[IDEA] The Future of Guilds and Permissions

Firstly, this post is to praise the Developers for bringing this wonderful update that allows us to officially represent our groups/guilds in-game finally as well as create constructive suggestions and critiques for the future of the guild system. This update brings so much potential to the community aspect of the game, that in my opinion, we have just scratched the surface and are ready to start digging up those gems!

Listed below you will find the ideas have been circling around in my head since the update hit the test server/release officially. My goal is to help build the system, not stomp and scream these changes need to be made immediately. They are just my ideas and opinions.

Permissions and Not You!

The first item I want to talk about is permissions. Which I want to discuss both types of permissions, guilds and normal beacons. I believe currently they are great if you have a strong level of trust with the players you are spending your time within the game. This bodes well for those of us that play with close friends an family members. Yet I believe the current permissions are not very comfortable for some of the way they are setup.

The permissions that could benefit from being separated from the groups they are already part of would be locks, storage, doors, and machines. My reasoning behind this is that we all have different hierarchies within our guilds. Having these items have their own separate permissions, players can now model their ranks with the desired permissions rather giving unwanted permissions.

My point of reference with this from games like WoW and FFXIV with how you can either see guild bank tabs, investigate those tabs to view the items, have permission to deposit items into the bank, and ultimately withdrawn and deposit items into the bank.

Giving further customization to permissions and guild permissions would help benefit guilds and settlements in a positive manner.

Ranking-Up in the Guild!

Next, are guild ranks. In many popular MMOs that are still widely played today Guild Masters can use the predetermined guild ranks set in place or delete them all and create their own. The dynamic of being able to customize the guild ranks would enrich the style and preference of a guild greatly and, in turn, would closely tail with being able to pick and choose permissions to a specified rank.

For instance, the new system would present the Guild Master with a dialog box that shows the guild rank in a drop-down textbox with three buttons beside it. One to edit the current rank, one with a plus symbol on it to create a new rank, and one with a minus to remove a rank. If the guild master so chooses to edit a rank within the guild, after clicking on the edit button, would be presented with a window with a whole slew of check boxes with the permission next to the check box. This would allow the guild master to pick and choose what permissions they wish to bestow upon a certain rank.

One Sec, Let Me Check the Calendar!

Another great resource that Guilds could benefit from is having a calendar system with the game. Guilds could then preplan out all within the game so that every member could see what the guild as a collective are planning on doing. Every guild has a party planner let’s not repress them!

Now guilds currently rely on systems like Discord, and Discord bots to keep things organized, specifically looking at you @Protector Venari Bot, so that players can be alerted across the board. Which is very helpful, but not all of us out there use Discord. Which having an in-game solution would benefit those who do not use applications such as Discord. Though Discord currently doesn’t have a functional calendar built into it so and in-game one to record future events would be massively helpful.

I also previously suggested about a Message Board interactive prop item about being able to post hunts, requests, and meetups in a more natural fashion you can find in townhalls and squares for a community to see. If you care to read it, here is the link (https://forum.playboundless.com/t/quest-boards-player-driven/22809). Which even building a Calendar Function for Guilds and the Public to see right within a Settlement, specific to the Guild or the Planet would complement the Guild System very well in my opinion. The players that are not of the guild could see still events and be like hey “I want to participate in that” and show up to your guild’s event. Player-organized festivals anyone?!?!

These are just some of my thoughts and ideas around what could be added or improved upon the future of Guilds within Boundless. Let me know what you guys think, I would love to hear what you think could empower the already helpful Guild Update.


My thoughts on permissions certainly mirror your own with regards to splitting machines and storage into their own separate entities.

As a way to further this idea, essentially enabling a sort of guild bank, I proposed a guild lock system which could then be applied to different storage blocks, machines, doors etc. as needed. This is currently in the works and will hopefully give us the granularity that we need when it comes to trust levels within guilds.

For reference…


I think that locks in general need some more functionality locally, ie place a lock, you can then interact with the lock like a sign, you can then programme it to allow, everyone, friends only, guild members only etc., specific people etc etc

Yeah, I saw that, I am glad that they are going to be adding Guild Locks. It is something that is very much needed. I just wanted to touch base in my suggestion about it again.

For example, in our Guild Hall we have a members wing that which we have locked for just guild members. It will be nice when they finally do add that, that way we don’t have to give permissions just to get into a guild specific area. Then once anyone that joins they guild can have access immediately.