Ideas for Interactive Blocks & Objects... could be used for dungeons, future titan encounters etc

There are already several topics on this sort of thing, but here are some of my ideas for fun, low server intensive (hopefully!) interactive blocks… giving players the ability to make their own Dungeons / Puzzles … or for use in future Titan encounters etc.

  • Bumpers / Anti-gravity Pushers

    • “Bounces” a player in the configured direction.
    • Makes more use of game physics!
    • Vertically Directional & Rotatable.
    • Configurable power level for bigger / further bounces (Different Gleam types could offer different power levels?).
    • Colour Configurable - Must be holding the correct gleam colour to activate (prevents griefing but also allows for puzzle like element to be implemented - sort of key activation).
  • Cantilever Hinge Blocks

    • A double slab / wall block with a cantilever hinge in the middle. Fits in one block space when closed. Slabs / Walls split apart when open… One slab / wall stays put, while the other one moves in an L shape into another block space and can act as a secret door / false wall.
    • Stackable/Joinable as per current door open/close mechanic to allow for multi-block doors.
    • Blanking block acts in the same way as the original block type for preventing liquid movement.
    • Can be hooked up to a receiver / trigger to activate.
  • Light Beam Transmitter / Receiver (Trigger)

    • Vertically Directional & Rotatable.
    • Colour Configurable.
    • Transmitter needs to align with correct Receiver.
    • Receiver acts as a trigger for nearby / connected interactable objects (such as doors or Block Runners / Levered Hinges etc).
    • Allows for puzzle like elements.
    • Transmitter could be socketable with gleam of different colours to extend puzzle possibilities.
    • Different Gleam types could offer different power levels affecting distance of beam to extend puzzle possibilities.
  • Light Beam Prism

    • Used in conjunction with Light Beam Transmitter to extend range or change direction of Beams.
    • Vertically Directional & Rotatable.
    • Extends puzzle possibilities.
  • Non-grapplable Blocks

    • Allows for reliance on interactive blocks instead of just grappling to previously unattainable area.
  • Climbable Blocks / Ladders

    • Can be used as basic ladders.
    • Adds additional puzzle elements when combined with other interactable objects.
  • Dispenser Storage

    • Storage block which uses the existing accessibility rules / permissions.
    • Can be connected to triggers to dispense items.
    • Configurable number of items can be dispensed.
    • Would allow for colour “key” or reward drops.
      • Although would need a way for it to be limited per player somehow.

Further ideas to allow transmitters to be further away from the interactive objects they trigger :-

  • Cabling (similar to Spark Cords)

    • Would be quite messy and take up a lot of space trying to hide the cables.
  • Source / destination tokens (similar to setting up a portal)… Oortian Wifi!

    • A transmitter could have multiple receivers (triggers) - allowing it to affect multiple interactable blocks at the same time.
    • Make it only triggerable within the same beacon plots (that way there is less chance of distance being an issue or the trigger/receiver being on different worlds entirely!).
      • Give triggers / receivers a limit of being up to X blocks away from transmitter to prevent server strain? 100 blocks? Similar to Spark Cords?

This is literally just a brain dump of ideas I have been mulling over for a while… please feel free to pick apart, expand upon or add more ideas to the mix!


oortian wifi? lel. you can set up oortfi companies with this. Welcome to port prisma wifi.How can i help you?

the devs will use non grapplable blocks on exos tho. so it would be near impossible to use the never stop grappling technique on exos. sad.

Great ideas!!! Some additional ideas… monster spawners (owner can configure monster type, level. Frequency of spawn, etc. . Also colored keys like Doom 2 used to have that allow you to a unlock a same colored locked door, switch,box, or even a trap or monster spawners

I don’t know any reason they would use them on exos… they would need to be a crafted block, so wouldn’t generally be generated on any worlds naturally.

I’d be a bit worried about players being able to place monster spawners and their potential to grief others.

I like the idea of coloured keys - I tried to use coloured gleam in some of the block ideas I had, which would sort of make them act like keys.

exos are the most unatural in all existance. i have seen natural brick spawn on exos lel. NATURAL BRICK!!!