Quest Boards (Player Driven)

Quest Boards would be driven by the wants and needs of the players. The Quests Board would then be linked to a single planet, and anyone can build a Quest Board, but can only be placed in a beaconed Settlement.

Essentially you would get three tabs displayed on the Quest Board. (Materials, Construction, and Hunting) Then in these tabs, players are given a list of available quests to complete/fulfill.

Material Requests would work like how request baskets function, where the player seeking the materials would deposit the coin reward, and the reward would be distributed to the person who fulfills the request first.

Material Quests could be accepted with a time limit of twelve or twenty-four hours, which is given by the player issuing the request. If the quest is canceled or the time limit is reached, the quest is recycled back up on the board for whomever to take.

Construction requests would be more like ads. They would display the project’s name, the location of the build, and a description of the project. Meaning the players would have to come to an agreement among themselves for payment.

The Hunting tab would essentially be Looking for Group but include a date/time, a location, and the name of the group leader posting the hunt.

After reading the forums for the last week or so I think this could a be a viable solution to hopefully stimulate the economy even just a little, or at least give another fun RPG aspect to the game.

Then possibly this design could be applied to Guilds, but more of a physical notification board for all guild members to interact with.

I also feel if a Mailbox system was implemented this would complement a Quest Board system nicely, but that is an idea for another time.

*** I may add some mock-ups if I have time, for those who like visual representation haha***

These are just my ideas, I know they aren’t perfect but it is just something I was cooking up in my head and wanted to share.


I like this idea a lot! And the rewards for completing them could be either certain items or money, that way those who don’t have money can still request help


I’d pay 10 rough diamonds for 500 clay soil, just sayin. <3

I like the idea in theory, but it doesn’t address the basic problem that coin isn’t being created. The same people that currently can’t fill request baskets aren’t suddenly going to have coin to offer as quest rewards. Additionally, it maintains the issue of multiple people seeing the quest and going off to do it, and N-1 of them have wasted their time. Now, if you create a quest by putting in items (not sure what time, but things that can be farmed fairly easy) and the quest generates the coin from thin air and can be taken on by as many people as want to so long as the quest is “active,” that might work to get the economy rolling.

There is a cool idea buried in here of a trade board, though, where you post “I have 50 diamonds that I will trade for 10000 stone” and people can come put the stone in and get the diamonds. If the game wanted to get rid of coin entirely this would be a way they could help facilitate that.

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Nice proposal, there have been a few ideas like this floating around but I think this one is very well thought out.

I like the idea of the board being linked across a single planet. That seems to me like a good compromise between those who want a global auction house and those who want to keep things more local.

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I like the idea of questboards and baskets that trade 1 item for another.

But you can also make a community quest yourself. Make like a big sign with the things you want gathered or done. You can give out rewards for the items or other objectives yourself, or a group of ppl can do this. Or use request baskets.

Maybe make a guild that handles these quests.


I suggested something very similar

I think we had a very similar idea!

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I agree that this doesn’t address that issue, but in theory if it acts as more of an exchange, if I have coils or forged tools to offer in exchange for clay (as an example), the money that would be spent on getting that coil or tool isn’t needed as much because the product is being offered in exchange for another product or material. I don’t need the coin for the tool if I can give you a complete smart stack of clay for it instead.

That’s really good actually. :money_mouth_face:

Just want to bring this back into the discussion because I feel like in the endgame grind with not much else to do, quests could be at least a way to keep it interesting