🐟 Ideas about Fishing


What is this… wow? Classic fishing :smiley:


Maybe classic fishing is β€œrod and reel” non classic is harpoon fishing under water???


Some old dev art


I’d actually be pretty content of this was the sole purpose of fishing.
I mean, more is good, but fish tanks.

One of my favorite minions (pets) in ffxiv was the assassin fry. Basically a betta fish. Got it when it was over 1million gil and I was so happy. Then ninja came out and I was even happier. Lol ninja me and assassin fish.

So yeah fishing for pets would also be cool.

Fishing was legit my favorite Runescape activity. It was peaceful but fun and I listened to the most random of conversations!
Could and have done it all day without getting bored.


No more boons. Too much is becoming centered around the forge, and quite frankly its mundane and dull. Just make it items you can craft. The game desperately needs to STOP :stop_sign: … reusing current items, and needs to make new items.


What I meant by Classic Fishing was just fishing simply for sport (and probably with a basic fishing rod)

Harpoon under the water is a really nice idea :grin:


What if you could choose any of the fish you caught to become a pet (you could only have one pet though)

Or you could have a pet drop chance

Oh yes fishing in osrs is great :grin:


I was just throwing some ideas around(seeing what everyone agreed on), and I agree it shouldn’t be a boon. We could have new fishing equipment like rods.


You mean active pet, yes? I’d be ok with that, but I’m a pet hoarder collector and I gotta get all the cute and cool pets I can have! =3


Yes you can have them all, just one active pet at a time :smiley:



An electric eel fish you can β€œtrap” or fish tank and use as a power source for your lights or doors?


I love your ideas. :nerd_face::+1:


That’d be cool if these concepts came to life, really like the little seahorse one


β€œPuffer” fish you can catch and use as an aoe special β€œbomb”


But also would need fish that can attack and hurt you if just swimming. Need the risk reward aspect


We can have this whole thing completely planned out!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Fishing music suggestion!

Play β€œfishin’ In the dark” - by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


Rock Lobster