Idea: creature breeding

Hey Devs, just an idea because I know you guys have a ton in the works. But I think it would be an interesting add-on to farming if we could breed creatures to fight with us – like creature wrangling.

Capture wild ones, create pens and food for them, grow them and breed them, then try to make stronger variants.

These creatures would of course have life bars and have the potential of dieing permanently (without revive) to create a trade market for buyers and breeders.

I think it would create a new cool dynamic on top of farming, where you would have those breeding and those fighting that want fighting pets.

Then you would have a section of the population that just wants to have one for fun around their property.

And then those who would use them for creating zoos.

Just an idea, thought it would be a cool addition for say lower level planets with a docile environment. Player could capture from any location but needs to raise them on low tier planets so as to not spook the animals or have them eaten and attacked by wild animals. @rossstephens @james @gerryjacobs

Edit: you could also make it to where there is a breeder experience bar, and as the breeder gets more experience with raising and breeding these animals, they have the ability to raise stronger ones with each level. Like a 1% atk and health increase each level for the animals they raise.

Providing incentive for specialization and time dedication to this specialty.


When I was a teeny kid I spent all my hours doing that on
You could pop music cds into the console which would act as a unique seed to spawn a baby monster. Could breed too. Loved that game.

Oh yes, dunno if theres any chance pet raising gets put in but i’d like it

I wonder if farming will include breeding creatures? A farm has animals right?

I didn’t even have to read the post to know I was on board with this. While we’re at it, let’s throw in taming as well.

Maybe these are two ideas that can be looked in to once the bestiary gets a bit moire fleshed.

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Yes please. It always amazes me in games like this there are certain things i always see so many people saying “I wish we had this”. I think the big ones are Pets, fishing, farming and some sort of mount/vehicle.

Even though I dont particularly care for any of these things either way I see so many people wanting them and I always wonder why not impliment something that so many people clearly want.

I can only assume on a programming level these things are not simple but i would think the extra work to impliment something that so many people would view as a positive, even a game changer would be worth it in the end to pump new life back into the game