunning cuttles and only hitting with the center piece. If you run up on the mob though you can hit with them all from a couple meters away.

I don’t know about across the player base. I’ve noticed some people treasure a hammer like it’s family, wanting to repair it and whatnot.

As noted by some others here, once you get hooked on starberry/speed setups you start burning a lot of tools. Several high durability diamonds per hour. I bought three topaz hammers from a stand last night and they really only lasted a few minutes.

I haven’t been counting but since the second week of december I’ve been playing a lot again and burning out my stash. Easily 350 tools, probably over 400.

I’m honestly still shaking my head over this @SWProzee1 have you caught people doing this?

I’ve had people ask me to sell them hammers because I’ve posted pics of my diamond collection, and refused. I have hundreds of high tier tools still from a long term trade agreement I had with Aenea supplying her tools for nova golda - and every time a forger solicits orders I place a large order, or two.

I would always rather store tools than coins. I’ve got my supply of forge ingredients back up a bit but I think I’m still going to be asking around for a massive order of low level tools this week. Just because I don’t want to forge right now, and also I want to have stuff on hand when there are less forgers active.

Still I refuse to resell. I Get it with cheap blocks and other stuff, I sometimes play a hard economic game. But forged goods - nah that always feels personal. The struggle to keep people forging is real.


I sure have. I see my own forges and other people’s forges land in other people’s shops all the time.


I went to Realm Eternal, @CaptAmerica1611 has a few of these on a stand in his copper mine:


Minor fast brew puts this near the speed cap, one step under it. I picked up a half dozen and so far burned nearly 4 of them. 7 - 9 minutes per hammer (depends on time spent managing inventory). I have the durability drain epic and these start with 20% more durability than a diamond.

I need titanium later I might burn some diamond speed hammers - which require more forging and mega fast to hit cap. I expect to burn 2 hammers per mega fast, approaching a stack of hammers per hour. Durability forged on the tool helps, but a tool doesn’t last long going full out.

Well, I suppose there’s a message here. I guess I often don’t know who owns the shop, and people have forger alts anyways. I’m not sure of any way to avoid supporting people who do this.

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There’s not much really one can do. Because raising the price to avoid something like that ain’t a solution either. Some people see the price raising as an all-time solution for everything :smile:

What I can though advice is, if it’s for example for a regen farm and you just want supply for that without forging yourself, make a deal with your forger of trust. You could hand over some plot for example or lock permission or something so they sell themselves the goodies. Or you make an agreement for buy and re-sell.

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This is probably not intentional. You cannot actually control where the points go. I can add 20 durability gums and still have the stupid points pop themselves into damage. If I have a hammer that is full aoe and acceptable damage, but the points stick themselves in the damage some more instead of the durability…its whatever. There is only so much patience for fighting the RNG, and if its good enough, its good enough.


Yeah people sell on forged items for personal gain, I have seen that many times and it just feels wrong.

That is why I did personal orders only for a while but people create alt accounts and abuse it that way too.

They always find a way to get the best stuff, so I stopped doing that too. Too bad I cannot put names down here of the people that do that as it is not allowed.

Oh well, if it has to be like this then people should not be surprised forgers only forge for a small group of people that they trust.


I will say @SWProzee1 that I had wanted to create a forge shop just simply because it seems the number of forgers we have or at least the amount that actually have shops are slowly disappearing. I used to rely on EZPZ and GTG and their shops in their hubs for most of mine, but since they are gone, I’ve found other options, but with all you’ve said it makes me question if I want a shop versus just making for a few trusted friends.

I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


@SWProzee1 if you’re retiring from forging for the public why not explain your forging techniques?


You Need a Tutorial for something Special ?

Its called simulation sickness and there are a few possibilities to mitigate it, just look it up in your favorite search engine.


Thanks for the advise. I’ll look into it

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Hahaha. I’ve heard a few people wanting to know the @SWProzee1 secrets. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Redlotus Do what you think works best for you, not for the community.
I started forging for the community thinking that this was the best thing to do, but as you saw in my previous posts, the community demands drains you from time, resources and will end up having to forge 24/7.
Don’t get me wrong, I love forging. But If I have to gather materials for 4 hours a day and then forge for 1 hour or more then I don’t have time to do anything else.
I don’t blame the community and fully understand they want more and more items as they see options to get them but if that ruins the fun for me playing Boundless then I have to make choices.
Since I became a Guild leader I got extra things to take care of. Also still want to have time to record and make Youtube videos.

My advize: Forge for yourself (and your Guild) and if you have extra things forged, just sell those.
Don’t let the community demand make you forge more as that is a never ending story.

Also there are people that can forge but rather buy the items. I get that, it is convenient. They don’t have to take the time to gather all the stuff, yet I have to.
I tried having people pay in forging ingredients/materials as I don’t need the coins. But they don’t want to invest time in gathering.
So the choice I made is to still forge but for myself and my Guild. (and if I want to sell things then I just put the items in my shop)

@cjmarsh I promised people that I will tell how to forge the moment I quit playing Boundless.
There is absolutely no need right now as there is no problem in the community when it comes to the amount of forgers or forged items. People just need to go and find the items in shops.
I know that most buyers are just a bit lazy and want to have everything immediately and even for low price. They actually admit to me they don’t want to invest time as they see it as wasting time, yet they seem to be fine with the fact that I have to invest the time to get them the tools they want.

I know for sure that when 1 forger stops forging 2 players will start forging as people do want the better tools.

In certain situations I have trouble with this. If you haven’t already make sure you have “head bob” off in settings. Especially if you’re bothered just running around.

I turned it off immediately and forget about it until I see it on in someone’s stream or something. I don’t know how people handle that.

Shopkeepers often feel pressured to keep things stocked, but your shop stand shouldn’t be seen as the one and only one filling the needs of everyone. Not really sure if there’s a design solution to fix it, the traditional AH model doesn’t have this, but it has it’s drawbacks. I wonder if this is a forge specific problem, or if gatherers etc too feel this way.

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The biggest problem I’ve faced is that the moment your forge shop is empty for a few days, there’ll be random comments from people “Oh look ANOTHER empty shop in boundless”. That’s where I’ve gotten some stress from in the past with running a shop, because it makes you feel like if you don’t have stock AT ALL TIMES people will just be angry at you.


This isn’t the place for a long rant on this I guess, but so much “economic confusion” in Boundless would go away if they just ditched request baskets.